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Senaatintori Helsinki 1980 Woman Travel 198039s t

Senaatintori Helsinki 1980 Woman Travel 198039s t




Ihmisiä osoittamassa mieltään Senaatintorilla.

I take a bow to you Greece, or whoever decided it's time to have again a Greek song in Greek. Oneiro mou follows the footsteps of the fabulous Greek entries ...

Polished image, ladylike manner, mother and sweet, the opposite of Paula Koivuniemi, dark lady ...

All Eurovision fans eyes are on Amsterdam, if they are not there themselves like Blogilkar's collaborators. Here's a little teaser of what's going on, ...

Life after Helsinki 2007 Eurovision: OGAE VIDEO CONTEST 2014: ADA REINA DANCES FOR ITALY

Turistit ottavat ryhmäkuvaa tuomiokirkon portailla.

This blogger has always preferred her French catalogue and picking up favorites from the last four decades isn't easy but here goes.

As we all know Jaana Pelkonen, last year's charming host in Helsinki is the TV commentator for YLE again this year. She has been in Belgrade with the ...

Eteläranta, Helsinki - Finland

Last year Russia tried to send Julia Samoylova and her wheelchair to Kyiv and long story short: she never got there. Now she's given another chance as ...

There are always Eurovision wannabes in search of some self promotion in the low season and this summer 1980's discogirl Sinitta has thought it's as good a ...

Sunday, January 08, 2017

miekkarilava senaatintori The February 2 demonstration in Helsinki resisted the government's "active model".

That is how she commented her disappointing placement in last night's final if we think of the predictions and polls. "I'm happy I managed to help the equal ...

Congratulations to Hanna Pakarinen who married her drummer boy Risto Niinikoski in Temppeliaukio church in Helsinki They have been together for then ten ...

Life after Helsinki 2007 Eurovision: ESC 2015 FINLAND: #UMK15 REVIEWS, vol.17 - HEIDI PAKARINEN AND BON VOYAGE


You can take a trip to the district of Kallio adventure

Life after Helsinki 2007 Eurovision: ESC 2015 CYPRUS: CHRISTER BJÖRKMAN GETS A SH*TLOAD FROM EVA


Today it's been 15 years since the most famous woman on globe died in a tunnel in Paris. You all know of course who I am talking about.

Jippu is 21 year old girl from Helsinki who won an Emma award (Finnish Grammy) for her debut album and scored six radio hits from it.

Kikka died ten years ago today. Heart attack took her at the age of 41. Finland's very own Samantha Fox or Sabrina Salerno shot to the fame with her sexy ...

Now here's a lot of Eurovision and Uuden musiikin kilpailu's royalty in one musical happening in Espoo City theater. A story about Finnish women; ...

It's summer. The heat makes everybody weak in head and say all sort of things. Like all sort of Eurovision rumours and here's one: Morocco will return in ...

Helsinki banner.jpg

... Fiats on display in Helsinki's Senate Square (Senaatintori) ...

Helsinki Pride kulkue

San Marino aired tonight the second show recorded in Bratislava, where the artists sung the chosen songs. Some of them were already featured in the first ...


Life after Helsinki 2007 Eurovision: Euroviisut 2010: The review - part 3

Museums and galleriesEdit

It was big news when Emmelie De Forest claimed to be descendant of Queen Victoria (1819-1901) and having family tree filled with Austrian princesses and ...

I was to publish Lys Assia today in the series of Eurovision winners - was it worth returning? but instead today we have the sad news of her passing away in ...

Russia has made public itss choice for the Eurovision song contest in Ukraine, the country it's in war conflict. And they have found the most pathetic ...

Krista Siegfrids is one of the chosen guest stars for the world's biggest imitation show happening at Helsinki's Hartwall Arena on November 25, 2016, ...

Life after Helsinki 2007 Eurovision: ESC 2015 FINLAND: HOLD YOUR COLOURS WAS MENT FOR INGÁ-MÁRET

Sandhja came and sung it away and blew off the competition and fan favorites and ended up with the ticket to Globen in May and the Eurovision song contest ...

Goodbye to yesterdays plays in the soundtrack and trailer of the film Kuudes kerta and Stig Rästa is one of the actors. How cool is that?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Croatia was supposed to have a national final but they did YLE Finland and dropped the plans and chose Franka Batelić (25) internally instead.

