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Six Faces of Lord Murugan Lord Subrahmanya is also known as

Six Faces of Lord Murugan Lord Subrahmanya is also known as


Six Faces of Lord Murugan - Lord Subrahmanya is also known as god of war. The principal weapon of Lord Subrahmanya is a spear (Vel).

Lord Muruga is also known as Arumugam meaning 6 faces, through which He can see towards East, West, North, South, Sky and Earth.

Odhimalai Andavar Murugan Temple - Five Face & Eight Hands. Lord Muruga ...

Hindu Blog: Shadanana Subrahmanya – Muruga with six faces and .

Few pictures of Lord Murugan !!! Advertisements

Lord Muruga, also known as Skanda, Subrahamaniya and Kartik, was born as six different babies to Lord Shiva. Six Krittika stars or natchathirams looked ...

He has six faces and six hands, according to the Kumaratantra, and one face and ten hands, according to the Śritatvanidhi.

Picture of Lord Muruga or murugan, the Son of Shiva and Shakti

Six Faces of Muruga, Healer & Protector

He is called by different names like KUMARA,KANDA,KADAMBA,KADHIRVELA, KARTHIKEYA,ARUMUGAM,SARAVANA,SUBRAMANYA.He has six faces born from the fire from the ...

In Indian Culture Why do we worship Lord Subramanya?

Aadi Krithigai is a day auspicious for Lord Muruga and Especially This Day Denotes the divinity between mother and child relationship and this year it falls ...

Lord Murugan Subramanya Swamy

As Śikhivāhana, Subrahmanya has one face, three eyes and four hands The hands bear the abhaya mudra, varada mudra, sakti and vajra.

Skanda Bodhisattva is the Dharma protector in Mahayana Buddhism. Above: Skanda's statue in Anhui province, China.

Lord Murugan with his divine consorts Valli and Teyvayanai

Kartikeya- For being breast-fed by six Karittika deities 2. Sadanana 3. Arumugan 4. Shanmukha- For he has six faces 5. Subrahmanya- Because of his wide ...

6. Pazhamudircholai

Power of Lord Muruga to energize brain cells and produce Bliss Chemstry. – The Spiritual Heart Center

Six faces of #Muruga represent 6 functions. Acquire them from him http:/

Lord Murugan

(Source: Lord Muruga) [ IMG]

Vaikasi Visakam Essential

Lord Subrahmanya known arumugam six faces on peacock mount stucco figures in Nataraj temple ; Chidambaram

baby murugan with 6 faces. hindu god muruga six faces images. murugan six faces ...

Lord Muruga is also known as Arumugam meaning 6 faces, through which He can see towards East, West, North, South, Sky and Earth.

Kartikeya with Devasena (right) seated on his left lap, Raja Ravi Varma painting

His six heads represent the six siddhis bestowed upon yogis over the course of their spiritual development. This corresponds to his role as the bestower of ...

Lord Subramanya is the son of divine couple Shiva and Parvati, to destroy the demon Tarakasura. Before conceiving him, even these Parents of the World had ...

The second son of Lord Siva is Subramanya. Subramanya is also known as Kartikeya and Sanmukha. Subramanya holds a spear or javelin, sakti in his hand.

Subramanya, Murugan, Skanda, Karthikeya

Lord Murugan, the Tamil kadavul is known for his beauty, youth, knowledge and power. Lord Murugan has six faces naming Arumugam.

Shanmukha, the Six-Faced Lord, Whose eye of gnosis penetrated the six cardinal directions of three-dimensional space. His vehicle the peacock or phoenix ...

... age indicating a period of darkness and degeneration commenced about 3100 BC. Many Hindus believe that the presiding deity of this yugam is Lord Muruga ...

Lord Murugan. Hindu god Karthik or Kartikeya, son of Lord Siva also called ...

beejakshara mantra Murugan - God of Six Faces - Son of Lord Shiva

Six face Murugan temple in Bangalore , Karnataka —

facts about lord kartikeya

A crystal dome has been placed above six faces. This crystal dome is embedded with 2500 crystals. During day time, when direct Sun Light falls on the ...

