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Some funny jokes to play on your friends We don39t actually

Some funny jokes to play on your friends We don39t actually


Some funny jokes to play on your friends. We don't actually recommend doing them, but they are funny to think about.

Make sure they get it. If they don't get the prank ...

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“Nobody reads anymore!”

Make Your Parents Say Yes is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Hilarious


10. Ooooh, burn.


The caring children who texted their parents “Got 2 grams for $40″ and posted their reactions

21 Seriously Funny April Fools Pranks


16 Epic Cakes That Are So Well Done, You Would Refuse To Cut Them. Evil PranksFunny ...



fake whatsapp conversation

Change Your Friend's Contacts ... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the

Omg these wicked awesome fun pranks are great to pull on family and friends. Have fun trying them but don't be too mean! Good luck!!

Check out these, 10 Hilarious Car Pranks! #lol #sunny #spon


Song Lyrics Text Prank on EX GIRLFRIEND - "We Don't Talk Anymore" by Charlie Puth feat. Selena Gomez - YouTube

Dirty Jokes

Roomates suck! More

Loved Redneck Mother Sends This Letter To Her Son And Its Priceless funny quotes quote jokes

This Is How To Deal With Annoying People. This Is Perfect. funny jokes story

How to Prank your Friends with Nicholas Cage


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23 Hilariously Brilliant Pranks To Play On Friends. #8 Is Really Unforgivable!

50 Random Ways.

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Bathroom Pranks: 14 bathroom ideas for the flush toilet - Pranks 5 to

18 Jokes So Terrible They're Actually Hilarious. #9 Killed Me!


Dinosaurs don't deserve this.

Yeah, don't be such a beach.

And the Children Were Never He... is listed (or ranked) 1

"My brother had to work, so he asked me to save him a little

You play with me at night before going to sleep. You can't get caught fiddling with me at work. You only let a select few people touch me. What am I?

Simple and Funny Pranks to Pull on Your Girlfriend- Statutory Warning

The toothpaste treat trick

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twogramscollage Source: Imgur

No kidding: You're going to love this cheesy collection of puns and one-liners—they're ideal for celebrating National Tell a Joke Day on August 16.




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14. Well that didn't take long.

20 Mind-Game Tricks You Can Try On Your Friends. #15 Will Make Them Hate You .

Shalom, mayhem!

Don't I know you?

1. What's the difference between a snowman and a snow-woman?

Be Like Bill

Let non-geeks in on the jokes with your geeky wedding program | Offbeat Bride

The 22 funniest responses to a wrong number text. The #12 killed me...LOL!

The officer asks, “Do you have any felony convictions?” The Briton replies, “I'm sorry, I didn't realize that was still a requirement.” Dad Jokes


#25 Make Dinner For Your Friends

Two scientists walk into a bar. The first says, "I'll have

Pull these cruel pranks on friends or co-workers, but only if you don't want to keep them anymore!

Hilarious School Stories for Teacher's Appreciation Day | Reader's Digest

Bacon and eggs walk into a bar. The bartender said “sorry, we don't serve breakfast.”

Be the Moth is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Hilarious Text Pranks

That Friend That Talks About You Behind Your Back

#21 Chicken Soup Shower


Or don't hide in the toilet, but pretend to instead. Toilet prank




Plant A Grass Garden In Your Coworker's Keyboard .

Funny Joke by a ...

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"I did evil things, but I didn't learn anything, and I don't regret them."

40 Hilarious Office Pranks That Will Make You SO Glad You Don't Work Here | 22 Words

#1 Insect Lamps

#18 Cups Full Of Water

So your pal has asked if you want to get dinner, and you actually do

This classic prank is the best way to make a sticky mess


Dad Jokes

4. Why don't cannibals eat clowns?

I can never play CaH and be actually funny, because all my "friends"


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