Life after Helsinki 2007 Eurovision: CONCHITA WURST: THE ALBUM AND THE TRACKLIST

Remember amazing Davinia with Bondesque Betrayed from Malta's national final 2013 where she placed third? Shes no longer betrayed but has been going on with ...

Life after Helsinki 2007 Eurovision: DING DONG! MARRY ME THE MOST PLAYED SONG ON YLE IN 2013

Greece has snobbed her for years (if we believe some fan sites) but now she gets to Eurovision song contest finally. For Cyprus.

... cruise boats between Helsinki, Stockholm, Turku and Tallinn, including M/S Silja Europa, M/S Viking Grace, M/S Viking XPRS.... And on August 31 she will ...

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Life after Helsinki 2007 Eurovision: #ESC 2014 AZERBAIJAN: IT'S DILARA KAZIMOVA

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Life after Helsinki 2007 Eurovision: ESC 2015 RUSSIA: POLINA GAGARINA FOR RUSSIA

To represant Finland in the Eurovision namely. So says Linda Lampenius, the guest act in tonight's Euroviisut 2011 final. And ads: "I have been asked ...

Aktiivimallin vastainen mielenosoitus Helsingin Senaatintorilla.

Helsinki travel guide is really helpful to know the things to do in Helsinki, about things to see in Helsinki, Hotels/Restaurants/cafes and shopping places ...

Most Eurovision fans know Vesa-Matti Loiri only for his last place in Eurovision 1980 with Huilumies. But in Finland this man in a legend.

There's a little bit of Finland in the Swedish 2012 entry for Baku, Loreen's Euphoria. Not only is Loreen's wardrobe and look cured by a Finnish Tommy ...

Life after Helsinki 2007 Eurovision: EUROVISION 2014: CONCHITA WURST FROM A LAZY BOY TO A REAL DIVA

Jonna Geagea: It starts again

Lucie Jones - Never give up

Laura Voutilainen becomes Idols judge

Euroviisut 2011: Saara Aalto

Monday, December 23, 2013

Netta observing something.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Already the Euroviisut fans have more or less massacrated the new format, especially after the qualifiers were announced last Friday.

Life after Helsinki 2007 Eurovision: SUMMER EUROGIRLS: ELENA - MAMMA MIA (HE'S ITALIANO)

Tomorrow night they will take the stage again in Helsinki and their have already 20 gig booked for next month. On top of this they are the ...

Friday, December 07, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012



as well as Valentina.

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The favorite came and conquered both televoters and jury. Sanja Ilic (66) is no stranger to Eurovision having participated in the Yogoslavian national ...

Friday, January 20, 2017

... members are Miikka Paatelainen, Rasmus Pailos, Samuli Luoma, Valtteri Pöyhönen and Janne Friman. The band comes from Kumpula neighbourhood in Helsinki.

The long lasting rumors were true and Poli Genova returns. She already represented the country in 2011 with Na inat but failed to reach the final.

Life after Helsinki 2007 Eurovision: DIMA BILAN & YULIA VOLKOVA RELEASE VIDEO

For once we have a song that would perfectly fit some corny New York city lights in black and red from some random television crime series from the 1980's.

Saara was born in May 1987 in north of Finland.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

It's massive and it was horrible: the travel to airport in the morning took forever and we didn't see anything.

Francesca Michielin (Italy) is on her way to Stockholm

Lele Esposito. Now that's an interesting story. First of all he's from Maria De Filippi's talent reality Amici, the latest season.

Stiko Per Larsson has won P4 Nästä 2017 and becomes the first confirmed act for any national final for the Eurovision song contest 2018.

Forgettable and predictabe song but then it could come alive on stage.

Lithuania keeps dropping artists and songs, and five will survive tonight and three will go home. I think. I'm losing the plot here soon.

Or actually not. She told she has been taking beta blockers, often used by sportsmen to improve their performance when you need good nerves and steady hand.

Tonight it was Germany's time to choose their entry and the winner is You let me walk alone by Michael Schulte, and Germany joins the countries sending ...

Ragnheiður Gröndal wins the tenth Icelandic semifinal and gets her ticket to the final in February with her song Don't wake me up.

The guys of Arion are only 17-18 year olds and from Helsinki. Viljami Holopainen, Iivo Kaipainen, Arttu Vauhkonen, Georgi "Gege" Velinov and Topias ...

Samuli Edelmann - Mission possible

Anna Tatangelo is back with her kitchiest video to date, I guess. Inafferabile has a video that surely gets your attention but the song.... well, ...

Dima Bilan for Russia 2012?