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Sanchi Stupa Southern Gateway Carvings depict Asoka and Indra

Sanchi Stupa Southern Gateway Carvings depict Asoka and Indra


Sanchi Stupa, Southern Gateway - Carvings depict Asoka and Indra - An inscription on the

Sanchi Stupa, Eastern Toran. Buddha walking on water - An inscription on the southern gate says that the Toranas were carved by ivory carvers of Vidisha.

"East Gateway of Sanchi Stupa", Stone. Early Andhra, 1st cent. H 35'. Page 15.

Bodhi tree temple depicted in Sanchi, Stupa 1, Southern gateway.

Sanchi - Details of the Eastern Toran - An inscription on the southern gate says that

King Ashoka visits Ramagrama, to take relics of the Buddha from the Nagas, but he failed, the Nagas being too powerful. Southern gateway, Stupa 1, ...

Sanchi Stupa, Western Gateway, carvings depict Story of Sama - An inscription on the

Stupa 1, Eastern Gate detail - Sanchi - An inscription on the southern gate says

Buddha depicted as an elephant at the Great Stupa in Sanchi which is made of stone and built in 3rd century BCE by emperor Ashoka.

Top - A despondent Ashoka find out that his favorite Bodhi tree is dead. Below

Departure of the Buddha from Kapilavastu Sanchi Stupa 1 Northern

Northern Gateway - Jataka tale of Vasantara reiterating importance of sacrifice. From left Vasantara is shown leaving palace with children, then staying in ...

Aniconism in Miracle at Kapilavastu: King Suddhodana praying as his son the Buddha rises in the air, praised by celestial beings (but only his path, ...

Ashoka with his two Queens visiting the Deer Park. A Persepolitan column, rising from a stepped base and supporting a wheel with thirty-two spokes and an ...

Sanchi Stupa

Pillars of Ashoka - Wikipedia

Ashoka in grief, supported by his two queens, in a relief at Sanchi.

Bas relief of Gaja Lakshmi at the Buddhist Sanchi Stupa, Stupa I, North gateway, Satavahana dynasty sculpture, century CE

Horses and elephants occupy the space between architraves Uttari toran dwar, North gate, Stupa

The East Torana of the Sanch Stupa depicts scenes potraying worship of the Stupa, and

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File:Architraves South Ends - Rear Side - East Gateway - Stupa 1 - Sanchi

Sanchi Stupa, Eastern Toran. Buddha walking on water - An inscription on the southern gate says that the Toranas were carved by ivory carvers of Vi…

Sanchi Stupa, Eastern Toran - carvings depict Buddha's birth - An inscription on the southern gate says that the Toranas were carved by ivory carvers of ...

Kala Ksetram, Gajalakshmi at Sanchi Stupa

9-9 relief from east gateway of the great stupa sanchi This shows the birth of Buddhaa the top and the return of Buddha to the city of his birth.

Stupa 1 East gateway, north pillar, rear: Buddha returning to Kapilavastu - An inscription on the southern gate says that the Toranas were carved by ivory ...

War over the Buddha's Relics, kept by the city of Kushinagar, South Gate, Stupa no.1, Sanchi.

View Southern Gateway Sanchi, Sanchi Stupa, Southern Gateway - Carvings depict Asoka and Indra .

Lord Buddha Statue on the periphery of Main Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi Stupas - Buddhism's holy grail

Sanchi Stupa 1 East gateway, side view - (273-236 BCE) WHY

Southern Gateway - There are no sculptures below the four headed lions due to amateur conservation effort undertaken when the stupas were rediscovered.

The Southern Gateway of Stupa 1. The Southern Gateway of Stupa 1 is one of the four richly carved gateways or toranas, surrounding Stupa 1, ...


Photo about Detail on front panel of gateway of Stupa-1 at Sanchi, near

View Southern ...

The actual "Diamond throne" at Bodh Gaya, build by Ashoka circa 260 BCE.

North Gateway - Stupa 1 - Sanchi Hill 2013-02-21 4273.JPG

Architectural element showing the Buddha's first sermon, approx. Pakistan, former kingdom of Gandhara. Courtesy of the Asian Art Museum, The Avery Brundage ...

Descent of the Buddha from the Trayastrimsa Heaven, Sanchi.


