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Royal KHM brilliant machine Products I Love t

Royal KHM brilliant machine Products I Love t


Royal KHM, brilliant machine

Royal KMM

[Addendum: I get questions about the ribbon advance and why it might not be working. Yes, half inch ribbon is fine but you do need spools as illustrated ...

Reconditioned Royal KHM Antique Typewriter Royal Desktop

Vintage Royal KHM 1930s typewriter glass keys 1937

Royal KHM, brilliant machine | Products I Love | Pinterest | Typewriters and Royals

The Royal company in America was one of the pioneering typewriter manufacturers, having introduced their first model as early as 1906. Their first machines ...

After the photo shoot, I took the KMM back to Moe's shop. I made sure to send the KMM off with care and feeding instructions.


Caligraph #2 1886

The Foster Typewriter: Royal KHM

... but wasn't able to display at his Bondi home. They are the Remington Noiseless above, a Royal KHM (below) and a shiny black Royal Model 2 portable.

54 best Typewriters images on Pinterest | Typewriters, Book authors and White people

... but wasn't able to display at his Bondi home. They are the Remington Noiseless above, a Royal KHM (below) and a shiny black Royal Model 2 portable.

Reconditioned Royal KMM Vintage Manual Typewriter - Working Typewriter - Desktop Typewriter - Vintage Black Machine, Excellent Condition

Antique Typewriter Mint GROMA Model N Fully by WorkingTypewriters

Royal Typewriter Company

1971 Royal Aristocrat

This Bar-Lock portable presented an even greater challenge for John, as a threaded rod running under the machine had snapped, but he has managed to get it ...

The two machines we will look at today, the Royal HH and the big Underwood electric, with the heavy promotion that accompanied their introductions to the ...

... choose the Royal KMM. But you may have different preferences. I don't think you'll go wrong if you choose either of these fine writing machines.

SN: KHM 2191365

The Hidden World of the Typewriter

Vintage Royal Quiet DeLuxe Typewriter

That machine was made in 1935, when my grandfather was eighteen, and nine years before my father was born. And the damn thing still works.

A 1937 Royal KHM with 18" platen.

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Reconditioned Royal KHM Antique Typewriter Royal Desktop | Antique Typewriters | Pinterest | Antique typewriter and Typewriters

Other Pinners loved these ideas

Antique Royal Typewriter Model KHM Circa 1937 Good Condition | eBay

Vintage Mercedes Prima Typewriter

RARE Vintage Purple 1950s Olympia Typewriter SM4 Manual

Remington Rand Model 1 (from Machines of Loving ...

It is a mythological creature, a cross between a Continental and a Royal with the magical powers of supernatural snappiness:

Reconditioned Royal KHM Antique Typewriter Royal Desktop | Antique Typewriters | Pinterest | Antique typewriter and Typewriters

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Royal 10, FP, HH, KHM and KMM Typewriter Ribbon, Black and Red

Ghost in the Machine

1963 Royal Custom lll Portable typewriter

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The Royal KHM is typing like a champ right now. No letter piling. When I first put paper in her, she had a couple lines with an erratic left margin, ...

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The following are full size machines or specialty machines which were excellent functioning machines and signified changes in the market. The Royal #5 or ...

Mid-century Mid-sized Portable Slugfest

Today was the first time I have been able to type with this Orga Privat, although I have owned it for many months. And I have John Lavery to thank for the ...

... in this way (pretty hard to do, since the metal is so thick and rigid) meant the inner workings were all out of kilter and the machine couldn't type.

Lastly (and serious collectors, don't hate me for this) the Hermes 3000's weird bulbosity brings to my feverish mind these things as well:

It wasn't so easy to clean. The typebar gumminess was very stubborn. It required repeated applications of mineral spirits and denatured alcohol and naphtha.

Number 12 the Royal FP

Paper guide: BEFORE

As soon as I got home to Canberra today, I put the Orga Privat and the Hammond Multiplex in my re-arranged standard typewriter display stand.

Carriage rails like tank treads.

The Orga had arrived damaged from Germany, probably the reason I got it at such a good price - it wasn't obvious in the eBay listing.

Royal Quite De Luxe Typewriter Ribbon Change, Restored Mint Condition Vintage Matte Black

If I thought I was having a run of bad luck with IBM Selectrics (see previous post), it was nothing compared to Mexican-made Sears Couriers (Lettera 22s), ...

Ghost in the Machine Episode II: The Phantom Name Badge

Friday, 11 November 2011

In the intervening three weeks, John kept me informed of progress. Not once did he claim he was having unqualified success, but I knew that that was his ...

George Bernard Shaw, Remington Noiseless 7x: Shaw acquired this 1934 Remington Noiseless later in career, and only wrote five of his 63 plays after that ...

Skippy, the Noisy Noiseless

This Royal 10 reminds me of the Foster Royal KHM that visited me briefly. It must be that “accelerating type-bar action“. This typewriter seems to type all ...

Changing Typewriter Ribbons

Globe index machine, spot the rusty bell

Vintage 1937 Royal KHM Typewriter / Non-Op for Parts, Repair or Upcycling.

He probably didn't want his wife to use it. I think she was a big spender! You never know what you're gonna find.”

I had planned to drive back to Canberra immediately. But John and Margaret persuaded me to stay overnight in the lovely cottage they had rented for the week ...

KHM: tab problem solved

Prop from The Way We Were, 1939 Corona Standard: This 1939 Corona Standard is a prop from the 1973 Academy Award-winning movie The Way We Were, ...

1940 Royal KMM

Typecast from my Royal KHM

Michigan Typochondriacs added 5 new photos.

John Lennon, 1951 Imperial: Lennon used this 1951 Imperial to type out the lyrics for the Quarrymen, the precursor to the Beatles. (James Joiner)

Jack Kevorkian, 1950's Signature 300: “Dying is not a crime.” (James Joiner)

This time, he is shilling a tombstone keyed Royal portable. I can't entirely tell, but is this a new version of Royal's portable?

After I put the machine back together, I tested setting and using tabs. It seemed to be working gummily but OK.

Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe, 1934 Smith Corona Sterling: This is their home typewriter, from their house in San Francisco. (James Joiner)


Picture of Enjoy!

Andrea Bocelli, Standard Perkins Brailler: Blind since childhood, Italian tenor Maestro Andrea Bocelli used this Standard Perkins Brailler in his studies, ...


Looks like we ran out of jam too early in 2007.

USB Typewriter Conversion Kit -- Easy Install Version from usbtypewriter on Etsy Studio


... Gorgeous Typewriter Guns Have a Lot to Say ...

Pearl S. Buck: Royal KMM ...

RECONDITIONED Royal Model O Antique Typewriter - Working Gloss Black Royal Portable Standard - Very Good


laughingwiththestars: indypendenthistory: William Faulkner with hist Royal KHM typewriter William Faulkner September 1897 ~ July 1962

I scribbled my initials at the end of it to sound like a big-shot with more important things to do...like this morning's breakfast dishes.

That Martini recipe was basically two straight shots of gin. As I sit here contemplating a follow-up article about Bond's Vesper Martini, I dread the fact ...

Burt's Bees Radiance Day Cream, 2 Ounces

1 Inch Button Maker Machine - Professional Starter Kit

BROTHER SEWING LB6800PRW Computer Sew Embroidery w Bag

The scars of your love they love remind me of us, They keep me thinking that we almost had it all they leave me breathless, I can't help feeling we could ...

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