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Robs Heat Wave Sdbl cream pink with clear cherryred edging

Robs Heat Wave Sdbl cream pink with clear cherryred edging


Rob's Cool Fruit

Rob's Antique Rose Sdbl. frilled pink with light green edging. Dark, serrated foliage

Rob's Mad Cat

Rob's Boondoggle

Rob's Calypso Beat

Robs Boogie Woogie

Robs Gum Bubble

Rob's Berry Shake

Robs Smoke Rings

Robs Pink Buttercups

Rob's Love Bite

Miniature Violets Robs | Robs Ruff Stuff Semi Miniature African Violet Flower


Rob's Ooey Gooey

Rob's Loose Goose- Fringed sdbl. white stars. Nearly black foliage. Semiminiature.

Okie Easter Bunny - (8715) 03/11/1998 (J. Cochran

Rob's Fuzzy Navel - The Violet Barn - African Violets and

Robs Seduction

Pink Dove (Sorano)

Rob's Macho Devil- Sdbl. very deep, red pansies held in bouquet above green

Robs Lilli Pilli

Robs Inner Orbit - The Violet Barn - African Violets and More

Rob's Heat Wave

Robs Ruff Stuff: This is a semi-miniature African violet variety known as Robs


Robs Bed Bug -Lots of sdbl. dark ruby-red pansies over dark green and gold variegated foliage.

Rob's Match Point | (R. Robinson) Double white star/wide medium blue

rob`s heat wave.jpg


Saintpaulia Irish Flirt, Wiko, Rose Graden, Rob's Zinfandel, et les Rob's.

Rob's Bunny Wabbit

Rob's Loose Noodle - The Violet Barn - African Violets and



Saintpaulia 'Rob's Combustable Pigeon'


African Violet Plant- King's Ransom

Ma's Butterfly Garden - Sdbl. white pansies with light pink hues, dark purple fantasy

Robs Cloudy Skies

Robs Lucky Charm

Rob's Sarsparilla

Rob's Squeeze Toy!

Ness' Candy Pink - (D. Ness) AVSA registration no. Variegated dark green, and cream quilted serrated foliage with red back.

Aly's Key Lime Pie - (Droege) Dark pink ruffled blossoms edged in green.

robs-hot-stuff. Love, love, african violets with green edges.

Rob's Smoke Rings | (7742) (R. Robinson) 07/09/

Rob's Perfect Peach (R.Robinson) 06/05/1995 (8178) Double dark peach-pink sticktite pansy. Dark green, pointed, quilted/red back. Semiminiature.

Robs Pink Puff Semi Miniature African Violet Flowers

Robs Itty Bitty

Данилина ЕК-Малахитовая Орхидея.JPG

Buckeye Seductress | (9669) 07/13/2006. (P. Hancock

Jolly Maiden (H. Pittman) - AVSA Registration: 10011 Single-semidouble white star with fuchsia fantasy, wide fuchsia edge.

Pink Star Lou (3304) 01/23/1978 (Rienhardt) Single medium


Rob's Cherry Soda, miniature African violet African Violets & Collectible Houseplants

Star Wars | (Baker) Dark purple ruffled star/pink and white fantasy,

Cajun's Pink Crepe Paper Source: Bloomlovers

Rebel's Splatter Kake - Single and semidouble, pink, large fluted star with a darker

How Often Do You Water & Feed African Violets

African Violet Plant * ROB'S SARSPARILLA * - Semiminiature

African violet plant rob's little pueblo semi mini

[ IMG]

aplike havlu

Rob's Jitterbug African Violet, Saintpaulia, Grown by Boa Linn, photo taken by…

Miniature African Violets: Robs Ooh Lala


Robs Pink Prisms African Violet Flower

Rob's Whodunit: This is a semi-miniature variety known as Robs Whodunit. They are white in color with a bright red eye and a variable thin red edge, ...

Black Pearl

Mac's Livelong & Prosper_.jpg

Brilliant Excuse

Sassy Sister (S.

Rob's Slap Happy

Imps Berry Smash Miniature African Violet Flower

Rob's Galiwinku - trailer

Acas Glamor Puss: This is a semi-miniature variety known as Aca's Glamour Puss. It has medium green leaves. The flowers are semi-double, double in …

whodunit.jpg (509×407)

The flowers are pink two-tone in color and double in shape. The leaves are quilted. The plant was hybridized in 1979 by P. A true ...

Rob's Humpty Doo

Красота вдохновения - Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade

Ness Cherry Confection - The Violet Barn - African Violets and More

Rob's Loose Noodle

Berry Splash Standard Compact African Violet Flower

African Violet ~ Rob's Antique Rose ~ Two Leaves

[note says Rob's Kid Wheezy] 2014

Rainy Day Lovin' - Beige to light pink, semidouble to double stars. An occasional pink/beige blush adorns the flower eye. The edge of the petal is outlined ...

Definitely Darryl | (7474) 01/18/1991. (H. Pittman

African Violet 'myDelight' (Pink Yellowstone) Established House Plant in 4" Pot

african violet Rob's Heat Wave semi-miniature plant in pot

FIGYELEM!!! Mielőtt legközelebb vérvételre, vizeletvizsgálatra, laborvizsgálatra mész erről tudj – NAGYON

Violeta miniatura

Rob's Sugar Cube

YAN Sakhara - Russian Variety. Pretty combination - dbl dusty pink flower on beautiful leaves

Tiny Dancer (Hoover)

Houseplants, Violets, African, Pansies