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Some of the Jews are looking at the inside of a train car where the

Some of the Jews are looking at the inside of a train car where the


The Holocaust : Railway Car

I need to explain our journey in that cattle car, because it is from my perspective unique. I have not heard a lot of people describe their own journey.

Chilling: An abandoned train carriage similar to one used by Nazis to transport Jews to

THE TRAIN CAR: Back Camera Back Camera

Auschwitz Album In the picture some of the Jews are looking at the inside of a train car ...

I managed to occupy a spot on the train near a small window. The window was barricaded with two steel bars. When the train left the station, ...


Cattle car used to transport Jews to Auschwitz-Birkenau

Stock car (rail)

Jews from Krakow forced onto trains to Belzec

Departure from Westerbork

Live poultry cars such as this were set low on the wheels, which allowed for a taller body and therefore provided more cargo space. This car could hold over ...

Red Cross workers care for 2,500 Jewish slave laborers who were being transported by train to


History: Connected to the MAV 301 series locomotive are carriages said to have been used

On the hill to the left are people resting – some forever. Some sixteen died of starvation before food could be brought to the train.

Jewish prisoners were treated like cattle; packed tightly into cattle trucks and locked inside for

Stock cars make up part of an eastbound Santa Fe freight train in March, 1943

Watched by prisoners, German officers oversee piles of baggage at Kazerne Dossin

One-way journey: Jews being loaded onto cattle-truck-style trains that

Polish Jews being loaded onto trains at Umschlagplatz of the Warsaw Ghetto, 1942. The site is preserved today as the Polish national monument

Hungarian Jews are seen arriving at Aushwitz in carriages similar to the ones photographed in the

The wagon monument, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem.

Jewish Order Police leading Jews to the Umschlagplatz in the Warsaw Ghetto

They were crammed into all available space and the freight cars were packed with about 60 – 70 people.

Graffiti on an abandoned train car. URBEX Hungary/CC BY 2.0

The interior of an abandoned Soviet-era train carriage is seen inside Hungary's Istvantelek rail

A cattle truck used for the transport of Belgian Jews to camps in Eastern Europe. The openings were covered in barbed wire. This example is preserved at ...

Efthymios Kontopoulos believes the registration numbers of four train cars proves they were used to deport

File:US Holocaust Memorial Museum - Boxcar.jpg

THE TRAIN CAR: Back Camera Back Camera

Italian Holocaust train exhibition, Verona

Jews claim they were genocided at Auschwitz by rail cars that dumped people directly into the ovens

We continued further into the facility and and discovered some more rusting carriages on a section of disused track adjacent to a building which looked like ...

We continued further into the facility and and discovered some more rusting carriages on a section of disused track adjacent to a building which looked like ...

Rovos Train Platform

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Pulling Jews already dead from the Holocaust train in Romania traveling for 7 days in total, July 1941.

Back Camera

We continued further into the facility and and discovered some more rusting carriages on a section of disused track adjacent to a building which looked like ...

Original ...

Simon Gronowski, aged nine, with his parents in Brussels before the occupation

Screenshot from 'Two Trains Runnin'.' The three Jewish boys from New York

In the background is what looks like the Krema IV building; an SS officer is walking toward the victims. Krema IV is shown in the second photo below.

A train car with pictures inside gave insight to the emotions of the Jewish families being sent to the ghettos and concentration camps.

Occasionally its possible to coax a smile from the provodnistas. Alamy

Jews at the Kolo station bound for Chelmno

The railway placed a decisive role in the Second World War. Alamy


train black and white

Back Camera

Prisoners in the Aufräumungskommando (order commandos) sort through a mound of personal belongings confiscated

auschwitz photos

THE AUTO Train leaves the Lorton, Virginia, station.

This weekend I took a 45 minute train ride to Citi Field, which typically houses a baseball team called the Mets and some of its fans.

Danger: The proximity of the train to the tracks is worrying police, who fear

And all that was done to us for one simple reason: because we were born Jewish, and I did not understand why that was wrong.

Ani Ma'amin

Kazimierz, the Old Synagogue

These prisoners are being packed into open trains for their journey to Chelmno; little do

The First 40 Years provides an exclusive look inside Amtrak, America's Railroad.

A perspective on the past (Credit: András Krizsik)

Tripods were set up near the train, and photographs were taken by US Army photographers. Soldiers who had "liberated" cameras from the Germans took numerous ...

A glimpse inside the German railcar found at #HMHOU. The railcar is always on display, being a part of the Museum's permanent exhibit.

Graffiti: British photographer Mathew Growcoot, 25, who entered the dilapidated building said:

How do these vehicles help your understanding of the Holocaust? What do you think the museum wants you to take away from their exhibit?

Cattle car used to transport Jews to Auschwitz-Birkenau

Jewish insurgency in Mandatory Palestine

From the Holocaust Museum in Skopje; original wagon used for transport of Macedonian Jews

These tracks brought in train car after car of Jews, packed in conditions worse than

The Trans-Siberian is more than just a railway. It's a journey into the psyche of modern Russia; a triumph of engineering; a movable feast through the ...

Box car from a Holocaust train.

Warsaw-Gdansk railway station with Warsaw Ghetto burning, 1943.jpg

Electrification began in 1929, but wasn't completed until 2002.

Corpses of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto who died inside sealed boxcars before reaching Treblinka extermination camp, August 1942

Thousands of paper clips now reside inside the rail car at the Exhibit. – PLEASE USE

The station building, the rails, the platforms are just as they were in 1942?

I remember so vividly our visit to the Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany some years ago. We had toured the camp and were approaching the building that ...

“We were packed into a closed cattle train. Inside the freight cars it was so dense that it was impossible to move. There was not enough air, ...

Treblinka - Rail tracks.JPG

People walk towards train carriage along tracks used to transport Jewish and other people into Auschwitz

Railroad tracks leading inside of the Auschwitz II-Birkenau death camp in Oświęcim (Oswiecim), Poland. ¾ of all prisoners on the cattle cars were gassed to ...


How hundreds of Jews escaped Nazi concentration camps | Daily Mail Online

Expelled Poles await transport at a railway crossing (in this photo, some members of the 129 families deported from Dolna Sól).

The catacomb of Priscilla

In West Roxbury's Baker Street Jewish Cemeteries, a row of ten memorial chapels echoes Boston's

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