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Tanning Kav Celebrity Big Brother t

Tanning Kav Celebrity Big Brother t


CBB round up


cbb celebrity big brother calum best alicia douvall cami li michelle visage patsy kensit hats hat

David Gest Dead: 'Celebrity Big Brother' Co-Stars Lead Tributes To Music Producer

Kavana Celebrity Big Brother

With the combined talents of Alexander "Criticise" O'Neal and Kav-"I Can Make You Feel Good"-ana in January's CBB House, it was only a matter of time before ...

Nadia Sawalha Michelle Visage Celebrity Big Brother

Katie Price Celebrity Big Brother

Katie Price became the latest star to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house

Thankfully, there wasn't a banana in sight (probably because Alicia's already scoffed the lot).

Nadia Sawalha Celebrity Big Brother

Michelle Visage Celebrity Big Brother

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Nadia Sawalha Michelle Visage Celebrity Big Brother

The writer walked out holding a plaque with his son's name, Mayito, written on it and struggled to let Emma get a word in during his interview but dodged ...

To the hood: Musical artist Alexander O'Neal and Kav have been asked to

Celebrity Big Brother: Drunk Kavana explodes at Keith Chegwin! - CelebsNow

Patsy Kensit was allowed secret spray tans in the CBB house

*Sad face*. Soon after he entered the Celebrity Big Brother ...

Go inside the Celebrity Big Brother House with Rylan's Christmas rapping

But it's on his third try on Katie Hopkins and Cami-Li, who was evicted last night, that he really pulls out the big guns.

Ryan Love assesses the true winners and losers in this year's Celebrity Big Brother house

Perez Hilton and Kavana

For some reason Kav didn't like Keith as much as everyone else and said something to him that no one ever had done before. And it made Keith quite sad.

And then she kicked off when Big Brother wanted her to spread the meditation love around all the housemates.

But one day an orgre, from the dark forest of '90s pop named Kav the Singer, came up to Keith while he was trying to sleep.

Confronted: Patsy Kensit is told she's being racially offensive by Perez Hilton when she asks

Katie Hopkins

Causing debate: Katie Hopkins and Katie Price transformed into The Katie Monster on Day 25

Ken Morley on CBB

Jeremy Jackson exposes Chloe Goodman's breast

Kavana's friend Lee Brennan speaks out: Celebrity Big Brother is therapy for his problems - CelebsNow

But it's just not entertaining seeing someone's character change so dramatically when they've had a drink. Overall, Kav seems to be one of life's nice guys, ...

Katie tans Katie

Tanned: The Celebrity Big Brother star opted to show off her lithe legs for the evening, khaki dress which skimmed the tops of her bronzed thighs

Kavana gets drunk and rants at Keith Chegwin

Don't cry Keith Image: Rex


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Katie didn't seem to think that sticking cheese up your nose was that funny, Perez didn't give edam. Kav got a ...


Cami Li shocks Emma Willis by threatening to SLIT PEREZ'S THROAT

The businesswoman said she'll miss her family most in the House

Katie Price is blasted for taking part in 'freak show' task on Celebrity Big Brother | Daily Mail Online

Kavana explodes at Keith Chegwin as concerns for singer's boozing grow in the CBB house | Daily Mail Online

Grabs from Celebrity Big Brother

If that wasn't punishment enough, the housemates got a smacked botty (not literally) from BB because Calum and Alicia had been talking about noms.

Celebrity big brother · Tanned

HE REALLY shouldn't have done that – Cheggers didn't shut up about it for the next fifteen days.

Perez Hilton accuses Patsy Kensit of being racially offensive in Celebrity Big Brother | Daily Mail Online

Celebrity Big Brother: Drunk Kavana explodes at Keith Chegwin! - CelebsNow

Katie Price, Katie Hopkins and Michelle Visage

cbb celebrity big brother nadia sawalha

You couldn't tell Perez was no longer wearing the pig mask, I wonder why? Another day in the Celebrity Big Brother ...

Perez Hilton made this season amazing – but for all the wrong reasons

Alicia came clean about her surgery in the house…

Celebrity Big Brother's Keith Chegwin slams Katie Hopkins for bedroom computer!

Chloe Goodman Celebrity Big Brother

It seems the House might finally be harmonious.

8 reasons Celebrity Big Brother is going to be the best thing about January

Nadia Sawalha Celebrity Big Brother

Day 24: Kav and Cami on Perez: "I hope he's miserable"

Katie Hopkins Celebrity Big Brother

Read the full interview in this week's edition of Star magazine, on sale now

Emma Willis Celebrity Big Brother Bit On The Side

'Frightened': The Teen Mom star claimed she only threw the champagne glasses at. '

The controversial blogger took on the role and ensured he was at the forefront of the drama. Sadly, that does not make you a ...


Embarrassed: In the sober light of day, former pop star Kavana was keen to

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Keith Chegwin finishes in FOURTH place & SLAMS 'rude' Perez Hilton!

Alicia Douvall

Sceptical: Price put on a brave face at having to be in such close proximity

[ IMG]

... Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Keith Chegwin finishes in FOURTH place & SLAMS 'rude' ...

why is kav maroney so cute?

Centre of attention: The blogger takes offence at something that his housemate said, that

cbb celebrity big brother nadia sawalha

Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Keith Chegwin talks Jimmy Savile scandal & Kavana on his music biz mistakes

... Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Booze fear for Kavana as he SLATES “perfect” Keith


Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Cami Li, Perez Hilton, Keith Chegwin & Katie Price BEG to stay in the house!

"You have back fat. So I told you, you have back fat.

Harry Derbridge, Amy Childs and Kirk Norcross from TOWIE enjoy the evening with Rhianna Jones

Warning - The T Shirt this repugnant man wears and the rubbish which spews from his mouth is known to trigger epileptic seizures.

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