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Salvatore Sabella was the boss of the Philadelphia Mafia and was

Salvatore Sabella was the boss of the Philadelphia Mafia and was


Salvatore Sabella (July 7, 1891 – 1962) was the Sicilian Mafia boss of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during the 1920s. Sabella built the future Bruno crime ...

Salvatore Sabella was the boss of the Philadelphia Mafia and was related to Stefano Magaddino,

Tommy Lucchese was also referred to as "Tommy Three Fingered Brown". Though NEVER in his presence, if you knew what was good for you.

1956 Philadelphia Police Department mugshot of Philip Testa

Mario Giuseppe Dovi aka "Joseph Bruno" (1889-1946) was a member and one-time boss of the Philadelphia crime family. Dovi was a key man in the Phila…

Philadelphia mafia boss turned rat Ralph Natale gets movie deal | About The Mafia

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Not much is know of him but sometime in the 1960's Lazzaro and 2 other Philly mob members were ...

Philadelphia crime family

Nicky Scarfo.jpg

Michael "Mimi" Sabella was a caporegime in the Bonanno crime family and a relative of Philadelphia crime family mob boss Salvatore Sabella.

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Ida was named in the indictment and fled to Sicily not long after the meeting, leaving Antonio "Mr. Migs" Pollina as Acting boss in Ida's absence.


Charles "Lucky" Luciano is considered the father of modern organized crime and is responsible for splitting New York into different criminal gangs.

Michael Sabella

Pasquale "Pasty" Massi (1903-1980) was a capo in the Philadelphia crime family. Massi was born in Mosciano S. Angelo, Abruzzi, Italy on November 07 1903, ...

John "Nazzone" Avena (pictured middle) was the boss of the Philadelphia crime

Stanfa recruited John Veasey as an enforcer during the war with Merlino.[38]

Philadelphia mafia boss turned rat Ralph Natale tells life story in new book

Salvatore tom mix santoro,former lucchese underboss

Ralph Natale the Philly mob "boss" even though he was never made which means he couldn't have been boss. The Philly mob became a joke after Scarfo's ...

His successors would bring the Philadelphia Family down to it's knees and give it the name "The most dysfunctional Mafia Family in the United States".

Included in the photo are Phil Leonetti, Joey Pungitore, Philip

Hit of The Hitman: A Review of the book The Hitman

Joseph Merlino

Salvatore Vitale

... Witsec Mafia by John A. Gotti - American Mafia Preceded by Philip Testa Philadelphia crime family Boss Succeeded John Stanfa v Bosses Salvatore Sabella ...

Philadelphia Mafia Notebook: Mob Musings On Nicodemo ... - Miggs Pollina became acting boss deposed Ignazio Denaro died Philip Chicken Man Testa Peter ...

Harry Riccobene

Cola Schiro.JPG

Philadelphia Mafia: The First Fifty Years


Angelo Bruno, reputed head of the Philadelphia family of Cosa Nostra, smiling and handcuffed, is escorted by a FBI agent as he arrives at the U.S. ...

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The Beginning

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Sabella along with his gang, John Avena, Antonio Pillina, with John Scopoletti behind the wheel, drove off, after the mob hit.

The Gentle Don

Angelo Bruno.jpeg. Philadelphia mafia boss ...

Salvatore Scala

A Rebuttal to the Claims of Thomas Hunt & Michael A. Tona and David Critchley Concerning Salvatore Sabella Boss of the Philadelphia Mafia.


FILE - In this Oct. 21, 1970 file photo Angelo Bruno, reputed Cosa Nostra boss of Philadelphia and South Jersey, is shown leaving Mercer County jail on the ...

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Former Philly mafia boss Ralph Natale talks about his new book and the mob | About

Antonio Caponigro 1970s.jpg

Joseph Massino

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New York-Philly War | January 20, 1984: Mob boss Nicky Scarfo (

Dominick Trinchera - Image: Dominick Trinchera

... there would have been much kissing of cheeks and shaking of hands as the gangsters departed, but Alphonse 'Funzy' Tieri (photo right), boss of the ...

A dozen men struggle with a heavy casket bearing the body of Angelo Bruno following a Catholic funeral service at a south Philadelphia church, Pa., ...

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By David Amoruso

Vito Bonventre

Salvatore sabella partigiano delle 4 giornate

Massino turns informant[edit]

On the evening of January 28th 1993, he was sitting in his red Ford Taurus station wagon, in the car park of the Brooklawn Diner in New Jersey, ...

The Riccobene-Scarfo War | Failed Hit On Harry The Hunchback

George Borgesi is a childhood friend of Joey Merlino and the nephew of Joseph Ligambi. He fought for the Merlino faction and eventually rose to consigliere ...

Within all the carnage in Philly underworld affairs in the early 1980s, Nicky Scarfo saw great opportunity. He wasn't happy about his dear friend, ...

Bruno's murder was the first in a series of killings that would stretch into 1985, taking at least twenty-eight lives, including a woman's, as violent men ...

Reputed Mafia soldier Nicodemo "Little Nickie" Scarfo of Atlantic City, right, and

Salvatore Lo Piccolo - Image: Salvatore Lo Piccolo


Bonanno family Boss Vincent Basciano named Brooklyn business owner Salvatore “Sal the Ironworker” Montagna, as the new “acting boss” of the Bonanno Family.

Behind the Mug: Lucky Luciano's 1931 Arrest... There's more to the story!

Thomas Hunt

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Tommy Gagliano


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Bruno's gang was held to a tight control by the boss, mentioned before many in his organization didn't like it. The gentile don was satisfied with his ...


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Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano is arguably the most famous turncoat in the history of the American Mafia. When the Gambino crime family underboss ...

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Joseph Lanza - NYPD mugshot of Joseph Lanza

The Oregon Diner in South Philadelphia today (2018). In 1963, future mob boss Nicky Scarfo along with Salvatore Merlino and Louis Matteo were charged with ...

Trevor Mcdonald with Ralph Natale. “

Salvatore Sabella Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Salvatore Sabella At Popflock.com

Salvatore "Chuckie" Merlino

The Philadelphia Mob War : 1980 – 1995

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Anthony Mirra - FBI surveillance photo from September 3, 1977

Frank Scalice

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