Sanchi Stupa

A yaksha is a forest spirit who take the form of fat, black dwarves but can change into any form they want. They are ruled by Kubra

East Gate Pillar of the Stupa at Sanchi

Bas relief at Sanchi Stupa, 3rd century BCE.

Ashoka supported by his two wives, with reconstituted pillar detail. Also seen in a contemporary relief on the Southern Gateway of Stupa 1.

Northern Gate

Carved Stories Of King Ashoka On Gate Of Sanchi Stupa ; Madhya Stock Photo, Royalty

Gateway to the Great Stupa at Sanchi was originally commissioned by the emperor Ashoka-the-Great in the 3rd century BCE. Its nucleus was a simple h…

Detail of a relief of the southern gate of the Stupa I in Sanchi India Indian

The South Torana is the most damaged of the four gates at Sanchi, but also

Eastern Gateway

Remains of the Ashokan Pillar in polished stone (right of the Southern Gateway).

Pilier torana est - stupa 1 - Sanchi

Sanchi elephant capital 1st c. BCE/CE

Foreigner on a horse, circa 115 BCE, Stupa No2.[26][

View Southern ...

This is the Great stupa in Sanchi, North gate. They are Buddha's footprints, the middle are dharmachakras.

Main gate at Sanchi stupa 1

Buddhist Stupas in Sanchi, Buddhist sites in India

Seated Buddha Stupa 1 Eastern gateway, Sanchi, India | Gupta period | Photograph by

Asoka when he was a governor married Devi, the daughter of a respected citizen of Vidisha, a town 10 km from the Sanchi hill. Prince Mahendra visited Sanchi ...

Western Gateway - Story of the Monkey King. The top frame shows the monkey king making a bridge across the river.

Sanchi stupa

Yashas on pillar of western gateway | Sanchi, India | Photograph by Patrik M Loeff

Sanchi Stupa back of west gate

Sanchi Gateway carving details - An inscription on the southern gate says that the Toranas were

Great Stupa at Sanchi, Sanchi, India — by Mark Rentz. A 2200-year-old monument built over the remains of the Buddha. Originally commissioned by Ashoka the ...

Great Stupa, Sanchi

Sanchi Stupa - aniconic representation of the Enlightenment of Buddha Shakyamuni under the Bodhi Tree

Sanchi Stupa - Sculpture on South Gate

Detail of the foreigners, in Greek dress and playing carnyxes and aolus flute. Northern

Remains of the shaft of the pillar of Ashoka, under a shed near the Southern Gateway.

Northern Gateway

Legal Brief: Save Monuments, Save Heritage

“You guys are obsessed” remarked an Aussie lady in Sanchi on learning our travel schedule. In three days of travelling in Madhya Pradesh, my friend Ajay and ...

A renowned center of Buddhism Sanchi boasts of a rich artistic culture and among them the stupas outshines all other structures in its elegant grace.

The Great Stupa under the Sungas. The Sungas nearly doubled the diameter of the initial stupa, encasing it in stone, and built a balustrade and a railing ...

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Front view of West Gateway of the Great Stupa after restoration, Sanchi, Bhopal State

Architrave - Front Left Terminal

Stupa 1 - Eastern Toran

Monkeys bringing honey to Buddha - Sanchi detail - An inscription on the southern gate says

Ashoka with his queens

Bharhut Eastern gateway.jpg

Great Stupa, Sanchi, India ☸ The Buddhist stupa serves as a marker for a

Dvarapala, Stupa 1, Sânchî

Sanchi Stupa. This is what remains now.

Site excavé bouddhique, grotte de Nasik n°3, vue intérieure, représentation d

View of stupa & torana, Stupa 1 and western gateway Sanchi, India | Photograph

Foreigners holding grapes and riding winged lions, Sanchi Stupa 1, Eastern Gateway.

Each illustration was so detailed out and intricately carved that for some time we forgot that it was stone and it was that old.

celestial Garland bearers of stupa from Sanchi

The 'Great Stupa' at Sanchi, Madhaya Pradesh, India. Sanchi known for its " Stupas", is a small village in Raisen District of the state of Madhya Pradesh, ...

In this picture, from Sanchi, it represents Buddha as a wheel. It represents the third great event in the historical Buddha's life where he "turned the ...

Relief panel, pillar of gateway

The Buddha is symbolized by his throne. Wild animal are depicted around the cave (Stupa 1 Northern Gateway, Sanchi. 1st century BCE/CE).

Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh - Archaeological Survey of India