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Spendor D9 home audio t Speakers and Audio

Spendor D9 home audio t Speakers and Audio


Spendor D7 - dark walnut/cherry/black ash/light oak

Spendor D9 Speakers

Spendor D9 Speaker System ...

Spendor D9. Audiophile SpeakersDiy SpeakersLoudspeakerAudio ...

Spendor D9 Speaker System

Home · Speakers · Stereo Speakers; Spendor D7 speakers. Spendor D7 Black Ash

Spendor D9 Floorstanding Speakers

Spendor D9 Floorstanding Speakers in Spendor Dark

SPENDOR SP9/1 1990 · Audiophile SpeakersAudio ...

Spendor Classic 200

Spendor SP31 R2 - white back review (Custom). How many audio ...

Spendor may be one of the oldest (and most respected) names in the UK audio industry, but since its acquisition by Philip Swift (once of Audiolab) its ...

Spendor D1 - all colors. LoudspeakerD1ClaritySpeakersEngineeringAudioMusic ...

Spendor D7 - dark/white/rosewood. Trading DeskLoudspeakerAudio SystemSound WavesSpeakersStainless ...

Hifi Choice Auralic - Spendor 2 2.jpg1232x1704 863 KB

Spendors SP1/2 - balanced, natural, refined, moving. Audiophile SpeakersStereo ...

Spendor D7



Spendor D7 Floorstanding Speakers

Spendor remains the reference standard for both discerning audiophiles and professional sound engineers, delivering a transparent, natural and musical sound ...


I also briefly listened to the Roksan, Prima Luna and Klipsch in the ground floor – a very warm sound, perhaps lacking in transparency.

Spendor on Naim Audio Forums

Spendor D9 Speaker System Spendor D9 Speaker System ...

5:50 AM - 11 Nov 2016

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Spendor A4 Floorstanding Speakers

Save £800.00 Spendor A6R Speakers

Home Media on Twitter: "The majestic Spendor D9 perfectly partnered with the Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista integrated amplifier and CD player.… "

New Spendor A2 and A4 Loudspeakers Now Shipping

... the Spendor D9, and Spendor 200 and 100 (my first big hifi splurge was the S100, and felt sad that I couldn't hear those). (Exhibitor: Cadence Audio)

Spendor A5R Loudspeakers pair


Gary from Audiophile Zone did a fine job voicing these Spendor D9 speakers.



Spendor A7 Speakers


Spendor A5

1 ...


Spendor Statement Floorstanding Speakers | The Listening Post Christchurch and Wellington |


“For ultimate audio perfection Spendor has designed a complementary stand. Within the elegant satin form of the stand is a rigid, light, non-resonant ...

Spendor A9

Individually-handmade in our British workshop.

... Spendor D7 Speaker System ...

1 ...

1 ...

lungyim~Spendor SP3/1 Large Bookshelf Speakers (1)

Spendor A5 Speakers and LFD Zero LE Mk3 Amplifier

You might find a cheaper alternative to Spendor's bespoke £595 stand, but we couldn't find one that made the D1s sound better

Hifi Choice Auralic - Spendor 1.1.jpg2464x3408 2.52 MB

... Spendor D9 Speaker System ...

As you can see it follows the basic Cyrus "shoebox" form factor with a new chassis and high gloss front panel, two rotary controls, one for volume and the ...

Spendor A1 loudspeakers on demonstration at discount prices at Audiofix, Warana, Sunshine Coast,

stoneaudio.co.uk on Twitter: "Spendor's new D9 #loudspeakers in this beautiful gloss grey finish sounding great with a @DevialetUK Expert 440 Pro ...

In the most recent installment of the Audiophile System Builder, we recommended two systems based around two very different loudspeakers from Great Britain: ...

Audio Note AN-E SPe HE loudspeaker

Spendor A6R and D7 - New Speakers (and a New Tweeter) From Spendor - The Audio Beat - www.TheAudioBeat.com

Spendor SP200 40 years anniversary loudspeaker

In late 1996, as Listener magazine entered its third year of existence, the Spendor SP100 became my reference loudspeaker, and would remain so for a ...

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The last couple of times I've heard the latest from Spendor, they've underwhelmed - coming across as a little too safe and therefore not too engaging.

It is a 3-way system featuring two large 12 inch Spendor woofers in an original Spendor 70's style floor-standing enclosure.

Once up and running it doesn't take long to realise the A4s are talented. They have a more outgoing and friendly character than the older model.


Spendor Full Test to Mr. Cuong


Sound. Once up and running these Spendors have a friendly, easy-going balance. Don't expect neutrality or absolute transparency - these speakers don't ...

Spendor D9 HiFi Speakers Auralic Streamer Dac Amplifier @ Bristol Show Sound& Vision 2018

The Spendor S3/5R2 loudspeaker reminds me of Art Dudley. My friendship with Art began more than 25 years ago, long before either of us joined Stereophile.

SpendorD7 Speakers Spendor D7 Speakers Only 3 weeks used!

stoneaudio.co.uk on Twitter: "Spendor's new D9 #loudspeakers in this beautiful gloss grey finish sounding great with a @DevialetUK Expert 440 Pro ...

Spendor ST

... design that seriously impresses sonically. I can feel a staff purchase coming on and that's always a good sign! #hifi #spendor pic.twitter.com/rpllXNLElx

#Masterclass IA-4 Integrated Amplifier, Masterclass PDT-4 CD Player, #Spendor D9's and classic 3/5's... http://fb.com/sugdenaudio pic.twitter.com/Bb2l8tDUIo

The Bryston gear was well finished and would have loved to hear them with a different pair of speakers (and perhaps vice versa). KII Audio ...

Pride of place in the Fort Collins Audio room was the new D9 speaker from English manufacturer Spendor ($9995/pair). Driven by Ayre's AX-5 Twenty integrated ...



spendor sp200

Over the years Spendor has introduced a number of small sealed-box sub-miniatures inspired by the BBC LS3/5a. Its first design, christened the SA1 and with ...

spendor s9e No.2

Spendor S3/5R2 5.0 review

spendor s9e No.4

Spendor S5e Floorstanding Speakers

Spendor D7 Floorstanding Speakers