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Southernersthis is the real way to celebrate after a win I wish our

Southernersthis is the real way to celebrate after a win I wish our


JSU Marching Southerners playing All I Do is Win for the football team after their victory over Murray State on October


My Kid and My Money Go To Jacksonville State University Car Decal

92 best Truth. images on Pinterest | Funny images, Funny stuff and Hilarious

We love our Marching Southerners and our JSU Gamecocks…

Hidden Hollow - Cookeville, TN:: Jr and I had our first date here. :)

Want Good Ideas About Wine Then Check This Out! Wine has been a luxurious escape and way to celebrate life since the beginning of time.

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Here at JSU we all like to wear red on Fridays! Make sure you support

Ashley Martin became the first woman to score points in a Division I football game when she booted three extra points for Jacksonville State in a 71-0 win ...

Jacksonville State Gamecocks | Jacksonville State University | Pinterest | Go gamecocks and US states

spiritual but not religious

We all have that face

"If you can't be positive, then at least be quiet" (Joel Osteen) I LOVE THIS. I need to frame this and hang it over my desk!

JSU Marching Soutnerners - "The 1967 Band Day Show" (live recording) -



We tease Marvin that he is our own Sheldon, from The Big Bang Theory. Who ever thought there would be a tv show about physicists? Or FIZZIST as my late Mama ...

Jacksonville State Gamecocks

New York Yangkees Stadium (image: Flickr, by Shawn Collins)

21 times 'Not Sara' was the funniest person on Twitter

Antebellum White Southerners: "This shit is SO about slavery we're going to have Negroes picking cotton ALL OVER OUR DAMN MONEY.

bella @bellakmartinez2 Southerners this snow is so pretty! Northerners this isnt even a real

Calling all Southerners! This shirt is perfect for those who were raised below the Mason

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It amazes me that when I tune into documentaries surrounding childbirth how negative people can be.

Yeah, we don't want to imagine our lives without it either. #

happy mf birth to my all time fav human!! I love u with all my heart& soul bff and can't wait for u to rejoin me in dreary old ohio :-)pic.twitter.com/ ...

We love our JSU Gamecocks!! Go Gamecocks! http://www.

I thank God for my small inner circle of friends who continue to love me on my worst days.

Hans: hello mrs.white, so how are you planning to win the games? snow: OHHHH im not planing to cause violence, I'm going to SING my ...

Here's to three years of marriage, six years of love, and a long, bright, bold and adventurous future together.

I want to show you something. Just take my hand, and close your eyes. Okay, open them now. See where we are? Hear the car stereos, ...

It amazes me that when I tune into documentaries surrounding childbirth how negative people can be.

Skógafoss waterfall in Skógá river A large sperm whale recently beached on the beach of Ytri Skógar by Skógá river. Photo/Ron Eliasson.

As Southerners this meal is a must have for a year starting on the right foot!!

OK.... now for you southerners, this will blow your socks off like it did mine. Heidi just randomly decided that she wanted to be a Vegetarian.

Celebrating our arrival in Djenne last night by using Malik Sidibe's picture of Keita and me from 2007, when Mali was a very different place.

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Our book is due to the publisher on August 1st, so we're gonna get busy putting pen to paper and resting up for the next leg of the wellRED tour.

Café of our Departure by Priscilla Atkins

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Photos by Eric Pickergil, from Removed. 2015. The couples in the top photos are touching, but are paying no mind to each other, instead are only looking ...

Priscilla Atkins

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Connor Cartledge

When did you start becoming a little lady, my Baby??? :'( Don't grow up too fast please?

Here's my oldest son, proudly dressed as Stonewall Jackson for his “Faces of History” presentation at our homeschool community's end-of-year celebration, ...


Australian couples get anniversary wishes for #5DaysOfEquality

Very early on my parents practiced a humility I have not seen in many: the willingness to apologize, with authentic humility and a genuineness that was both ...

Our book is due to the publisher on August 1st, so we're gonna get busy putting pen to paper and resting up for the next leg of the wellRED tour.

... great place to be on a Saturday evening. We played Wake Forrest and we were getting the business until the second half. Fortunately we pulled out a win!

2008 Democratic Convention Day 1 Town Hall, Aug 25 2008 | Video | C-SPAN.org

... 8. what ...