A legend of relevance opens its pages to reveal the secret of the advent of Lord Karthikeya with six heads. It is believed that, once Lord Shiva was with ...

Lord Murugan Images

Skanda- Dandāyudhapāni, Lord of Palani

He is considered as the 2nd son of Shiva and has two wifes-Deivayanai and Valli. To know about his 6 ...

The sacred functions of having six faces are described as, One face sheds rays of light and removes the dense darkness shrouding the world; One face with ...

The Handsome God. Skanda - Kartikeya

Agamic worship: Priests perform daily abhishekam to the festival Deity of Arumugam, Lord Murugan with six faces

Lord Muruga is helps to acquire new properties, real estate dealings are successful.Blessings of the Lord who has six faces.Renewed vigour and vivacity.

Arupadaiveedu meaning six sacred houses(veedu) There are many temples for lord Muruga (Murugu means handsome in Tamil litrature) But these six are specially ...

... Arumugam or Sanmuga (meaning 'one with six faces'), Kumāra (meaning 'child or son'), Guha, Skanda (meaning 'that which is spilled or oozed, namely seed' ...

Muruga Pooja

Palani Mottayandi

Birth of Karttikeya, son of Siva and Parvati

Muruga Worship Origin and Space Time Cosmology

"Skanda Guru Kavasam is a hymn filled with bakthi to invoke the true Guru within us (God) - in the form of Lord Murugan - and beseech Bhagavan's grace to ...

Lord Muruga

On Vaikasi Visakam, the day when the Nakshatram Visakam coincides with the full moon or Pournami, devotees take out procession and carry milk to Subramania ...

... Lord Muruga ...

In his abode, Thiruparang Kundram

6th Waxing moon, Waxing Moon, Lord Muruga and Mars, 6th Waxing Moon rituals

LORD MURUGA -the Hindu god of war and victory, worshiped primarily in areas with

Pazhamudircholai Murugan Temple

skanda-shasti-vratham-edited. Lord Kartikeya

After destroying Surapadma, Lord Muruga married Devasena or Devayanai - as she was taken care by the Elephant Iravath. She was the Daughter of Devendra.

Sparks from six faces of Lord ...

Lord Muruga frees Nakeerar and captives

... God Muruga Images ...

Lord Muruga, the Hero of Thaipusam

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Lord Murugan and his Vel

Kanda Sashti which falls in the Tamil month of Aippasi (Oct-Nov) is a very auspicious day in the calendar of Muruga devotees. The significance of Sashti is ...

Thiruthani, Subramanya Swamy Temple f. Palamudhircholai, Subramanya Swamy Temple a.

Lord Vishwakarma

Karthigai deepam is also known as birth day of Murugan. Six infants born from ashes of Shiva's third eye

Kartikeya Puja Mantra Jap

Kartikeya is considered as ...

Panchaloham Lord Muruga 6 Faces With Valli Deivanai. mark as favourite

Also as mentioned earlier the Navashakthis born from the anklets of Parvathi married Lord Shiva and had nine children. They were considered as youngest to ...

It is believed that unmarried girls worship Kartekaya on this day to get grooms handsome as Lord Kartekaya.

Lord Muruga

... Lord Murugan Batu Caves, Malaysia | by arbind_lochan

Image Source : Lord Murugan Wallpapers,Bhajan - Android Apps on Google Play

Lord Of Six Faces Lord Murugan Arumugam Kartikeya A0331. mark as favourite


Kartikeya worshipped during Durga Puja.

Lord Murugan. The work of Thirumurukattruppadai dedicated totally to the worship of Murugan, is attributed to Nakkirar, who was a distinguished poet of the ...

Minister of War -- Dev Senapati Kartikeya or Kartika is the Hindu god of war - YouTube

Lord Subrahmanya.jpg

Chennai: Tamil Nadu abounds in numerous images and temples for Lord Muruga. But a unique idol of Lord Karthikeya, with six faces, which has not been seen ...

Sparks from six faces of Lord ...