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Starting in the 1850s by order of Emperor Nikolai I Gau started

Starting in the 1850s by order of Emperor Nikolai I Gau started


Starting in the 1850s, by order of Emperor Nikolai I, Gau started painting watercolors

Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna's great cabinet. Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna's great cabinet. Eduard Gau. Emperor Nikolai I ...

It is well known that in the 1850s, Eduard Gau received an order from Emperor

The Library of Emperor Alexander II', watercolour / The State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna's bedroom

The Large Study of Emperor Nicholas I by Edward Petrovich Hau - Interiors, Architecture Drawings from Hermitage Museum

km² Eduard Hau – The Bathroom of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna (wife of Nicholas I) in the Winter Palace

Currently, the Winter Palace and the Hermitage Museum are one of the most popular attractions

The current building was constructed between 1754—1762 by the Italian architect Francesco Bartolomeo.

The Small Drawing Room. The Suite of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna at the Winter Palace in

The Winter Palace illustrated in Gau's paintings was used as the official winter residence of Russian emperors from the time of its completion in 1762 ...

Зимний Дворец и Эрмитаж в акварелях Э.П.Гау. Часть 2

In 1904, Nikolai II (the last Russian emperor) transferred the permanent residence to

The Winter Palace ↳ The Peter Hall (painting by Edward Hau).

From October 1915 to November 1917, a hospital functioned in the Winter Palace. In


Winter Palace.

Galereja 1812 - Military Gallery of the Winter Palace - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Large Study of Emperor Nicholas I by Edward Petrovich Hau - Interiors, Architecture Drawings from Hermitage Museum

Eduard Petrovich Gau (1807 —1887) was a master of “architectural watercolors”

Winter palace

Interiors of the Winter Palace. The second half of the spare . bedroom

Winter palace

Winter Palace.

“Interiors of the Winter Palace. The Study of Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna” by Edward

The Winter Palace Hospital during WWl.

Pictures of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg Russia. - Imgur

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Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, watercolour by artist Konstantin Ukhtomsky in the 19th century - The Corner Drawing-Room of Emperor Nicholas I

The Study of Emperor Alexander II Nikolaevich Romanov April March Winter Palace by Hau Edward Petrovich. Son of Nicholas I Romanov (Nikolai I Romanov) ...

Ревизор Николай Гоголь

History drawings by Mihaly Zichy - Nicholas I at the Construction Works

The Study of Tsar Nicholas ll of Russia at the Winter Palace.

A view of the Winter Palace in "AL"

Nicholas' I Study in the Winter Palace. Photo by K.K.Kubesh. 1917.

Emperor Alexander II's cabinet, Winter Palace 1917

In January 1920, the State Museum of Revolution was opened in the Winter Palace.

Зимний Дворец и Эрмитаж в акварелях Э.П.Гау

Oil painting of The Great Cathedral in the Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

Beautiful places

Winter palace

Interiors of the Winter Palace. Boudoir Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna

Son to Tsar Alexander I and father to Tsar Alexander III and grandfather to Tsar Nicholas II.


Winter palace

US Marine firing GAU-17 Minigun Marine Corps UH-1N Iroquois helicopter start Close

Lithograph by Schultze of The Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia as Seen from

Vasily Semyonovich Sadovnikov, drawings - Interiors of the Winter Palace. The Nicholas Hall

Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna's boudoir

Винтерхальтер, Франсуа Ксавье - Портрет графини Варвары Алексеевны Мусиной-Пушкиной. часть 3 Эрмитаж

Nicholas I also ordered the spying on and censorship of many key writers of the time

Nicholas I masterminded and completed the first Russian railway that linked St. Petersburg with Moscow

A dedicated military officer, Tsar Nicholas I spent his reign engaged in a frantic fight

Nicholas I (Nicholas Pavlovich Romanov) (1796-1855) Russia at Tsarskoe Selo

Nicholas I's hatred for revolutions even spilled over to Europe. His vigorous military maneuvers to

A military man by nature, Nicholas I especially trusted the military and installed them in all key positions in the country.

Emperor Nicholas I of Russia, King of Poland and Grand Prince of Finland reign Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov dynasty. By Franz Krüger

Portrait of General Nikolai Alexandrovich Sablukov (1776-1848) (From the Album of

US Marine firing GAU-17 Minigun Marine Corps UH-1N Iroquois helicopter start Close

Portrait of Emperor Nicholas I in Austrian Uniform, unknown artist

Empress Anna Ivanovna - Raised in a German Principality, she was Related to Peter the

Franz Krüger - Emperor Nicholas I and Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna (Charlotte of Prussia).

Alexander Sergeevich Menshikov (1787—1869) russian general by Franz Krüger 1850 S-


Engraving of a Banquet in the Nicholas Hall in the Winter Palace by Artist Unknown in 1874, it is the principal reception room at the center of a …

Emperor Nicholas I of Russia, painted by George Dawe, 1828

Tsar Nicholas I Pavlovich as a boy, circa 1808

Photograph of a General Electric GAU-8/A displayed next to a Volkswagen Beetle

Maria Feodorovna (Dagmar of Denmark) - Princess Dagmar and her first fiancé Tsarevich Nicholas

Encyclopædia Britannica - Portrait of Thomas Spencer Baynes, editor of the 9th edition. Painted

A US Navy riverine commando mans a GAU-17 minigun during a training exercise in

Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus). Pair of Greater Flamingos in the Parc ornithologique du

Camargue, France. Visitors watching Greater Flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) in the Parc ornithologique

Henry (VII) of Germany - Depiction in the Chronica regia Coloniensis, 13th century

Henry (VII) of Germany - Henry's seal (dated 1216) shows him as

King Frederick William I, ...

Henry (VII) of Germany - Henry's death, 15th century depiction

Zaporozhian Cossacks - Trans-Danube Zaporozhian by Serhii Vasylkivsky, 1900

Military and foreign policy[edit]. Monument to Nicholas I ...

Nicholas I of Russia - Image: Vernet nikolas 1

Grand Duke Michael Nikolaevich of Russia - Image: Grand Duke Nicholas Mikhailovich of Russia (

... from the fall of Michael to the dispossession of the native voivodes at the beginning of the eighteenth century—possesses little interest ...

GAU The American University in Canterbury England. Sign on wall outside. - Stock Image

Ernest Augustus wearing the robes of a Knight of the Order of St Patrick

Lomazzo, Giovanni Paolo. Trattato dell'arte de la pittura, di Gio. Paolo... Lomazzo milanese pittore. Diviso in sette libri. Ne' quali si contiene tutta la ...

Cossack Imperial Guardsmen to Tsar Nicholas II - Stock Image

Grand Duke of Finland - Image: Nicolas II photographie couleur

Robert Ley speaks at an event in the Gau in Trier, 1939 - Stock Image

Imperial era[edit]

Nicolas Trigault in Chinese costume, by Peter Paul Rubens.

Lothair II, Holy Roman Emperor - Portrait of Lothair in the Codex Eberhardi, Fulda

Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel - Pyotr Wrangel, c.1920

Alexandra Feodorovna (Charlotte of Prussia) - Princess Charlotte of Prussia with her groom,

Let's start with Theodore & Katherina, early Kelzenbergs with the good sense to settle in Buckman:

Austria-Hungary - Franz Joseph I. (1885)

Panorama from the Barrage Vauban with the medieval bridge Ponts Couverts in the foreground (the fourth tower being hidden by trees at the left) and the ...

Tea consumption, 1690-1850