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Saudi Arabia A religious scholar raped amp tortured to death his 5

Saudi Arabia A religious scholar raped amp tortured to death his 5


Muslim cleric gets away with horrific abuse of his 5 year old daughter.

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Islam is an Evil Cult that Advocates & Practices Murder, Pedophelia & Mysogyny . NOT a Religion.

... 2017 January 30, ...

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Robinson founded the English Defense League (EDL), an organization he developed to protect soldiers from violent muslims. He left this group soon after its ...


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Saudi Arabia's Top Cleric: Fighting Jews Forbidden, Hamas a Terror group. 11/

... Benwhite.org: New study details sexual torture of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli detention ...

Muhammed the pedophile prophet rots in hell while getting boned by satan.

Why Saudi Arabia is kicking back against the USA

California Muslim mass-murderer was 'very religious' and traveled to Saudi Arabia |

Islam=slavery for all Americans

... ordered the country's national citizen database to handover list of individuals who left Islam and requested a change of religion with the department.

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1500 men were killed in front of their wives and families, 50 old men died also from thirst and illness. More than 70 girl and women includi.

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He certainly knows Islamic doctrine and history very well, and, in fact, ISIL is behaving pretty much as the first Muslims under Mohammed behaved.

Maybe his Computer was takin' photos for Trumpics! (Seriously, the shroud of Turin, if real, is the first photographic image.)


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The nitpicking of the verses is irrelevant, especially to the Islamic State, which is following the Koran literally. If you are engaging in takfir to claim ...

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Cameron also failed to explain why a 'Christian country' abolishes its precious universal ...

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President Donald Trump met a sad-looking Pope Francis at the Vatican on Wednesday, along with his wife, Melania, daughter Ivanka and others.

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So it is often the case that one Albino lie can be debunked by another Albinos simple presentation of what is presumed to be unimportant history

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Beast state, they were probably this way before the century.time to exterminate muslims extremists.

Moderate Islamist cleric Sheik Sharif Ahmed became Somalia's new president on Jan. 31, raising

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From his tiny sanctum in London, the founder of WikiLeaks has interfered with the world's most powerful institutions.

If the hadith is SAHIH, it's considered authentic – that's what SAHIH means: Ṣaḥīḥ (صَحِيْح) is best translated as “authentic”.

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Suspects will often justify their behavior by saying the young girls are “prostitutes.”

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Saudi dictator family spreads Koranic hate over the world while bombing its neighbors

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The Afghan ruler Mahmud al-Ghazni invaded India no less than seventeen times between 1001 – 1026 AD. The book 'Tarikh-i-Yamini' – written by his secretary ...

hameless stealings of Hindu God images, rituals by muslims and islam

crusaders and muslims. “


His courageous stand in support of the protesters, in the name of human rights and of the legitimate aspirations for freedom, made him even more loved by ...

Islamic scholar Dr Rumadi, (right) originally from Central Java, thinks similar reform may be underway. In 2008 he wrote Post Traditionalisme Islam: Wacana ...

Science aims to destroy rational fear of Islamic invasion by drugging Europeans

Born in Tehran at the height of the Islamic revolution to politically active parents, she and her family fled to Canada.

Typical of the mindset of corporate media reporting on what happened in Gaza on Monday as Israeli soldiers killed more than 50 protesting Palestinians, ...


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I joined fellow whistleblower and former chief Guantanamo prosecutor Colonel Morris Davis on the BBC's World TV recently to speak out against torture.

Its an educational book for Illuminati children, about how the world actually works and our history.

Khaled Bakrawi and Hassan Hassan, two Palestinians active in community services both tortured to death

Saad Hariri declared his surprise resignation on Saturday from Riyadh which fuelled beliefs he was coerced

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“I have the Stephen Colbert pre-interview,” one of his assistants reports.

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This is what a slave-owner looks like.

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