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Restaurant Owner and Teenage Daughter Brutally Attacked t

Restaurant Owner and Teenage Daughter Brutally Attacked t


Restaurant owner, teenage daughter brutally attacked over cold chicken

Security footage caught the brutal attack. (WTOC-TV)

Modal Trigger Jeanette Norris and her daughter ...

Surveillance captured Latasha beating Jeanette Norris (left), the owner of the Qwik Chickm

Girl, 15, knocked out with single punch at mum's takeaway restaurant by furious customer complaining about cold chicken - Mirror Online

Surveillance video then shows Nathaniel punching Norris's 15-year-old daughter after she came

Jeanette was left with a broken nose (Image: WTOC)

Two of the three men have been arrested (Image: AsiaWire)

Mother, daughter attacked over cold chicken. - WTVR

She was kicked in the face (Image: AsiaWire)

Girl, 15, knocked out with single punch at mum's takeaway restaurant by furious customer complaining about cold chicken

Modal ...

Nathaniel Smith and Latasha Smith are now wanted by police (Image: Baxley Police Department)

The couple (pictured) turned themselves in on the morning of July 5

Nathaniel Smith, 45, and Latasha Smith, 28 (pictured), have pleaded

Restaurant owner mercilessly hit and kicked in the face by gang of thugs "because of slow service" - Mirror Online

Restaurant owner Yao was beheaded by his customer, his body lying on the road in

MARCH 13--The Georgia couple convicted of attacking a restaurant owner and her teenage daughter over cold takeout chicken have been shipped off to state ...

Nathaniel Eric Smith and Latasha Smith

A group of angry diners in China complain to a waitress of the restaurant's slow service

She was beaten in her kitchen (Image: AsiaWire)

Nathaniel Smith, 45 (pictured), and Latasha Smith, 28, have pleaded

Kathy is recovering from her injuries (Image: AsiaWire)

Accused: Rafiullah Hamidy, pictured, is one of four men who denies raping a

According to investigators, the Smiths (seen below) complained to eatery owner Jeanette Norris that their chicken was cold and that they did not receive a ...

The 22-year-old suspect, Hu, was arrested right on scene when

Restaurant owner mercilessly hit and kicked in the face by gang of thugs "because of slow service"

The attack unfolded at the Qwik Chik in Baxley, Georgia (Image: Google)

I'm afraid to go outside: Transgender woman Chrissy Lee Polis was the victim

Chapa and Olgin were recent high school graduates when they were attacked.

A man murdered in the front yard of his Brisbane home while his family were inside

More photos below.

Chen also pleaded guilty to evidence-tampering, corpse abuse, child endangerment and obstructing

'Mum, the bear is eating me!': Final phone calls of woman, 19, who was eaten alive by brown bear and its three cubs | Daily Mail Online

On a hot, humid night last August, two wealthy Mexican brothers went out to party in Puerto Vallarta.

The girl's hands were burnt on a hot barbecue, her head was repeatedly slammed into

The 37-year-old offered to spot two men (pictured) when they

Jane Furlong's brutal attack by the Beast of K Road before her murder - Noted

Kristene Chapa talks about the night she and her girlfriend were brutally attacked at a Portland

Marli van Breda, 16, suffered severe brain damage when she was struck several times

Mohammed Hassam said the victim's neighbour saw two men shouting and playing loud music in a

An angry mother is filmed relentlessly smacking a woman who she claims hit her daughter

Paul Stenson, proprietor of The White Moose Café in Dublin, provoked the ire of

This still from video provided by Taylor shows the aftermath of the attack on 14-year-old Jordan Peisner in a West Hills shopping center. (Courtesy photo)

Vincenzo Esposito, right, who has been arrested for his alleged part in a brutal

Jordan Peisner, 14, recovered at Children's Hospital Los Angeles after being punched in the head by another teen at a West Hills shopping center on Friday, ...

Peter Clark was seen swinging his right arm at the restaurant owner in an unprovoked attack (Image: SWNS)

The two men started throwing punches and hitting the victim with his own cane, before

The disabled girl can't wear her glasses because of the swelling to her face (Image: Ten News)

This is the horrific moment a disabled girl has her head smashed into a table during

Seattle police car responds to an incident (Genna Martin, seattlepi.com) Photo

In the last shot of the footage, a man wearing a blue t-shirt

Gay coffee shop owner kicks Christians out of his cafe over 'offensive' anti-abortion leaflet

His head was thrown in a dish-washing bucket along with unwashed bowls and chopsticks

The girl was walking into the mall, away from her attacker, when the other

Norris and her daughter were both left with black eyes. The mother suffered a broken

Brutal: The girls repeatedly kick the victim and stamp on her head

Chef Michael Hunter of Antler in Toronto is pictured butchering a deer's leg at the window

This grim selfie was taken during the assault and showed the two girls smiling in the

Reliving the ordeal: Sam spoke to Star magazine about the attack

Controversial couple: Samy and Amy Bouzaglo (pictured), owners of Amy's Baking Company

The protesters have been descending on the small restaurant for weeks. They say they do

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Snapchat girl 'saves' tortoise that she thought was a turtle but i can't swim | Daily Mail Online

Mass fight breaks out at Nawaab curry restaurant in Manchester | Daily Mail Online


An 18-year-old said she was attacked at knifepoint. Then she said she made it up. That's where our story begins.

Macabre murder: Zainab Bibi has given an interview with Pakistan television, where she admitted

After the four attackers fled the restaurant, a fifth man entered the restaurant and emptied

The small dog's owner cried and pleaded with the pit bull to leave her pet alone

The 35-year-old man's children were inside the house on Saint George Street

Brutal: The girls repeatedly kick the victim and stamp on her head

Officials: 17-year-old Muslim girl assaulted and killed after leaving Virginia mosque - The Washington Post

Horrific: The video footage shows the girl, aged three, being lifted up by

Salt Lake City Police Department, courtesy of Karra Porter via AP

Under pressure: Chef Gordon Ramsay walked off his first ever episode of Kitchen Nightmares after

Every year, thousands of teen-agers from one city in Nigeria risk death and endure forced labor and sex work on the long route to Europe.

Relatives identified the slain teen as Nabra Hassanen, 17, right, of Reston, seen in a social media post with a filter. (All Dulles Area Muslim Society ...

Two attacks? Brown allegedly attacked another woman outside this Rosedale McDonald's last July

Mariam Moustafa was left in a coma following the alleged attack

The murder of a Brisbane father in the front yard of his home (above)

She doesn't seem too bothered (Image: Channel 5)

SEPTEMBER 28 With then bodyguard Pascal Duvier, arriving at the restaurant L'Avenue.

Amanda Guisto 1

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Zafar lives with her two daughters, age 15 and 10, in a condo in Mississauga

1. Plaza Damas – sex, foul body odour and mystery men

Wahlberg as rapper Marky Mark in 1991, three years after the attack on Mr Trinh

Sick mob beat and burn boy to death 'as punishment for stealing food in Nigeria' - Mirror Online

... take on this unusual vampire story was both respectful of and different from the original and, for my money, it's creepier. Lonely tween Owen doesn' t ...

Family: Trinh's daughter Tammy (left) said of learning her father was attacked by

'Gratuitous degradation': The judge said the girls had emotionally and physically tortured Miss

Chloe was later joined by Jessica Cunningham in the bathroom (Image: Channel 5)