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Shorpy Historical Photo Archive WWI German Soldier History

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive WWI German Soldier History


WWI German Soldier http://dulichnhatrang24h.com/tin-tuc/4/286/tau-trung-quoc-hanh-xu-nhu-cuop-bien-tau-trung-quoc-hanh-xu-nhu-cuop-bien/du-lich-nha-trang. ...

Unknown Soldiers, Washington DC c. 1918 (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive )

Unknown Soldiers, Washington DC c. 1918 (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive )

Gas Masks: WWII | Shorpy Historical Photo Archive

"Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Mobile Communication: WWII" **Bet you are glad your radio equip has improved from this hot mess :)

German Soldiers WW1

German soldier, WWI

WWI Studio Portraits of German Soldiers The flowers tucked into their uniforms are an indication that they will be sent to the frontline soon.

Imperial German soldier, World War 1.

Studio Portrait of a German Soldier, WWI The flowers tucked into his uniform are an

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: The Soldier: 1918

German soldiers on outpost duty near Antwerp, sharing their food with Belgian orphans, published


World War II German Army soldiers.

German army · Stosstruppen

late WWI German machine gunner August Brechtel, colorized by Benjamin Thomas.

so much happiness

1919 WWI soldiers returning home

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WWI | History - WWI | Pinterest | Wwi, German and German uniforms

Военная история армии и флота | ВКонтакте

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive: "Lil Scrappers" (Colorized Photo).

WWI German soldier with shell carriers by hoosiermarine, via Flickr


Shorpy Historic Picture Archive :: Looking Ahead: 1930 high-resolution photo

WWI German soldier If you love photography we have a special collection just for photgraphy lovers and vloggers alike. We're always adding new items so you ...

World War One German Aviator

Hans von Minning, 15 years, mascot of German Reg't -- WWI - Library of Congress

German soldier, WWI

Two german soldiers.

WW1. British Male Mk. IV overlooking Canadian soldiers showing off a Mauser…

Shorpy Historic Picture Archive : Dam Workmen: 1942 high-resolution photo: Handsome and

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Top Brass: 1860s

lostsplendor: Washington D. 1915 (via Shorpy Historical Photo Archive) An uncaptioned circa 1915 glass negative taken outside a Victrola “talking machine” ...

Captured Italian soldiers are escorted to the rear by German soldiers during the Battle of Caporetto, 1917

Western Front, July 1915. Ww1 SoldiersShell ShockGerman ...

Home Again: "Army soldiers, Walter Reed Hospital." Back from the trenches

Lice in the Trenches- WWI Soldiers- Shaved Heads


Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Kentucky Moonshine: 1938

The way Mom washed clothes in our basement when I was growing up. Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Through the Wringer: 1950

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Ready for Takeoff: 1912

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive: "Tuskegee Airmen" Fighter Group airmen at a briefing in Ramitelli, Italy. March Foreground: Emile G. Clifton of San ...

WW1 photo - Royal Irish Regt portrait (RIR) | eBay

WWI German soldier, with gas mask.

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Forrest's Confederate Veterans (Colorized): 1917 Nashville,

WWI, German soldiers

Shorpy Historic Picture Archive :: Stop and Go: 1927 high-resolution photoSan Francisco

July 1941. "Fun at the water fountain. Fourth of July picnic in Vale · Vale OregonShorpy Historical ...

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: A Ball of Yarn: 1918. "Soldiers at

What we call "Veterans Day" today was originally "Armistice Day," marking the day WWI ended. In this photo, Americans celebrate news of German surrender on ...

A Southern chain gang" TIME magazine's Lightbox recently ran a feature on Shorpy: “ There's always something interesting about history—it's often just a.

German Soldier - Verdun 1916

A World War I German soldier, with a "potato masher" grenade and a Luger in his holster.

Pochi conoscono la storia dell'ultima resistenza tedesca e soprattutto i crimini perpetrati contro di loro,quasi tutti ragazzini .

1927. "Skinned frankfurts, made in Washington, D.C." What Bismarck said about

The United States developed several models of bullet-proof vests during WWI. Some models · American SoldiersHistory ...

World War I. German trench near Ypres More

Shorpy Historic Picture Archive :: Fight or Starve: 1925 high-resolution photo

Ww1 Soldiers, Modern Warfare, World War I, Military History, Photographs, German Uniforms, Die Deutschen, German Army, Prussia

German soldiers in trenches in France. A German unit during the Battle of the Marne

German soldier with a cat on his head while wearing a nightshirt, a helmet, boot, armed with a bayonet, and standing in front of a latrine

WWI German soldier

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Migrant Mother colorized, 1937, I just noticed the

Art Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Abraham Lincoln (Colorized): 1865 yesteryear-in-color


WWI Stereograph view of helmeted German soldiers lined up for review.

World War One German Aviator by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives, via…

WWI German soldier with flowers.

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Homecoming: 1919 November Hoboken, New Jersey. "Dead soldiers from Russia. Funeral services for 103 slain, fighting the ...

"1898. 'U.S.S. Free Lance -- officers and crew.' This patrol · Go NavyShorpy Historical ...

American history

Shorpy Historic Picture Archive :: I Gave My Eyes: 1932

Shorpy Historic Picture Archive :: Dressing the Wound: 1918 high-resolution photo

Photos of the Great War - archive of World War I pictures

A very carefully posed photograph of a corporal wearing a WWI era equipment (tin hat. Fort BelvoirShorpy Historical PhotosMilitary ...

Photographers Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Lensmen: 1919

A young German soldier climbs out of his shelter and gives himself up. WWI Centenary Collection 'Images of the Great War' Compiled by Michigan Toy Soldier.

1914 - 1918: German soldiers with flowers

American WWI poster, "Together We ...

WWI Trenches -German soldiers playing cards next to the garden.

Bonus Army: 1932 | Shorpy Historic Picture Archive

German soldiers in 1916... A beautiful and great photo.

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Old Union: 1937

1937 "Missouri family of five, seven months from the drought area. 99 near Tracy, California.

Grabenpanzer | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Heart of Gold (Colorized): 1942

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive: "String Therapy" Nurse and patient at Walter Reed Army Hospital circa 1918 in Washington, D.

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Stars and Stripes: 1915 Washington, D., circa "Birth of the American flag.

Young German grenadier smiles for the camera sometime in The war is all but lost but he and his comrades persist. He is carrying a Panzerfaust (the German ...

Shorpy Historic Picture Archive :: Springtime for Hitler: 1943 high-resolution photo


German soldier,WWI

Shorpy Historic Picture Archive :: Contagion: 1918 high-resolution photo

Photo of Kaiser Wilhelm II Number 8450 Vintage 17485

German troops in ww1. Unknown location. les troupes allemandes en ww1. Lieu inconnu

sturmtruppen 1917-18 -

Old Pics Archive on

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Captain Thomas Longworth Dames (Colorized): 1855 Royal

Private Michael Maloney: He emigrated from Ireland toMinnesota, where he was drafted inot the Union Army in His regiment served mainlyin Georgia.