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Ship breaking is a complicated process The ship is dragged in from

Ship breaking is a complicated process The ship is dragged in from


Shipbreaking is a complicated process. At Gadani, the ship is dragged in from its anchorage in the sea by tug boats. It is then hauled onto the beach by ...

72 best Shipbreaking Reference images on Pinterest | Boats, Ship breaking and Ship wreck

Chittagong-Abwracken-Yard-5 · Ship BreakingAbandoned ...

Shipbreaking at Gadani, Pakistan:

Inside the Shady, Dangerous Business of Shipbreaking

The Ship-Breakers The men of Bangladesh risk their lives to tear apart cargo carriers and tankers. At low tide ship-breakers haul a cable to a beached ship ...

South Asian Beaches the Target of New EU Ship Recycling Rules

Alang shipbreaking. Ship BreakingAsia

The Ship-Breakers The men of Bangladesh risk their lives to tear apart cargo carriers and tankers. At low tide ship-breakers haul a cable to a beached ship ...

2014 turned out to be a very hectic year for the demolition market and it became clear just how volatile the market really can be.

A ship of this size costs around 250 crore rupees, ($30 million). Usually to acquire such a big ship, a bank or even a number of banks have to be involved ...

Alang shipbreaking

2009 Goldman Prize recipient Rizwana Hasan spearheaded a legal battle resulting in increased government regulation and · Ship Breaking BattlePublicAsia

This particular ship had 54,000 tons of steel. A ship this big takes around 4 - 5 months to be completely broken down

Alang, Gujarat, India Ship breaking yard. Whereas you make a visit to Gujarat

Ship Breaking, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Ship breaking or ship demolition is a type of ship disposal involving the breaking up of ships for scrap recycling.

Ship breaking in Sitakunda

Jafrabad Chittagong shipbreaking

Alang shipbreaking

Jafrabad Chittagong shipbreaking

Jafrabad Chittagong shipbreaking

Jafrabad Chittagong shipbreaking. Ship breaking in Sitakunda

Most of the shipbreaking companies in these areas have strong ties to the local construction companies, and the local economies rely on metal salvaged from ...

Jafrabad Chittagong shipbreaking

Our increasingly interconnected world has resulted in more ships being built and put into service, but this has also increased the number of ships that need ...

The process of making billets involves a complex mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and electronic system

The amount of labour force employed depends on the size of the vessel. Around 200

The uniform methodology adopted for the six ships in this study for investigating the process of complete recycling – especially the in-depth analyses of ...

3 Growth of ship recycling industry from 1976 to 2007 in various countries in

4 Growth of ship recycling industry from 1990 to 2014 in various countries in

Jafrabad Chittagong shipbreaking

Typical steps involved in step 2 of breaking container ship.


Molten steel being poured into the mould. This is where the cooling process starts.

The molten steel being poured into moulds where it will be cooled into billet form.

Dismantling of Redoutable in Toulon, 1912

Apart from any cargo that is on the vessel, other items that are removed include

The schematic representation of the steps involved in the “three-step risk assessment method” developed for ship dismantling and recycling yards.

Hazardous waste streams (namely: wastes disposable in landfill, incinerable wastes and bilge water) predominantly emitted in the course of recycling of ...

Rather Than Migrate, Storks Now Just Eat Trash

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2 A typical cargo ship needs 5-6 months to dismantle

Fig. 2 Gross domestic product (GDP) growth rates of various countries and the

A pair of thick protective gloves lies on the sand covered in grease. In this

Gas cutting in Chittagong, Bangladesh

A continuous casting furnace is fueled by a worker in a billet making factory. The

Billets are classified as semi-finished products. They are further processed via rolling and

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Schematic representation of a typical yard with notional yard boundaries, gate and the beached ship between the high-tide and low-tide lines.

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016-workersboardingvenus copy

Simplified process flow of standard method ship recycling.

Location Map Yard plan (examples) Yard plan should be included in Facility information.

Typical steps followed in breaking of bulk carrier ships in Alang ship recycling yards.

The workers also add other elements to the steel to give it different properties. Here

Typical steps involved in step 2 of breaking bulk carrier ship.

The Finnish icebreaker MSV Nordica docked in Nuuk, Greenland, after traversing the Northwest Passage

Container ships avoid the complex stevedoring of break-bulk shipping.

Jafrabad Chittagong shipbreaking

Typical ship recycling plan practiced at Alang ship recycling yards and time required to accomplish each work activity.

A worker watches from one of the control rooms at a rolling mill. At the moment reinforcement bars or “sirya” are being manufactured from the billets that ...

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Typical steps involved in step 3 and 4 of breaking bulk carrier ship.

LAUDERDALE, UNITED STATES: Cargo containers sit on a ship 08 March 2007

Typical steps involved in step 2 and step 6 of breaking general cargo ship.

Smoke billows from the stack as the cruise ship Grandeur of the Seas enters Portland Harbor


Appendix 3 Ship recycling process from preparation to completion

Sea Warrior: Capabilities of Russia's Cutting-Edge Karakurt Corvettes

013-azzura copy

RV Falkor profile. Image courtesy Schmidt Ocean Research

038-MSC DİVİNA early 2.4.13 copy


HMS Tamar

Vessel will be the RRS Sir David Attenborough, but subsea ROV will be named Boaty McBoatface

M80 Stiletto: Night

Another aspect of any ship ...

015-cutcoaster copy

Photo Lyn Hurley Edwards. A 75-metre cargo ship full of broken ...

Lade AS's Vindskip concept is a hybrid merchant vessel designed for sustainable

037-AZZURRA cut copy

Complicated operation: Salvage workers attempt to raise the cruise ship last night by 'parbuckling

Bulbous bow of a cargo vessel with a Lloyd's 100 A1 Ice Class 1A damaged in

Icebreaker backing alongside vessel to free it from the ice

(From Sorti et al.)


... concept: ship 3-view.