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Russian revolutionaries Cheka KGB Is that a fact t

Russian revolutionaries Cheka KGB Is that a fact t


Russian revolutionaries.... Cheka (KGB)

Polishborn Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky 1912 He was the founder of the Bolshevik secret police the Cheka later the KGB

Felix Dzerzhinsky who founded the Cheka, which later became the KGB

Yakov Peters

Lenin Started The Russian Inte... is listed (or ranked) 3 on

RIAN archive 6464 Dzerzhinsky.jpg

The Cheka - Lenin´s Red Terror! English subtitles.

Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevski, Soviet Red Army commander during the Russian Civil War, later the

Active in Polish and Russian revolutionary activity from 1895. Joined

According To Marx And Engels, Russia Wasn't Ready For A Revolution

Russian Revolution Facts

The Cheka: Lenin's Political Police

Russian Revolution Facts

Nikolai Yezhov; Russian Communist Party Official in office as head of NKVD ( Soviet secret

Yakov Sverdlov, the first Soviet president

Felix Dzerzhinsky

Russian Revolution Facts

Influential Russians, mostly ex-KGB officers, are pushing a recreation of the MGB, the KGB's predecessor, but with even more centralized authority.

Russian blogger Yakovlev: My grandfather was a “chekist” and a murderer

1917 - Cheka formed - Soviet state security force and forerunner to the KGB, under Felix Dzerzhinsky after decree by Lenin.


Sovyetler Birliği'nin ilk istihbarat teşkilatı ÇEKA'nın başı olan Leh kökenli Felix Dzerjinski


The perfect storm: sailors at a demonstration in Petrograd, 1917. Gaping inequalities of

1922, October 2.

30 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About The October Revolution - Tons Of Facts

Russian Revolution Facts

Cheka: Lenin's Political Police - The All Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-revolution and Sabotage, December 1917-February 1922: ...

Russian Revolution Facts

Russian Revolution Facts

Vladimir Putin and the KGB logo

The Best Books on Revolutionary Russia | Five Books Expert Recommendations

Russian Revolution Facts

Grigory Petrovsky

Leon Trotsky

Felix Dzerzhinsky (image from imageforum2.afp.com)

Russian Systema Spetsnaz DVDs

Chekist regime and criminal world in Russia now 'completely coincide,' Portnikov says

'Iron Felix' behind his working table. Maybe he is signing execution orders -

Anton Antonov-Ovseenko holds up a reproduction of a Soviet poster which features his grandfather, Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko (to the left of Lenin).

'NKVD Killing Ground in Butovo' by Egils Veidemanis. Butovo was a former estate. '

Ready to join the resistance?

Russian Revolution Facts

Russia Celebrates the Grim Centenary of Oppressive Police Rule

Of Russian origin: KGB. Image from www.militarygift.ru

Lenin Tricked The Masses Into Believing The Bolsheviks Had Majority Support

First months[edit]

Nicholas II: The Last of Russia's Tsars

Sergei Kirov

Leon Trotsky

Aleksey Teplyakov, Russian historian specializing in Soviet secret police

Holodomor Avatar %22Without Jews there would never have been Bolshevism “

Stalin's Secret Police: A history of the CHEKA, OGPU,NKVD, SMERSH &

A detailed biography of Sergo Ordzhonikidze that includes images, quotations and the main facts of his life.

Russian Revolution Facts

Marx and Lenin

David Henderson-Stewart shows photos of his great-great-grandfather Nikolay Lvov who died in exile in France in 1940 [Sergey Kozmin/Al Jazeera]

Quick Facts

Vyacheslav Menzhinsky

Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko with his family. His son, Anton, is the child in the middle. His wife Rozalia committed suicide in jail [Sergey Kozmin/Al Jazeera]

Russia's intelligence services have a long history of mingling sinister fiction with shards of fact and leaking through third parties to cover their tracks.

I. F. Stone

Continuity and Change after the Bolshevik Revolution

Felix Dzerzhinsky

How Did Stalin Build His Cult of Personality?

... The Jewish Cheka

... dominant position in Russia's security system so it can be expected, especially during the presidential campaign, that various steps will be undertaken ...

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Julius Rosenberg

Jews were the Bolsheviks who murdered over 250,000,000 Christians in ww1 and 2.

Thus far, Putin has managed to survive and this has been to the great benefit of the Russian people and also to the rest of the world.

Censorship of images in the Soviet Union

... series discussing the jewish origins of communism and how it was organized jewry that took over Russia, in the so-called “Russian Revolution” of 1917, ...



Putin's Russia can't celebrate its revolutionary past. It has to smother it | Catherine Merridale | Opinion | The Guardian

Putin's Russia can't celebrate its revolutionary past. It has to smother it | Catherine Merridale | Opinion | The Guardian

The Masses, Led By Women, Started The Revolution

Putin's Russia can't celebrate its revolutionary past. It has to smother it | Catherine Merridale | Opinion | The Guardian

John Earl Haynes

Felix Dzerzhinsky in the Oryol prison, 1914.

Rebels with a cause: Bolshevik soldiers and students take up arms in Petersburg during the

"Second Congress of the Communist International" (1924) by Isaak Brodsky. (c) Wolfgang Kumm/DPA/PA Images. All rights reserved.

1 Russian Revolution

Lavrenty Beria, chief of the. NKVD and later MVD from 1938-1953**

Russian servicemen dressed in second world war uniforms mark Revolution Day on 7 November by helping

Mark Weber