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Syrupy sweet koeksisters also known as koe39sisters Recipes to

Syrupy sweet koeksisters also known as koe39sisters Recipes to


Traditional Koeksisters – A traditional South African sticky donut treat that's deliciously sweet, sticky, crunchy and drenched in syrup, ...

Sticky, syrupy sweet treat - A South-African delicacy not to be missed

Koeksisters is a traditional South African confectionary. It is prepared by frying plaited dough in oil and then soaking it in ice cold syrup.

I feel, as a South African, I should know how to make these.

If you have a sweet tooth, then you'll love koeksisters! This is a recipe for one of South Africa's best-loved baked sweet. Koeksister is derived from the ...

South-African Koeksisters - Syrup drenched, decadent sweet treats !

Many of the recipes used eggs, though I found a couple that didn't. Many of them seemed to use a lot of baking powder, up to 2 tbsps!

Koeksister, A South African Sweet

Koeksisters Recipe - a Traditional South African Donut

Mama's Koeksisters (Donuts Covered in Syrup ...

[Homemade] Koeksisters - South African pastriesRecipe In Comments (i.redd.it)

Recipe of the day: Koeksisters!

Cape Malay Koeksisters, boiled in syrup and rolled in coconut, deliciously spicy

Vegan Koeksisters

koeksister1. Ingredients: Syrup

Nothing says South African heritage like some good koeksisters! #recipe

Lay the koeksisters in a dish and pour the syrup out of them, liberally dousing each one. Allow to soak for a while, then flip them over to allow the other ...

A South African delicacy, koeksisters are a like a donut except they are braided/plaited, fried and dipped in syrup.


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Koeksisters .:|:. Twisted Sisters

Koeksister Recipe

Ingredients for syrup

Koeksisters 10 Per Tray

Picture of Dunking the Koeksister

Koeksisters Recipe - African Snack




South Africa: Koeksisters

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Deep ...

Koeksisters. Image via Pinterest


Koeksisters. Print Recipe


Koeksisters(Baked, Fried, Air-Fried)

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Juicy Twisties Recipe (koeksisters)

Koeksisters Recipe

Turkish Dessert Tulumba - Tulumba is a Turkish dessert which is one of the most eaten sweets in Turkey and I must share it with you!

Koeksisters (or Koeksusters) come in two cultural flavours. The Afrikaner Koeksister is this recipe, then there is the traditional Cape Malay Koeksuster ...

Rasgulla is a very popular cheese-based, syrupy sweet dish originally from the Indian state of Orissa. It is popular throughout India and Pakistan.

Sweet and syrupy, South African koeksisters. Image by Darling Lama Productions.

They are never plaited and sometimes made with the addition of cooked potato and covered in dessicated coconut after soaking in syrup ...

Mupotohayi also known as chimodho, is basically a form of cornmeal bread that is common

There are two popular versions of this South African syrup-coated doughnut: an Afrikaans version which is ...

Malay Koeksisters

Traditional South African Koeksisters

Cape Malay koeksisters

Koeksisters Recipe

Koeksisters, twisted and dripping with syrup, a Lekker South African Dessert

Potato Koeksister

Filipino sweet buns topped with creamed butter and sugar. Soft, sweet, and delicious! Get the recipe at www.talshasfoodmemories.com

Rooibos koeksisters

Ginger biscuit and koeksister ice cream sandwiches

the best koeksisters in cape town

Curried Mince Vetkoek

I have consumed many meals in the course of 2017. Some were ghastly. A lot were perfectly pleasant but instantly forgettable. A few were so good that they ...

Fried dough soaked in sweet syrup. A little crunchy outside, quite juicy inside. These are heavenly mini delights! | giverecipe.com | #turkish #dessert # ...

Make Koeksisters


Koeksister, quince and melktert crumble recipe

Decadent South African Koeksisters

How to Make Koeksisters - South Africa's Favorite Sweet Pastry - Yummy South African Snacks - YouTube

This sweet is made from deep-fried dough balls, which are soaked in a honey syrup with cinnamon… Sound familiar? They're koeksisters' sister recipe!

Syrup for the Koeksisters

Grandma's Balah El Sham (Fluted Fritters)

The Kate Tin: The Best Koeksister recipe & adventures in the Klein Karoo.


South African Snowballs Recipe - Food like Amma used to make it

25 Delicious African Breakfast Recipes from Immaculate Bites - The Food Explorer


I had these in South Africa. They are divine!

Preparation time: 1 hour Cooking time: 1 hour Resting time: 2 hours Makes: 5-6 dozen Ingredients: Syrup: 4 Cups (1000ml) Sugar 1 ½ Cup (375ml) Water 2 ...



Sweet and sticky malva pudding

Nan's Malay koeksisters

(pronounced cook sisters) a braided or plaited doughnut in


Image titled Make Koeksisters Step 1

Koeksisters-Traditional koeksisters from South Africa -Deep fried braided dough drenched in lemony syrup. Sticky , Spicy and Sweet – Just like me .

Wen-koeksisters I SARIE

Cape Malay Koeksisters ~ Sticky, syrupy sweet treat - not to be missed !

The syrup ...

The distinctively-shaped shakoy (also known as lubid-lubid), a doughnut variant from the Visayas, Philippines

Sweet potato tart recipes

German Pork Hock, also known as roasted ham hock or Schweinshaxe, is a traditional Bavarian dish that's popular not only during the Oktoberfest but all year ...

This Gooey Ginger Dessert is as sticky and sweet as it looks! Best served with ice-cream or whipped cream - enough for a crowd !

Potato pudding - a steamed sweet pudding like a hot blancmange made from mashed potato and served with an apricot syrup; koeksisters - sweet doughnuts ...