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Sanghar39s unusual intruder Juvenile crocodile comes to collect its

Sanghar39s unusual intruder Juvenile crocodile comes to collect its


A member of Makhi Development Organisation, which looks after the environment, releases a small

Captive crocodiles resting together with open jaws.


Veteran researcher Grahame Webb estimates the wild population numbers between 80,000 and 100,000 adult crocodiles in

A dead crocodile on a trailer

Deputies were called about an “intruder” at a flooded Texas home. It was a giant alligator. – The Denver Post

Gharials article spread

Taken: Police privately believe there is little chance that the boy will be found alive

So it's possible Pocho became habituated to him in that fashion, and once the crocodile regained his appetite, he simply never saw the man as a potential ...

Young saltwater crocodiles in captivity

Fresh Water Crocodile. From my Facebook page "Animals are Awesome". Animals,

A young bird flaps its wings

In fact, the massacre of the Japanese troops by crocodiles was so horrific, it earned the title of being the Guinness Book of World Records' "Greatest ...

Dangerous waters: A crocodile bathing in the Barra Santa Ana estuary in Mexico, where

But then another member of the herd came to their companion's aid, charging down the

Yeah Dad that one! Thatone, dad He called rne a gecko. It is the female gator that actually cares for its young. Yeah Dad that one!

There are some reports of crocodile sightings in the Gold Coast canal, but confirmed sightings are rare and may be false.

10-year-old Texas girl kills 13-foot, 800-pound alligator with crossbow - San Antonio Express-News

Swallowed, Chewed and Drowned By Hippos – Strange Deaths by Africa's Most Dangerous Animal

Slaughtered crocodiles

A young American alligator preying on a bullfrog

Watch: Lion attacks crocodile to rescue smaller lion in Botswana river - UPI.com

However, the wolf-like behavior may have never happened since the behavior is rare in crocodiles, reptiles and birds. Also, similar dinosaurs may have made ...

The contestants then scoop water at one another. Unless one of them submits by lowering his head, a full-scale fight follows.

Very few of their hatchlings will have survived in their absence. But, come February, there will be plenty of opportunity to have a go at it again.

Infographic: Sweetheart's ...

A king parrot sits on a ledge with the escarpment of the northern Illawarra and ocean

An indigenous woman picks red quandongs from a tree.

Urban environments change the behavior of predator species—and that might have big implications for humans

The only great ape unique to Asia, orangutans are increasingly rare, with fewer than 50,000 in Borneo. Here, a male named Doyok moves through a reserve.

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... down the release date on this… we had a blast watching it though, even if its weird vibe is off the scale precisely because we were pretty lost overall.

A moment that changed me: finding out at 15 that Dad was a spy | Charlotte Cooper | Opinion | The Guardian

Pygmy hippo Taronga Zoo

... night kicked off in spectacular fashion with fire-breathing commedian/musician Brian Brushwood carrying out his own version of a penetration test when ...

Two electricity towers against blue sky.

Woman takes photos of trees with her smartphone

Did you spot the Angra Pequena off the Dolphin Coast?

Woman Survived 7 Days After Driving Off California Coast

And if that's not enough to convince you, take a look at the letter penned by a ten-year-old named Stacy… a young girl turned administrator!

Two young men backflip of a pier

ACL reconstructions up more than 70 per cent among young Australians, study finds - Health - ABC News

33 Products That Are Almost Too Clever To Use

Married couple stand on stage in front of the crowd at their reception.

Australia v South Africa: Dean Elgar defends reverse swing tactics at WACA - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A tiled roof.

Young man listening to podcasts from his phone.

Get your March Mammal Madness swag here & support the artists!

Everything you need to know about Love Island! Nine content producer reveals Australian singles will

Alfred Pennyworth

'Highly-dangerous' man who stabbed his Tinder ex-girlfriend 75 times in busy car park guilty of murder

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A dinosaur footprint on a muddy lagoon.

Geelong in world-first trial to help ice addicts

The gape flange on this juvenile house sparrow is the yellowish region at the base of the beak.

A spider wasp drags its paralysed Huntsman back to the nest.

A pile of Australian dollar coins on top of several bank notes

This complex question about a crocodile stalking its prey that baffled Scottish schoolchildren was far too

... Spain Villa Mar Oberta, Cala D'or, Majorca, ...

Curtin Croc Challenge 3.0, Curtin Malaysia's unique crocodile-themed electronic design competition.

Romeo and Juliet State Library book

Birds fly around a dead tree

As in this instance where two females are chasing wildebeest, lions work together to hunt. But hunting is not the focus of their unusual social lives.

Odd List

A Google map of Perth's north showing an area highlighted red, covered with lengths of

At 9.5 per cent our No 3 pick, the Citra, is a tad stronger

Dragon boat world championship competitors race towards the finish line at West Lakes.

Burglary breaking into family home

Fish Goes Nuts And Eats A Crab After It Pinched Him

Kelpie in paddock

Bag Worms

Read a Sample Enlarge Book Cover

Chinese workers unload a roll of tin plate at Baosteel plant on the outskirts of Shanghai


Woman woke to find that her Tinder date had broken into her home | Daily Mail Online

A long exposure leaves star trails in the night sky above a shed in a field

Amazon Echo speakers operate using the Alexa personal assistant

A pug sits with its tongue hanging out.


"I'm grabbing you by your balls": Commuters in extraordinary row 'after woman puts foot on man's seat'

Young Muscovy relaxing

Dreams Dictionary: Meanings of Dreams

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The round six-million year old fossil sits under a light