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Taoris so cute Now I want to know too tao t

Taoris so cute Now I want to know too tao t


Taoris so cute. My TaoRis senses are tingling kekeke aww Tao blushes when he looks at Kris~ <3 <3

Tao stans and Kris stans have fanwar because RUMORS;me: Seriously guys?

Kris revenge xD LMAO too cute

#taoris haha

Kris and Tao my sad taoris feels

Their outfits though, Kris' hair matches Tao's top and vice versa. Lol

OMG it's my turn to cry like... we will miss you twoo!!! #webeliveinyoukris #pandababyforever we love you two!! We are always one at heart!!

XD Kris and Tao, EXO .the wrong angle makes it look like a kiss XD (yet I see no one disliking the photo ;

This is adorable. But if you aren't aware of Korean culture, and how things work in kpop groups, you'll be freaked out.

Taoris : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

If Chanyeol trolls on TaoRis having sex or something! keke I am watching it plus videoing it kekeke >. < but i might forget to video since i will be too busy ...

EXO Kris Chanyeol Baekhyun Tao - im inquire wae des 2 oppa always fighting? they're so cute poor Tao~ baekhyun~aa wae, wae~. Find this Pin and ...

exo showtime - kris and tao

#Taoris #Tao #Kris

this makes me want to cry the anime pic is adorable. Find this Pin and ...

AWWWWWWW Tao and kris are such cute friends!

Kris, dont lie, you want it too! Kris Tao. See more

Taoris : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

Taoris : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

And this is why I ship Taoris <3 TAO!! YOUR KISSY FACE <3

Some TaoRis for you~ #exo #tao #kris

TaoRis~ are you guys gonna kiss~? cuz if you guys are~ just go to a room and film it then pass it to me kekeke~!

omg OAO My Taoris feelzzzzzzzz omygash wueee ;A; why does Taoris not exist anymore ;_; THIS IS TOO CUTE X3

Aww~ Taozi~~ youre so sweet praising your duizhang~ keke~ and there is a hint that Tao loves Kris~~ keke yesh~ TaoRis is real~~

When Kris left I can't only imagine how hard it was on Tao. They are besties!//and then Tao left

exo meme - awww, Taoris feels......./sniffsniff/ Why did you have to leave Kris? Tao is very lonely now and he misses you...:(:(:(

Tao Kris / Taoris im miss kris:(((. Find this Pin and ...

Taoris in a movie . These movies will be super epic - why do I feel so tortured when i see taoris lol why couldnt they be together forever

Image result for taoris matching

Exo Memes, Kris Wu, Chinese, Sehun, Dramas, Taemin, Kpop, Couples, Drama. Find this Pin and more on Taoris ...

:3 (To all those Taoris lovers don't kill me but for me it seems like Taohun has more spark.)

Taoris♥ they're so cute together. Find this Pin and ...


kris and tao - Trends Health Magazine

oh yeah Taoris. Find this Pin and ...

This TaoRis picture is all good until you will notice one detail in this pic which is the numbers 6 & i thought of kekeke~! TaoRis~~ i watching you guys~~ ...

Waaaah no tao i wanna goooo. Find this Pin and more on Taoris ...

Aww :), i want Tao to hug me too. Find this Pin and ...

The Story of Us: TaoRis (bxb)(Mpreg)

keke these two are so cute~! gotta love TaoRis no matter what~! keke dont worry Tao we still ship you and your oppa~

Tao and Kris



Tao and kris in EXO Showtime along with their adopted huskies/family

Tao^^ #exo #funny UGH!! He's so cute!


exo cute facts - Taoris

Kris & Tao these days - as loathe as I am to allow a K.. (I can't even say it).. on my boards, I like this pin.. it's so sad.

I can't deal with this. Find this Pin and more on Taoris ...

Park chanyeol

Tao and Kris

Find this Pin and more on TAORIS by shinminyeon.

TaoRis | We Heart It

EXO World Indonesia on

tao rapping kris part

EXO facts 88 - Tao likes to use the water bottle to hit Kris' head. Find this Pin and ...

Taoris. See more. Tao and kris

Find this Pin and more on EXO.

I ship it more platonic than anything because you know...Taoris/Sulay. But it's a guilty pleasure for sure

Kris and Tao ♡ #EXO

Even though I ship Taoris so hard, #Cris#Krisyeol. Baekhyun and Tao are not happy with this.

Tao giving Kris a peck, Kris telling him to stop it, and Tao probably

Kris Tao

Shipping TaoRis like Ugh I can't get enough of them, really. EXO OTPs are driving me mad. Find this Pin and ...

Taoris-that one handhold where Kris holds him tighter and doesn't want him to let go | Taoris | Pinterest | Exo, Tao and K pop

The way Kris is looking at Tao he's like wow you look good today and Tao

Tao and Kris. I am going to miss the bromance so much

LOL exo tao interview EXO-M exo m kevin wu exom Kris edison wu fan zitao Wufan huang zitao kris and tao kris wu tao and kris taoris wu yi fan wu yifan ...

tao kris - ค้นหาด้วย Google



Now I'm curious how she looked like

Baby Tao looks so much like his mom I can't even.

Then vs now. Find this Pin and more on Taoris <3 by Kam. So cute

kris x tao. Find this Pin and ...

Tao and Kris

Board, Funny, Exo, Tired Funny, So Funny, Sign, Hilarious. Find this Pin and more on Taoris ...

Find this Pin and more on Taoris <3 by KamGalaxy.

Find this Pin and more on ChanHun❤ by ExO L_61.

Tao is part of a plan to join together two kingdoms. Too bad he doesn't know that. year old Tao, a simple minded prince who loves nature, wearing white cl.

omg OAO My Taoris feelzzzzzzzz omygash wueee ;A; why does Taoris not exist anymore ;_; THIS IS TOO CUTE X3 | ✨kpop lollipops✨ | Pinterest | Exo, Tao and ...

TaoRis for the win~! These boys could look from cute and adorbs then now we have sexy badass men right here people~! keke~ totally loving these two~~

Kris and Tao. My EXO M biases.

Take ur time to see: Tao being adorable. Sehun making a weird face.

I can't hold my Taoris feels ;. Find this Pin and ...

See more. TaoRis

kris and tao

I wana hear tao call me saegie ah

Too cute. AHAHA

Kristao or taoris

The 'Other' One [KrisHo/TaoRis FF]


exo cute facts - Taoris

Exo kris tao o.o I miss em but like kai in the background😂😏. Find this Pin and ...

I don't get it how can he look so feminine and the next day

AA T ¶ ⒞