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Shamo chicken Kippen t

Shamo chicken Kippen t


O-Shamo - Jafar

Backyard Birds, Beautiful Birds, Farm Animals, Poultry, Roosters, Bangkok, Chicken, Feathers, Baby Ducks


My Asil Cockerel

Shamo Rooster.. aka Little T-Rex. The chicken is the closest living

gallina combatiente brazileña

nice rooster in Thailand

Roosters, Hens, Chicken, Villa, Farming, Animales, Sweetie Belle, Laying Hens, Mansion

Shamo chicken

Shamo. – Shamos have pea-shaped combs, pearl colored eyes, and exhibit a rather cruel expression. In temperament the breed is quite friendly to humans, ...

Bantam Chickens, Chicken Breeds, Breeds Of Chickens, Raising Chickens

Tallest breed of poultry. Ahhh... another want on my chicken wish list

Oriental Gamefowl Thread!



Ko Shamo - Poultry Breed Information

Find this Pin and more on Blue splash Cornish bantams by pokeyspoultry.

Ko Shamo

shamo gamefowl #chickens


Jersey Giant Cockerel - I just know I am magnificent


Ko shamo

Chickens And Roosters, Chicken Coup, Beautiful Birds, Hen House, Coq, Hens, Turkey, Roosters, Baby Ducks


Shamo gold-weizenfarbig, Combattente Shamo, Exposition Avicole Blodelsheim 2012

Nessa our partridge cochin

Pin by Pokeyspoultry on Jubilee Cornish | Pinterest | Bantam chickens, Chicken breeds and Animal

My beautiful white hen - she lays the most enormous eggs for her little size!

This is called asisl its native name is vethukaal,veppor · asil

Red Knight

Rooster World #Rooster #Asil

tiger asil

thebarbud'uccle - Belgian Bantam Club of Australia

Shamo_chickens - Google Search

Coco and Cute Chicken

Shamo Chicken

Explore Animals And Pets, Chicken Coops, and more!

asil jet black

Family of Lakenvelders. Lakenvelder Cockerel. Lakenvelder Hen

nice rooster in Thailand | rooster and equipment for game in Thailand | Pinterest | Nice, Bird and Game fowl

Spangled Asil

Ixworth cockerel. ixworth hen

Matilda, our 5 month old faverolle pullet

Lakenvelder Cockerel. Lakenvelder Hen

My gold dutch bantams

Explore Animals And Pets, Chicken Coops, and more!


www.broedpagina.nl www.kippenpagina.nl www.wyandotte.nl www.pluimveeplaza.nl Kippen – Chickens – Poultry – Pluimvee – Rooster – Kuikens – Chicks – Wyandotte ...

Salmon Faverolle hen

japanese hens

trio of buff plymouth rocks

Buff Sussex Bantam

Cuckoo Frizzle Cochin Pullet

My beautiful welsummer girl aged 19 weeks

Lakenvelder Hen

Customer Image

Hamburg hen striding out!

silver dorking

Stormia the Blue Cochin

My new rescue cutie. Fell asleep perched on my pinkie when we met!

26 week old cockerel

Backyard Birds, Game Fowl, Poultry, Roosters, Chicken, Raising, Animales, Hens, Backyard Chickens

Jersey Giant Hen

More information

Black japanese bantam chabo

#chickens #eggproduction #eggproducer Grand healthy birds but they don't like that

Michael Tzouramanis ( @michael.tzouramanis )

shamo haan met hennen

My O'shamo roaster, Ola. Looks like a bad guy, but he

Image titled Take Care of Chickens Step 7

Michael Tzouramanis ( @michael.tzouramanis )

Image titled Take Care of Chickens Step 18

Pemberley Chicken's ( @pemberleychickens )

Nog een O-shamo

Image titled Take Care of Chickens Step 9


Heidi ( @heidi.ammar )

Dierenplaza.nl ( @dierenplaza.nl )

Clarissa- Featherhead Farms ( @featherheadfarms )

Mrishk shamo asil chicken haan,hen - YouTube

Image titled Take Care of Chickens Step 22

Shamo Chicken. Loading.


🌾🐔🥚🐓Chicken-Photography🐔🥚🐓🌾 ( @elle_chicken_photography )

heidithehen ( @heidithehen )

It happened today!!! 🤗 This #chickenmom is beyond excited to announce her


Image titled Take Care of Chickens Step 21

ਦਿਲਪ੍ੀਤ ਸਿੰਘ ਚਹਿਲ ( @dilchahal1991 )

Heidi ( @heidi.ammar )

Feudo degli Avicoli ( @feudo_degli_avicoli )

🌾🐔🥚🐓Chicken-Photography🐔🥚🐓🌾 ( @elle_chicken_photography )

kippies kapel ( @kippies_kapel )

Me and my silkies ( @silkiefeather )

Promotiedag Kleindiervereniging 't Hollandertje 22 April mét kippen!

Heidi ( @heidi.ammar )

Sarah & Lauryn ( @twinsisterseggchics )

Shamo Chicken. Loading.