Robert E. Lee astride Traveller

Hans: Hey, I want my watch back! You poop-heads!

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Shubha Ganatantra Divas

“My recollection is that it was an army affair,” Johnston explained after the war. “and when questioned on the subject, I have always said so.”

... unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history.

... at the same time, I didn't understand why, because the truth is, this has become our reality. I can relate to every one of these photos:

Find someone who looks at you the way Ben looks at Oscarpic.twitter.com/PAwBlL9k9C

johnson jeffries clinch 2x. “

... the mass of impeccably dressed Southerners, this tournament is always a personal favorite. Plus Quail Hollow is by far my favorite club in Charlotte.

From the Readers

But in your mind it's more their problem – after all, you're only being true to yourself – how you feel, how you believe, how you want to act.

I do love my family and the time we spend together is so precious to me!!

Was he singing our National Anthem or was he in concert when he donned the Dodger blue? Either way, it got him a Celebrity Rookie Card.

Explaining the end of NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, why Edward didn't show up, wh | Film Colossus: movie endings explained, filmmaker tools of the trade

I feel, though, that my cause is so right, so moral, that if I should lose my life, in some way it would aid the cause.”

Very early on my parents practiced a humility I have not seen in many: the willingness to apologize, with authentic humility and a genuineness that was both ...

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Jodh Badyal

Photo of Snowbasin Resort - Huntsville, UT, United States. This is when we

47.037874 -122.900695

Hans: Why Mulan, given up the cross-dressing I see? Mulan:

My wife and I stayed after the show for a discussion with the playwright, the theater's dramaturge and its artistic director. We learned that the play was a ...

2011 The Lincoln Lawyer (Brad Furman) (over My Week With Marilyn…the only thing I remember about either movie is that Marisa Tomei and Michelle Williams ...

Hans: Well that, thank God, concludes our interviews folks. Now for the

Brittany Ernst

This is especially true since we no longer have 14 feral cats on the property. (Thank heavens for that!)

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Caroline is; 13. stuck ...

Life at sea: The U.S. was pushing forward on all industrial frontiers. Here,


Happy birthday to my bus bro and my best bro @noah_landwehrpic.twitter.com/lzCOoK3Fjo

10 things southerners do that are really annoying for northerners

JSU Marching Southerners playing All I Do is Win for the football team after their victory over Murray State on October

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WIN a ONE-MONTH FREE MEMBERSHIP at CrossFit Manila Alabang!

it was about cotton The North was jealous over the wealth in the south and they were willing to take it.Catholics were pushing the north and south want to ...

I'm kicking things off over here with the first annual Southern Literature Month. My goal is simple – celebrate the American South!

Southern Living 50 Years: A Celebration of People, Places, and Culture: The Editors of Southern Living: 9780848744144: Amazon.com: Books

Young Southern Student Writers 2018 Winner’s Booklet Grades K-5 1

Southern Myanmar celebrate their league win at Aung San Stadium. Photo: Matt Roebuck /

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Facebook it

There are some individuals out there, many of them opposed to displays of Southern-Confederate historical symbols, who would like me to shut up and ...

Attention Southerners: We want to celebrate all the amazing ways you can spend a summer

Patricia Neely-Dorsey is a author, poet and speaker from Tupelo, Mississippi. Her writings are a true celebration of all things southern.

Mama always said .

Christmas Baking 2017 Preview

The legacy of slavery that was central to the Civil War is no cause for celebration, of course; in fact, many of these memorial events will hardly be ...

After the Civil War, Some Southerners Went Farther South—to Brazil

Told what I have witnessed through my own eyes over the course of pro- Southern heritage* defense and activism.

Thomas Nast's celebration of the emancipation of Southern slaves with the end of the Civil War


Kentucky Derby Party Guide: Celebrate like a true Southerner by sprucing up your space with symbols from the race. At the Derby, the winning horse is ...

A meme widely circulated in the wake of a controversy over Confederate memorials does not accurately reflect Abraham Lincoln's and Robert E. Lee's views on ...

