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Stanhopea costaricensis Flores Orqudeas t Orchid and

Stanhopea costaricensis Flores Orqudeas t Orchid and


Stanhopea costaricensis

My Stanhopea Tigrina x Assidensis - My stanhopea's Tigrina x Assidensis frequently flower couple of times every season.

Orquídea Stanhopea gibbosa

Beautiful Stanhopea graveolens x costaricensis -The scent is very strong nutmeg, pungent and penetrating

Stanhopea costaricensis

Stanhopea jenischiana

Stanhopea shuttleworthii

My Stanhopea saccata "Libra" CBM/AOS

Stanhopea tigrina. Brown FlowersOrchid ...

-m---Stanhopea Wardii orchid, fragrant and beautiful. In Costa Rica, it is called Torito, which means little bull because of it's looks.

Stanhopea costaricensis Rchb.f.

Stanhopea nigro-violacea 'Batman'; an upside down orchid with a strong vanilla

stanophea wardii

My Stanhopea costaricensis “Patsy” - The scent is very strong sweet floral, fruity

Stanhopea nigroviolacea

My Stanhopea oculata x jenischiana - The plant is of medium size, yet the flowers

Stanhopea costaricensis

Stanhopea jenishiana

Stanhopea Assidensis


Stanhopea costaricensis

Stanhopea florida

Stanhopea deltoidea at Santa Barbara Orchid Estate

Stanhopea graveolens x costaricensis - The scent is very strong nutmeg, pungent and penetrating and has many spicy secondary notes to it, ...

This is another beautiful stanhopea from my collection that just finished its flowering – it's a pretty cross of wardii x costaricensis.

Stanhopea nigroviolacea

Stanhopea grandiflora

Stanhopea graveolens var aurata - The scent is very strong and spicy, rather complicated, with many pungent undertones of clove, cinnamon, and all spice.

Stanhopea embreei; upside-down orchid with a strong tangy/spicy fragrance.

Stanhopea assidensis - by de Luis Sousa , Reino Unido. Brown FlowersOrchid ...

Stanhopea tigrina - This variety is “old favorite” and loved all over the world for its beautiful flowers and very strong vanilla scent.

Explore Orchids and more! Stanhopea costaricensis

Rhynchostylis coelestis Orchids #chaichit #thailand 14.04.2018

Stanhopea tricornis subsp. stenochila; flowers from this upside-down orchid have a strong

Stanhopea jenischiana

Stanhopea wardii is a species of orchid found from Nicaragua to Venezuela.

My Stanhopea tigrina var nigroviolacea - loved all over the world for dramatic flowers and chocolate/vanilla scent

Last season I've acquired this nice stanhopea and been waiting to see it's flowers - its stanhopea inodora "Point Loma" HCC/AOS.

Tentative Id. Stanhopea graveolens. Orchid growing outside all year as a garden plant. Flowers in Summer.

Stanhopea martiana | Flower power | Pinterest | Orchid, Flowers and Plants

stanhopea confusa

Find this Pin and more on Orquídeas ✿⊱╮ღღღ.

Tailed-Spider Orchid: Caladenia caudata - Endemic to Tasmania, Australia

Stanhopea connata

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Orchid Dendrobium fimbriatum - Inflorescence

Stanhopea costaricensis -native to Costa Rica and it grows in shady, clouded, evergreen

Stanhopea candida (1)

Orchid Stanhopea oculata (FS)

Beautiful flowers

This orchid is growing on a tree in Cuba

Stanhopea tigrina

Stanhopea grandiflora


Stanhopea warscewicziana

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Stanhopea grandiflora

Stanhopea jenischiana

Orchids, Stanhopea napoensis

stanhopea lietzei

My Stanhopea graveolens var aurata - The scent is very strong and spicy, rather complicated. Orchid FlowersThe ...

a small animal.a fish.an insect? Find this Pin and more on stanhopea orchid ...

Extremely Rare Orchids | ... for sale UK - rare Mexican fragrant orchid with

Stanhopea tricornis

Stanhope oculata

My stanhopea Gary Baker - The flowers are large, numerous on each flower spike and

Luciane Maria Nascimento - Google+

Encyclia phoenicia. ElbaPatiosOrchidsFlowersLiliesOrchid

My Stanhopea tigrina var albescence - rare yellow form of tigrina

Stanhopea whittenii

Being discovered in 1840's in high altitudes of forests of Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala, stanhopea graveolens remains firm favorite orchid with stanhopea ...

Stanhopea hernandezii

My beautiful stanhopea orchids flowering at the moment - many already showcasing their special, majestic blooms and many sending out new flo.

Stanhopea saccata

My Stanhopea embreei x graveolens - It's a strong, robust plant, strong grower that develops many leaves and bulbs during it's growing season, ...

Find this Pin and more on solo orquideas by lourdesvilchezr.

Stanhopea bueraremensis. Orchid FlowersBellaFlower ...

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Risultati immagini per Stanhopea panamensis

Stanhopea platyceras. Wild ChildOrchid FlowersBeautiful ...

Stanhopea Bird of Prey

Stanhopea nigripes. Orchid FlowersFriendsPhotosPicturesBoyfriendsTrue FriendsPhotographs

Stanhopea Reichenbachiana. White OrchidsOrchid FlowersFlowers ...

Epidendrum #flowers #flower #TagsForLikes #petal #petals #nature #beautiful #

Find this Pin and more on My Stanhopea orchids.

The ovoid, sulcate, slightly compressed pseudobulbs have basal bracts and carry a single apical, ribbed, plicate leaf that narrows into a elongate petiolate ...

One of my #rare #orchids just Popped!! #Stanhopea

Orquídea Stanhopea Oculata

Orquídea Dracula lotax (309)

Pabstia jugosa. Orchid Flowers

rare and unusual bulb flowers | Stanhopea Devoniensis x Assidensis

Orchids, Stanhopea saccata

Stanhopea fowlieana

Stanhopea gibbosa · CamouflageOrchid FlowersOrchidaceaeFlower ...

This stanhopea orchid one of the first one's to flower this season in my collection and it's another beautiful stanhopea to admire.

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Stanhopea saccata

Stanhopea grandiflora