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Talk to our Experienced Psychiatrists Psychologists Therapists

Talk to our Experienced Psychiatrists Psychologists Therapists



Woman having a conversation with her therapist

woman talking with a psychologist

Sometimes, when we say, “That's interesting,” it's really not

Clinical psychologists often use forms of talk therapy

Getting the Most out of Therapy and Counseling

Woman with headache, talking with Doctor

Two psychologists talking

“I had to train myself not to get too interested in their problems, and not to get sidetracked trying to be a semi-therapist.” DR.

Male psychologist talking to a client

Child therapists often use play therapy as a means of helping their clients.

Psychiatrists and psychologists: what's the difference?

Do You Need a Therapist or a Psychologist? Not Sure Which One to Choose?

Man talking with another man Being a therapist ...

With psychologists, counselors and psychiatrists – plus several types of therapy – patients can find an option that works for them. (iStockPhoto)

A counselor listens to a person in therapy

What to expect for your first visit with your psychiatrist

A girl talking to a therapist.

Talk to our Experienced Psychiatrists/ Psychologists/ Therapists/ Counsellors for Mental health Issues and

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Do we talk about you at cocktail parties? Absolutely

Talking About Race in Trauma Psychotherapy

Talk to our Experienced Psychiatrists/ Psychologists/ Therapists/ Counsellors for Mental health Issues and

Talk to our Experienced Psychiatrists/ Psychologists/ Therapists/ Counsellors for Mental health Issues and

classroom psychologist talking to kids

Therapy session

8 Things You Hide From Your Therapist But Shouldn't

You Need To Know The Difference Between A Psychologist And A Psychiatrist

We asked four psychotherapists with extensive experience in the field to open up about how they

Reach for experienced Psychiatrists/ Psychologists/ Therapists/ Counsellors for Mental health problems and De

5 Signs You Are Seeing a BAD Therapist! psychology & mental health with Kati Morton - YouTube

Choose From a Therapist or a Psychologist.

Grace Wagner, Licensed Professional Counselor

Sarah A Prevelige, Psychologist

Looking for a therapist? NYC offers several low-cost mental health care options that won't break the bank!

E Renea Snyder, Drug & Alcohol Counselor

photo of a therapist talking on the phone

Danielle C White, Psychologist

Karen Knight, LPC Intern

Quincy A Lashley, Marriage & Family Therapist

What's psychological treatment?

Stacy A Stinchcomb, Clinical Social Work/Therapist

How Psychoanalysis Differs from Psychotherapy

D. & Associates, Psychologist

Lisa M. Vallejos, MA, LPC, NCC: Therapy costs have an extremely wide range. I know clinics that charge as little at $5 per session and others who charge ...

AV Brain Health, Psychological Associate


Oppressed man talking with psychologist

Jennifer Fanelli M.A., LPC-S, Licensed Professional Counselor

Cindy Owen, Clinical Social Work/Therapist

What Type of Mental Health Professional Is Right for You? | Psychology Today

Private Practice, Clinical Social Work/Therapist

Choose a Therapist

Coat Of Many Colors Counseling Services, Clinical Social Work/Therapist

Since all you need is an internet connection, you will also have access to your therapist from nearly anywhere, including while traveling.

Alyssa Warren, Counselor

Shirley A. Richards, Licensed Professional Counselor

Effectively treating chronic pain requires a multidisciplinary team. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors represent a critical component of this ...

Figuring out how serious your anxiety is can be tough because anxiety is a normal and essential part of being a human.

Damian Lewis as Bobby "Axe" Axelrod and Maggie Siff as Wendy Rhoades in Billions


Difference Between a Coach, Mentor, and Therapist

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"Breakthrough has really enhanced the therapeutic experience for my clients, who enjoy the convenience and how easy it is to use."

Therapist Margaret Nichols

All therapists are licensed and experienced ...

When discussing your mental health concerns, psychiatric diagnosis, or medication treatment, here are

People Talk About Their First Therapy Session

Group therapy session


Academic advisor and student in office

A therapist speaks to a client

Talk therapy strengthens brain connections to treat psychosis A new study suggests that cognitive behavior therapy can strengthen brain connections in a way ...

Dr. Mehak Nagpal MBBS , MD - Psychiatry http://www.365doctor

Choose your psychiatrist

A Therapist Shares Her Personal Experience with Postpartum OCD

Julie Schaefer, LMSW

Richard Kneip, PhD

Image titled Find a Supportive Therapist if You Are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender

Talking about depression can be difficult — that may be why almost two out of three people who likely have depression never seek treatment at all.

Young woman listens to therapist

betterhelp advertisement. Advancing psychology ...

Marlene M. Maheu, a therapist, uses video conferencing to communicate remotely with patients. She has served on task forces to address issues of online ...

Woman sitting at desk with head in hands, stressed