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Sico Robot SICO robot 1985 t

Sico Robot SICO robot 1985 t



Sico the robot with Suzanne Rogers

Sico from Rocky IV by Scott Park

Sico robot shopping in Paris, 1979

Rocky IV Fans: Meet Sico the Robot's Action Figure!

SICO-show. But the robot's big break only came with Rocky IV, after Sylvester Stallone saw the machine and its creator on an American talk-show.

Sico - Paulie's Robot

SICO Robot 1985

SICO-invent. “We got a call from the Stallone family,” Doornick remembered in an interview with triviahappy.com. “They were very interested in how the robot ...

Sico robot, Danny Kaye & Drew Barrymore

Sico robot

But the robot's big break only came with Rocky IV, after Sylvester Stallone saw the machine and its creator on an American talk-show.

Sico robot shopping in Paris, 1979

SICO the Robot with John de Lancie

Scco. Ce jb. Sico is the robot ...

SICO robot with celebrities

sicoheader1. The story behind the robot's ...



Movie Legends Revealed: Why the Heck Was There a Talking Robot in 'Rocky IV'?

robot.sico_with_Rocky_and_others.102646517.lg Finally Sico ...

SICO robot

Rocky 4 paulies robot girlfriend scene!

Paulie and the robot appear in a number of comedic scenes together, including one where the robot is inexplicably female now and in love with Paulie.

Top 5 most annoying talking robots in movies


Gyro the Robot in EPCOT. SICO and SMRT-1

They can be clanking or lithe, as big as a planet or as small as a puppy. Here's our list of cinema's 50 finest robots and AI computers…

Family guy rocky IV robot

Sico is the robot which Rocky Balboa gave to Paulie Pennino on the latter's birthday in Rocky IV. Sico was created by International Robotics, Inc..

Photo: Vince Maggiora/The Chronicle 1985

The Rocky girls at their home in Los Angeles

3 - Robby - Forbidden Planet 1956

I was watching Rocky IV yesterday and realized that I hadn't heard anything about what happened to it.

Gyro in EPCOT in 1985

3 of the Best vs 3 of the Worst: Movie Robots

I couldn't choose between the two and there wasn't much I could say to separate their reasons for being number one on the list.

5 Most Hilarious '80s Movie Robots

1985: Rocky IV. In the fourth Rocky film, heavyweight champion Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) buys a life-sized robot named Sico.

Rocky IV Paulie Robot

Odd List


... Human-like robots

One's furry. Another throws a killer basketball. We salute a few of cinema's ungainly, weird and downright unexpected robots.

Robot Song- Margaret Berger

By mid 1981, the key Quasar robot players were no more. Some Quasar Industries employees went their own way with robotics, with Robert Doornick setting up ...

13, 1979: Behold the Quasar Industries household robot, which was photographed

rocky 4 robot

1954 – "Gismo the Peaceful"

Top 50 Robots and AI Computers In The Movies

Nerd Talk: The 10 Best Robots from 80's Movies

Creed Jordan and Stallone

1948 – "Anatole the Robot" a.k.a. "Marsulus" and "Gustave"

Some machines are made great. Other machines have greatness thrust upon them. And some have their greatness defined in one amazing scene.

Rocky 4 Robot

cyberneticzoo.com. a history of cybernetic animals and early robots

Here's a robot classic that was revitalized this year with RoboCop (2014). Paul Verhoeven's film is a graphically violent story set in a dystopic, ...

Frank Stallone and Sylvester Stallone

Off-Season Power Rankings: {Hottest Robots} of All Time - The Prompt Magazine

Photo: TriStar Pictures

SICO, Danny Kaye, Dreamfinder and Figment and Drew Barrymore

Ah Optimus Prime, most noble of all robots. Leader of the heroic autobots, Prime is the best parts of humanity rolled into one metal form, despite being an ...

Rocky, Mickey and Apollo in Vibrant Digital Artwork

Sylvester Stallone in Creed, Jack Whitehall at Royal Television Society Programme Awards

revenge of the nerds robot

1986: Transformers: The Movie. In Transformers: The Movie, the good-guy Autobots were led by the beloved hero Optimus Prime. These animated robots battled ...


1936-37 – B2M – (ROM or V2M) Vadim Vatskevich

1 Laputa Robot Laputa: Castle in the Sky Movie 1986 2 Robot B-9 Lost in Space Tv series 1965 3 Larry 3000 Time Squad Tv series 2001

Poor Ro-Man - or Ro-Man Extension XJ-2, to give him his full name - director Phil Tucker had so little money to make his invasion movie Robot Monster, ...

Saved By The Bell's Screech with his robot companion/captive, Kevin.

... in Russia for the fight - during the telecast, the robot wore a Santa cap, complete with beard, and little boxing gloves on its wreath-draped 'arms.'

SUPERCUT: 100 YEARS OF ROBOTS IN THE MOVIES | You're Gonna Need A Bigger Blog

With Robot & Frank out this week in the UK, here's a look at a few of cinema's other great robot butlers.

Johnny Sokko And His Flying Robot (1967) Official Trailer


Microchips Here and There: Household and Workplace Robots in 1980s Film and TV


Photo: ...

23. Wall-E - Wall-E 2008

Klatu walking the dog (Oct 1977).

... villainous Cyberdyne Systems model T-800 cyborg. The droid has a humanoid tissue exterior and a chromium metallic, skeletal interior. The robot w

I ...

Microchips Here and There: Household and Workplace Robots in 1980s Film and TV

"Robot conductor was made by Russian children of the Oblast Station of Younf Technicians. According to the Soviets, robot has worked with Moscow's ...