... SL_20170301_106_1321308_ARTICLE-page-003.jpg ...

southern weddings team

Texas Southern stars want to reverse trend of HBCU players not making it to the NBA

Southern Quilts: Celebrating Traditions, History, and Designs: 9780764355028: Amazon.com: Books

Photo of Brooklyn Southern - Brooklyn, NY, United States. How we decorated our

So, first things first, next week is going to be EPIC all the way around. One of my favorite events of the year is the Old Homes Tour & More with the ...

'Where the stereotype paints Northerners as resilient through the cold, Southerners are giving them. '

... the heroines who wish to push back on those rigid walls to make a way for themselves to be the individuals that they truly are underneath the facades.


Takes a tough guy to handle a southern girl!

Her characters are so charming, we want to be their friends and share our lives with them. If you have read Kristy's other books, you know exactly what I ...

In a way, reenactments and the ubiquity of Confederate memorials account for the way certain white Southerners view the United States, its history and its ...

8 Real Lessons From My Southern Father

Aaron Redding of The One Inc

Enter to win TWO tickets to the launch event and 1 night at Beaufort's City Loft Hotel by doing any or all of the following:

Southern Cottage 2018

kiss me ❥

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confederate soldiers standing around broken down building civil war

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I'm a Black Southerner Who's Seen Racism All My Life. Why Do I Stay Silent?

How To Find The Best Sunset Spot In Florence


If you're in NC, SC, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey or Delaware then I'm coming your way! Check out my full tour schedule.

The victim was with friends in a McDonald's in Salford when she was knocked unconscious while


My Nana and her sisters with their families on Mother's Day

Participants were shown a picture of everyday objects including a pair of trousers, a pair of shoes and what southerners would call a roll, and asked what ...

Martez Carter lifts Grambling to a 30-21 win over Southern in Bayou Classic

For all the jokes our northern neighbors make, the US includes the south, too. :)

I sure hope you enjoy Paulk's Pride Muscadine Apple Pie as much as we have - we even served it in our Cafe during "Muscadine Week" in September!

I miss having my Mother around to ask these things.

President Salva Kiir gathered with leaders from around the world to celebrate South Sudan's independence. Credit Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

Southern Leadership Jam 2018

The quote attributed to Lincoln in that meme was but an incomplete reproduction of a single sentence that was plucked from a longer piece of correspondence ...

Lee colorized

Brian Green for Southerners of the Year

On March 22, I will be back at East Carolina University, where I received my master's, raising funds for the lovely Joyner Library.

The Herald of Demopolis, Alabama, reflected a common Southern hope. (Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Alabama)


... of the nineteenth century—had hardihood sufficient for an appeal to arms against the iron new order which, a vague instinct whispered to Southerners, ...

Pressure Cooker Beef Brisket in Beer

I remember that our guide, who I assume was a volunteer docent, was a very sweet, grandmotherly lady with a soft Southern ...

1900sc SM Dixie.jpg

(Originally published on Grits and Eggs, my blog, on May 19, ...

Southerners love food, what can I say? We have some of the best places to get our grub on and wish we could share our hidden gems to others around the world ...

Gen. Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson

From left: Mike Milligan, goalkeeper Jon Hallworth and Nick Henry celebrate their Littlewoods Cup

Logan Wallace will represent Otago-Southland in the FMG Young Farmer of the Year grand

For all you Yankees, this is the Southern version of 'you guys'. Y'all is actually a contraction of you all. If you're like me, it feels weird to say y'all ...


Celebrate Mother's Day with Flowers and Lionsgate's Forever My Girl And A #Giveaway!

I got to decorate my tables like I never do … like people do on decorating blogs or pinterest. You know … in those ways that aren't practical when you live ...



Gigi Amateau and Meg Medina for Southerners of the Year


That's exactly the way it is here in Tennessee my friends. Come visit and I

Sterling Constant for Southerners of the Year

Not long after the death of Pat Conroy, The Bitter Southerner got a call from one of the finest magazine writers the South ever produced, Steve Oney, ...

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Council of Conservative Citizens webpage syndicates Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent's Confederate flag coverage. Apparently they care about Confederate ...

“We stand on a corner and try to explain to you who the Confederate veteran was … and we want to explain the history of this flag.”

Southern United striker Lara Wall (centre) is all smiles after scoring.

My Southern Journey: True Stories from the Heart of the South

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