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Seth Kenlon The authors t

Seth Kenlon The authors t



Seth Kenlon. Writer ...

Seth Kenlon's review of Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software

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The Night That Souls Were Lost: Seth Kenlon: 9780984784240: Amazon.com: Books


Free as in Freedom by Sam Williams

Kdenlive features an inbuilt vectorscope, available from the View menu in the main menu bar. A vectorscope is not a filter, it's just another view the ...

Linux Story text with binary code background

Giving an installer executable permission

importing drumkit file in hydrogen

Editing in Kdenlive is done both in the monitors and in the timeline. Your initial cuts are made while reviewing your footage and placing clips into the ...

There's no way around it; Add Effect > Misc > Vertigo is a gimmicky special effect filter. So unless you're remaking Fear and Loathing or the movie ...

By Seth Kenlon & Klaatu Einzelganger Mixed Signals Pathfinder Levels 1-3

Cory Doctorow headshot

HR-16 user interface

'Salavandra: A Coffee Tale' Salavandra is an isolated Caribbean island. Its products

I don't believe in mixing sound within the video editing application, but I do acknowledge that sometimes it's just necessary for a quick fix or, sometimes, ...

Paul S. Jenkins

Myron Schultz


Twine downloaded for Linux

A picture of Gene Spafford

In his latest Multimedia Makers column, Seth Kenlon gives some attention to the tools outside Kdenlive that help produce great sound for motion pictures.

Emacs screenwriter-mode

A talented author, son-in-law, Spencer Baum.

Rendering options.

How to get started as an open source programmer

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Color adjustment.

Living Circuits

Tobias D. Robison

Anne Bishop

The application is called StopGo. It came about as a direct response to the lack of a reliable and simple stop motion software for Linux.

GOG installer

A picture of Jonas M. Luster

Kdenlive screenshot

Photo by Seth Kenlon. CC BY-SA 4.0

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Jeffrey Lynn Stoddard

Sparkleshare screenshot

Women in Open Source Award, Red Hat

Editing metadata.

Talkies are a fad

Camerimage: Walter Murch on Editing, Cinematography and the Change to Digital

Tracey Hickman

Private Property- Seth Kenlon | Products | Pinterest | Private property and Products

Screenshot of setup, save your file

The readout displays a profile of the colors within the region marked. The result is a sort of hyper-specific vectorscope (or oscilloscope, as the case may ...

5 open source puzzle games for Linux

Unisex-Adult Military Army Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Medium, Black

Author, Film and Script Development


Underwood and Flinch: A Vampire Novel. Available as a free podcast from Podiobooks.

Jess Weichler and Seth Kenlon developed interactive paintings that not only engaged viewers but taught them about electricity at the same time.

Mixxx, mixing Madonna with herself. Don't judge my music!

Video editing with Darktable screenshot

How to restore older file versions in Git


Keyframing on the timeline.

Sync all.


teachjove and learn Emacs for free

The Django Girls Budapest team

If you want to perform more-advanced editing on your individual frames, Stopmotion has a button to open a selected frame in GIMP.

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Wednesday the cat disguising herself as a computer speaker

Extended Audio Sample The Cave Girl Audiobook, by Edgar Rice Burroughs

The first think you'll notice is that your color clip occupies the entire screen. If you're using a custom graphic sized to fit, this won't be an issue, ...


MilkyTracker Instrument Editor panel


The Descent of Perfection


Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two: Tips & Tools for Connecting, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting by William von Hagen

That would be too much for me! :) No, I'm rather referring to Stationery Design, Branding/Identity Mock-ups and alike. More or less something like what is ...

If you're just a Linux user who likes to look at photos but don't know what “blood red” is in xyz co-ordinates, the ColorHug might be the device for you.

Yihui Xie

Creating a SparkleShare account.

Options to change preferences

The Sex Life of The Gods

MapTool: A robust, flexible virtual tabletop for RPGs

book in the sand

“'Everything must be eliminated': Strategies around Censorship in the Enciclopedia metódica , the Spanish Translation of the Encyclopédie méthodique ” ...

Sheet music with geometry graphic

Finding Louis: The Search for Louis Pine

Mantis bug tracker

Morning Musing: Don't Crash and Burn

Managing creative assets with Planter