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Sensei Kagawa JKS Karate related t

Sensei Kagawa JKS Karate related t


Kagawa Sensei JKS Honbu dojo

Karate Shotokan Course Rusia JKS Kagawa Sensei Kihon & Kata

Masao Kagawa Sensei Kata Bassai Dai. Karate Shotokan

Sensei Masao Kagawa karate kata sochin jks Part 1 2012 Ali Suri Al-Lami


Embu karate JKS - Masao Kagawa & Shinji Nagaki

Masao Kagawa Sensei Jks Seminar Kata Unsu

Masao Kagawa Best Karate

Masao Kagawa Sensei Jks Seminar Kata Unsu. Karate Shotokan

Masao KAGAWA Sensei JKS France

Kagawa-sensei shows the last part of kata Empi

Shotokan Karate _ Kihon _ Sensei Masao Kagawa

JKS Shotokan Karate

Karatedo Kagawa Masao sensei shows his exceptional skills. - YouTube. Karate KataShotokan ...

Sensei Masao Kagawa · The Art of Shotokan · Best Karate Tekki Sandan - YouTube

Shotokan Karate _ Kihon -Application _ Sensei Masao Kagawa

Sensei Masao Kagawa kata sochin jks Part 4 2012 Ali Suri Al-Lami

Shotokan Karate Magazine Issue 68. Masao Kagawa

Masao Kagawa Shihan 9th Dan kata Sochin JKS

Shotokan Karate Magazine Issue 31. Masao Kagawa

Spin training by Sensei T Yamaguchi JKS Japan


kagawa-sensei demonstrating the beginning of kata empi


Masao Kagawa Sensei Jks Seminar Part .II. Karate Shotokan

... snap and timing this was repeated to different angles and then combined with footwork to capitalise on the key teaching points practiced. Kagawa ...

Kumite Techniques 1 _ Sensei Masao Kagawa karate seminar

Sensei Masao Kagawa karate kata Unsu seminar jks

Commissioner of the All-Japan and Kanto Students Karate-do Federation. ______. To read Kagawa Sensei's ...

Panamericano JKS 2017 - Sensei Masao Kagawa - Kihon. Vivendo Karate

Sensei Masao Kagawa dan JKS shows hipvibration in the beginning of the kata gojushiho-sho. This was filmed at a seminar in DUblin, Ireland on the of.

Kagawa Shihan South African Tour 2017, getting personal with the legend

Sensei Masao Kagawa outside the Dojo. Karate KataShotokan ...

JKS..日本空手松涛連盟.. Masao Kagawa Sensei 香川先生 #1

Kagawa Sensei then went through Junro Shodan, Nidan and Sandan. With students nice and relaxed, this was the perfect time to cover the ideals held within ...

Kagawa-sensei demonstrating leg techniques

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After Sensei Tetsuhiko Asai passed away one of the best karate experts in the world Sensei MASO KAGAWA became SHUSEKI SHIHAN of JKS.

Masao Kagawa Sensei Shotokan Karate

JKS Karate Kagawa sensei Hokubudojo punching drill

Masao Kagawa - 8th Dan Shotokan Karate

Masao Kagawa Shihan - JKS Enbu Demonstration in Indonesia 2017

Panamericano JKS 2017- Brasil - Curso: Sensei Sadamu Uriu (Seiryu Kata). Vivendo Karate

Interview with Shihan Yokota

Not a moment late we were called to line up for introductions to the course by Alan Campbell Sensei (7th Dan) and introduction to Kagawa Shihan, ...

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Shotokan Karate Magazine Issue 105

Dermot O'Keeffe Sensei Karate Club Sword is pictured with, Kagawa Shihan from Japan after the recent Technical Seminar in Swords Karate Club.


Sensei is usually in England or Scotland in the middle of March and Bex and myself can't think of better birthday treat for ourselves.

Kagawa Sensei [JKA] demonstrating a part from kata Unsu

JKS Stage Kagawa 2016 JKS BENELUX

shotokan Karate do

Naka Sensei JKA Taishijuku Tokyo 2017 Shotokan Kyokai Berlin #JKA #karate # shotokan

Takashi Yamaguchi Sensei, 7th Degree Black Belt (JKS) Interview With a World Class Instructor

Kagawa Sensei Course and Grading - updated

Sensei Kyle Kamal Helou graduated from the JKS Instructors' Course in Japan.

At a private function held in Port Elizabeth early September in 2017 Shuseki Shihan Kagawa Masao announced by the authority of the Japan Karate Shoto ...

JKA Gasshuku with Izumiya Sensei Poland 2017 Shotokan Kyokai Berlin #JKA # karate #shotokan

Sensei Kagawa

Shotokan Karate Magazine Issue 70

Brown Belt Sensei Matsue course at JKS Scotland Honbu Dojo

KAGAWA MASAO Shotokan ryu International course Madrid 11 and 12 September 2010

Kyle (right) kumite training with Yuki Watanabe the first JKS female trainee instructor.

Sensei Masao Kagawa JKS explains different points in the kata Jion on course in Nottingham, England on the of march The course was organi.

Sensei Masao Kagawa JKS explains and demonstrates 2 parts of kata Jion. This was filmed at the JKS international seminar on the of November .

JKA Gasshuku with Izumiya Sensei Poland 2017 Shotokan Kyokai Berlin #JKA # karate #shotokan

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Masao Kagawa Sensei Shotokan Karate

JKA Germany - The Kawasoe Group, JKA Windsor Camp 2016, Mori Sensei, Kawasoe

Above: Kagawa Sensei - 8th Dan JKS

Kagawa Shihan at JKS England & Wales, nottingham. Shotokan Karate Page

Masatoshi Nakayama. JKA

Sensei Masao Kagawa JKS demonstrating a part from the kata gojushiho-sho on a seminar in Dublin, Ireland on the of march the seminar was hos.

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Asai demo jump

Please check out the JKS England Facebook Page for just some of these examples and some excellent pictures of Kagawa Shihan and students in action.

Shotokan Karate Magazine Issue 45

Sensei Kanayama Brown Belt course JKS Scotland

Kagawa Sensei during the JKS International seminar, JKS Honbu Dojo Japan December 2012

Shihan Tadashi Ishikawa, known as the master of champions, studied in the world famous Thakushoku University Karate Club and later he became the director of ...

Matt here with sensei Masao Kagawa on an Open course in March 2009.

JKA Gojushihodai by Ayano Takaki 高木綾乃選手 五十四歩大@優勝祝賀

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Asai kiba dachi 1

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It's obvious I am fiercely proud of my Karate lineage.... Seibukan Karate Club, JKS England, JKS GB and Ireland then of course our links to JKS Japan.

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Shannon Club group training on seminar with Kagawa Shihan 9th Dan JKS in Swords. 11.03.2018