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Roland CII quotWalfischquot Vintage Aircraft t Aviation Aircraft

Roland CII quotWalfischquot Vintage Aircraft t Aviation Aircraft


1917 03 Roland CII over the Western Front

By Ernest Thomas

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Eduard Roland C. Find this Pin and more on Vintage Aircraft ...

Morane-Saulnier P French First World War reconnaissance aircraft in RFC markings.jpg

An Albatros DIII approaching to land. Ww2AirplanesAviationVintageAircraft PilotsAirplaneAir ...

1917 Roland CII - Andrzej Deredos - box art Revell

1914 - 1918 The Great War Roland CII

airplane art | WWI aviation art wallpapers

1916 Roland CII strafing - Roy Cross - box art Airfix

Camel in Combat on the Western Front, by Darryl Legg · Ww1 ArtAirplane Room Aviation ...

Pictures of the Albatros D.II - Fighter.

Airco Lionel Rees vs Roland C.II, by Martin Novotny

Oeffag Albatros D.III replica · Air PlanesAviation ...

GERMAN AIRCRAFT FIRST WORLD WAR (Q 66299) Halberstadt C.III two-seat reconnaissance plane.


... for digging that up back with the old thread).


First World War aviation art prints of the Roland C. Our collection of prints and original paintings of the Roland C.II aircraft of World War One.

Fly High Airplanes Wallpapers, Posters, Classic Airplanes .

1914 - 1918 The Great War Roland CII: Now I see, as Rickenbacker described, how the gunner could duck down into the airplane

Roland C.II Wingnut Wings http://www.network54.com/ · DioramasAircraftWingsMiniaturesModel ...

Airplanes · Air Ride · RAF SE5

Dog Fight Planes | 3d dogfight ww1 fighter planes model - Sopwith Camel & Albatros DIII .

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(This 3-view drawing is from Gray & Thetford, German Aircraft of the First World War, page 160, drawn by L. E. Bradford)

165 - Roland CII Walfisch

Aircraft / Planes: Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Albatros Dva, picture nr .

LFG Roland C.II

Roland CII Walfisch two seater featuring an early example of 'teeth' nose art,

"As you approach this aircraft you become aware of its size and presence, it


Albatros D.Va flown by Jasta 21 of the steampunk air fleet.


Experimental F16 XL with AGM-65 Maverick. by full_afterburner

German pilot von Eberhard Seel & plane Albatros D. V

1916 Roland C.II Walfisch - Steve Anderson - box art Wingnut Wings. "

1917 Roland CII - S. Tarasovic - box art Eduard

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World War One German Aviator Oblt. Harald Auffahrt Jasta 29

I have always liked the odd yet sleek lines of the Roland D.II, so I decided to put her out of her misery and do some repair work.

WWI, 19 April 1918; Probably Villeselve, France. The tangled wreckage of a crashed AEG J I aircraft of a German squadron, probably Bavarian Flying …

1914 - 1918 The Great War Bristol

A German Pfalz Dr.I single-seat triplane fighter aircraft, ca. 1918. (San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive)

Fokker Dr.I 114/17 Manfred Von Richthofen crash landed on October 30, 1917 after the engine had thrown a cylinder, notice the cowling is missing. The plane ...

Douglas Skyshark The Douglas Skyshark was a turboprop-powered attack aircraft prototype built by the Douglas Aircraft Company for the United States Navy.

Gulf Air A330-200 (1:200) with Gear, 50TH Anniversary A40

The Albatros D.II was a German fighter aircraft used during World War I. After a successful combat career in the early Jagdstaffeln, it was gradually ...

Roland C-lla Reconnaissance Plane 1915 by Shigeo Koike

Heritage Aviation Models D.H. Chipmunk 1:48

Picture of the LFG Roland C.II (Whale)

Sopwith Camel 28th Squadron 2LT. W H Winter

BRITISH AIRCRAFT FIRST WORLD WAR (Q 67737) Sopwith F.1 Camel single seat


Picture of the Curtiss Wanamaker (Model T / Model 3)

Airco DH-2 over the Somme 1916

3 HN Ac Airfix Gloster Javelin FAW9 9R 1.48

Airfix Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.3 1:72

fishstickmonkey: “ A captured AEG G.IV bomber at the Villacoublay aerodrome, 21 June IWM ”

world war one aircraft | world war 1 aircraft art painting wallpaper hd desktop wallpapers

SPAD XIII Frank Luke, by Merv Corning


Planes · Henschel Hs-126 Aufklärer (Italeri 109) 1:72

Fokker E.IV · Vintage AirplanesAeroplanesMilitary ...

Jean-Baptiste Verlhac : Allied Model Images · Vintage AirplanesModel AirplanesScale ...

GasPatch Henschel Hs123 B1 1:48

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Planes · Clouds · Albatros D.V Bruno Loerzer, by Martin Novotny

Airco DH-4 on bombing run. Max speed approx 140 mph! 460 lbs. of bombs. world war 1 biplane art | World War 1 biplane Wallpaper

Uschi van der Rosten´s fine arts scale model shop. - Uschi van der Rosten

Bristol Bulldog II A of Squadron, Squadron Leader's aircraft.

What I like about this area of modelling is that there seems to be very strong on-line community support if you want to seek help and advice and that's ...

Revell Eurofighter Typhoon RAF 1:72

Beginning near the end of there developed a fashion in the German Air Service, and in particular, their fighter squadrons (Jagdstaffeln usually shortened

Revell T-28B Trojan “The Flying Bulls” 1:48

Hobby Boss Bae Hawk Mk.200 (208, 209) 1:48


Hasegawa A6M5c Zero Fighter 1:32

Wings in the sky



American CRJ-700 N538EG "1990s Colors" (1:200)

Remember though don't hang them on the aircraft with panels open as this is contrary to USN shipboard policy so far as I seem to recall.

Aircraft fabric covering

1st prod Swift over FW.jpg

DFW aircraft, photo: Public Domain / Real aircraft might be seen in Polish Aviation

Asiana A321 (1:200) with Gear HL7711

Nieuport 11 #biplane #WW1 · Vintage AirplanesVintage ...