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Silk Route Gold coin with image of Buddha Kushan Kingdom

Silk Route Gold coin with image of Buddha Kushan Kingdom


#silkroute Gold coin with image of Buddha, Kushan Kingdom. Kanishka (circa 100-140 A.D.). Found at Ahin Posh, Afghanistan.

Coin AD 150-190 Kushan Culture (Source: The British Museum)

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Reverse of gold coin of the Kushan Empire, possibly of Vasudeva I. Manaobago depicted

Garuda- Gandhara Art; 22.

Kanishka's coins

The Birth of the Kushan Empire // Four Exceptional Kushan Gold Double Dinars

From Ahin Posh Tepe - One of the magnificent Gold Coins of Kanishka I, Kushan Emperor (128 AD). Kanishka on one and the Buddha on the reverse side of the ...

Kushan Empire - The Buddha

Gold coin of Gupta era , depicting a Gupta king holding a bow

File:Four sets of Gold Coins of Vima Kadphises.jpg

Deities on Kushan Coins - Part II

ancientpeoples: Buddha schist From Gandhara, Pakistan Kushan Dynasty, - century AD Source: Tokyo National Museum

Silk Route Gold coin with image of Buddha , Kushan kingdom . Kanishka (circa 100 -140 AD). Found at Ahin Posh , Afghanistan

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The Gift of Anathapindada

Birth of the Buddha Shakyamuni

Controlling both the land (the Silk Road) and sea trade routes between South Asia and Rome seems to have been one of Kanishka's chief imperial goals.

Kushan devotee, Mathura

Kushan king or prince, Greco-Buddhist art of Gandhara, 2nd-3rd century CE

A Buddhist devotee in Kushan dress, Mathura, 2nd century. The Kushan dress is

Kushan Empire

Kushan deities[edit]

Gold coin of Kanishka

Wes ( Shiva)on Vasudeva's coins ...

Cover Image Credit: Gold Shiva

... 29.

This fabled site, a crown jewel of the Kushan era, is now all but destroyed.

Panel fragment with the god Shiva/Oesho


39 Head of the Buddha Stucco Gandhara ...

First Gold Coins in India in the Reign of Vima Kadphises, second ruler of Kushan

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The Only Example in Private Hands

A Kushan dynasty coin with a portrait of Shiva. Indian 1/4 rupee 1947. Silk Route Gold coin with image of Buddha , Kushan kingdom .


Kushan art[edit]

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The Kushana Coins

The fourth Buddhist Council was held in Kashmir, under the presidency of Katyayaniputra, in Kanishka's time. The south Indian Buddhist philosopher Nagarjuna ...


Kushan ring with portraits of Septimus Severus and Julia Domna.

Seated Buddha

Impressive // Second Known

His reign is also known as the golden age of Kushan rule. The reign of Huvishka corresponds to the first known epigraphic evidence of the Buddha ...

"Shakyamuni Buddha"[edit]

A Kushan dynasty coin with a portrait of Shiva. Indian 1/4 rupee 1947. Silk Route Gold coin with image of Buddha , Kushan kingdom .

Second Known with Siva Facing Right

Another Buddha coin of Kanishka.

The temples and row upon row of burial stupas at Hadda became an open air museum — accessible to yet extremely vulnerable.

6. In the coinage of Kushan Empire the main coins issued were gold ...

Head of a "red-stone" Kushan Buddha (5th cent AD), Photo Wikipedia

Ancient Indian Empires and Kingdoms

Kushan prince making a donation to a Boddhisattva.

The Silk Road: overland and maritime routes. The overland and maritime commercial routes communicated

stone bust of Gandhara Buddha from the 1st-2nd century AD

Gold coin of Kanishka I with a representation of the Buddha (c.120 AD). Obv: Kanishka standing.., clad in heavy Kushan coat and long boots, flames emanating ...

... Fasting Buddha Shakyamuni ...

Gold coin of Kanishka I with the Hellenistic divinity Helios. (c. 120 AD). Obverse: Kanishka standing, clad in heavy Kushan coat and long boots, ...

Bronze standing Buddha with features similar to those of Kanishka's coins. Gandhara, usually dated

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Gold and gems works. On the left, Indo-Scythian gold and gems works

Such discoveries renew our facination with the skilled workmanship and highly refined and cultured citizenry under the Kushans.

Offerings found in Bodh Gaya under the "Enlightenment Throne of the Buddha", with


Chargement de l'image Kushan-Empire-Vima-Kadphises-King-amp-Shiva-Ancient-

What Was the Lost Buddhist Kingdom of Gandhara?

All photos of the ancient art in this posting are related to the archaic Indo-Greek people. See next blog-post to learn more about the Indo-Scythians.


Gold Distater of Alexander 3 , Head of Athena Amphipolis

The Kushan rulers , a nomadic people residing in the steppes northwest of China, were a branch of the Yuezhi confederation . They moved southwest and ...

The gown of the Shakyamuni Buddha is kind of lightweight compared thereto on the coins within the name of Buddha, clearly showing the define of the body, ...


Kanishka I (c. 127 – c. 140)

... Inscribed Reliquary, Donated by King Indravarman ...

The throne is embellished with tiny columns, suggesting that the coin illustration of Boddhisatva was directly traced from pre-existing statuary with such ...

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Ten Famous Buddhas: Where They Came From; What They Represent

Roundel with the Buddhist Goddess Hariti

Kaiyuan tongbao, Chinese copper coin of the Tang period.

... reliefs of Buddha and the Bodhisattvas carved into the walls. Kanheri had become an a university center by the 3rd century AD (Maurayan-Kushan period).

... The Death of the Buddha (Parinirvana) ...

Heracles depiction of Vajrapani as the protector of the Buddha, 2nd century Gandhara, British Museum.

Buddha and Bodhisattvas, 11th century, Pāla Empire.


20120430-Pala Buddha 11th cent Ex Ind.jpg

Greco-Buddhist statue of standing Buddha, Gandhara (1st–2nd century), Tokyo National Museum