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Roberta Gregory an American comic book writer and artist best

Roberta Gregory an American comic book writer and artist best


Roberta Gregory

Wimmen's Comix

Real Stuff

Naughty Bits #23 (Special Origin Issue! Bitchy Butch): Roberta Gregory: Amazon.com: Books

The Complete Wimmen's Comix

An Oral History of Wimmen's Comix Part 1

(You and Your) Big Mouth

Gay Comics (1992 Series) # 21 - Winter 1993 | 9.0 VF/NM


Sequential Tart: In the '70s you were one of the first independent female comics creators. What was the indy scene like when you were breaking in?

Dynamite Damsels by Roberta Gregory 1976

Duplex Planet Illustrated

Roberta Gregory uses dark humor to explore the modern world from a feminist perspective, and her groundbreaking work garners a broad spectrum of reactions, ...

Anyway she seemed to be kind of a throwaway character but actually the most excitement came from my Crazy Bitches story. I had actually drawn that before ...

Roberta Gregory & Donna Barr. October 1st by James Sime

My Creative History

Gay Comics # 16 [Comic]: Donna Barr, Rhonda Dicksion, Joe Fludd, Roberta Gregory, Bob Ross: Amazon.com: Books

Real Smut 1: Roberta Gregory, J.R. Williams, Anton Drek, et al Dennis Eichhorn: Amazon.com: Books

Dorthea Antonette Dori Seda 1951 February 25 1988 was an artist best known for her underground comix work in the She occasionally used the pen n

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Amazon.com: Life's A Bitch (The Complete Bitchy Bitch Stories) (9781560976561): Roberta Gregory: Books

Dueben: You were telling stories with Bitchy Bitch for so many years in the comic and then as a newspaper strip – to what degree is her perspective yours?


INTERVIEW: Roberta Gregory on Mother Mountain, Wimmen's Comix, & Bitchy Bitch

Lifes a Bitch: The Complete Bitchy Bitch Stories Vol. 1

When ...

This is not the Roberta Gregory I remembered! Where are the unicorns? Where's the angel? Where are the dykes!

Event: SF's The Isotope Brings Roberta Gregory, Donna Barr, & JH Williams III to the Fans — The Beat

Artistic Licentiousness #2 CB 1994 Roberta Gregory

Gay comix #11

Image is loading Naughty-Bits-1-Roberta-Gregory-Underground-2nd-VFN-

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This is one of my favorite collections! It tells the complete story of Midge's first (and only) semester of college in the fateful year of 1970.

Gregory draws herself pretty much the same way she's drawn herself since the 70s, so it's probably not very… er… true to life any more.

She seems so worried that she opens the next issue explaining the same thing again, so perhaps her worries were well founded.

Subscription ad for Naughty Bits by Roberta Gregory, 1991.

Bitchy Bitch, by Roberta Gregory

Charles “Zan” Christensen, Adam Pruett, Agnes Czaja, Alex Dahm, Amy T. Falcone, Ashley Cook, Bill Roundy, Caroline Hobbs, Ellen Forney, Erika Moen, ...

LEGENDS COMICS is proud to present Hope Nicholson, Canadian Writer, Editor, Publisher and Film Producer greeting readers and signing her books on MAY 19 ...


Gay Comics (1992 Series) # 21 - Winter 1993 | 9.0 VF/NM

Naughty Bits 15 Fantagraphics Books Roberta Gregory

Roberta Gregory

I'd been a fan of Roberta Gregory since way before Naughty Bits started in 1991. I'd gotten a hand on Dynamite Damsels when I was, like, 14, ...

Roberta Gregory 7.jpg

Roberta Gregory's Naughty Bits #19 Comic Book Fantagraphics Underground Funny

Bitchy Butch. by Roberta Gregory

David Kelly's strip Steven's Comics originally ran in alt-weeklies from 1995-1998, telling a 1970s coming-of-age story of a boy who doesn't fit traditional ...

Art by Rand Holmes.

Seattle artist Pat Moriarty created the official movie poster for Bezango, WA. "

... Miller had made it a best seller. And in the process, he had conducted a virtuoso demonstration of an astonishing variety of storytelling maneuvers.

But it's a good story. And above we see Roberta Gregory, first drawn by Upton and then by Gregory. Always fun to see two autobio depicting the same scene.

Roberta Gregory (1991)


Galvan—"Feminism Underground: The Comics Rhetoric of Lee Marrs and Roberta Gregory"

Naughty Bits 21 Roberta Gregory. Underground. Fantagraphics. 1st

Naughty Bits

My favorite comic series.james jean covers make me want to die :)

Roberta Gregory 8.jpg


via This Awesome Autostraddle Art Attack post. Roberta Gregory ...

Gay comix; #6. Howard Cruse, Tim Barela, Roberta Gregory, Trina

Roberta Gregory's NAUGHTY BITS #16 Fantagraphics comic book

New Hire by Mark Campos

Naughty Bits 18 Roberta Gregory. Underground. Fantagraphics. 1st vfn+.

Roberta Gregory began publishing LGBT comics in 1974, with appearances in Wimmen's Comix and her own Dynamite Damsels soon after.

The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye: NOT a monograph, NOT a reprint, but a new graphic novel from Sonny Liew, a Singapore-based artist probably best known for ...

“Vision” by Roberta Gregory

Roberta Gregory

Naughty Bits 34 Roberta Gregory . Underground. Fantagraphics 2001. 1st. VFN.

... Russia, the then Czechoslovakia, Poland, Finland, Germany, France, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Bahrain and the US so the title changed ...


When you were getting into comics ...

There's also stuff like this, about how lesbians who start dating men get ostracised from their circle of friends. Done in Gregory's normal art style.

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Top contributors to this wiki

NAUGHTY BITS #6 Roberta Gregory Adult Fantagraphics 1993 VF

... costumes, with the result that they seemed, on Fine's figures, to be painted on the bodies. Fine did not originate skin-tight costumes for superheroes, ...

Roberta Gregory 3.jpg

It seems like the first issue is mostly a reaction to getting a job in Fantagraphics that deals mostly with production work on their “Eros” line (i.e., ...

Typography also plays a dramatic role in the page designs and in the narrative itself, different type faces evoking a variety of emotional responses.


... reflected his hero's momentary disorientation, another time superimposing the grid upon a full-page rendering of a face so that each panel focussed our ...


Acme Novelty Library - Cover of Acme Novelty Library No. 1 by Chris Ware

Amazon.com: At Work and Play With Bitchy Bitch (9781560973065): Roberta Gregory: Books

Everyone (Part Two) | The Comics Journal

Romantic Jerk, from The Fart Party by Julia Wertz

Then I'm in good shape. And if I need more, I'm a little out of it (laughs)” Dutch artist Hanco Kolk is recalling our first meeting ...

mini title 1

According to cartoonist and cat lover Roberta Gregory, today is Black cat Appreciation Day. Well we certainly appreciate The Black Cat around here, ...

DUNE Comics Anthology Art Show in Seattle

Sketches from Outside the Margins — Previous Comics