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Taurus Mountains seminomadic vintage cicim DIAMONDS

Taurus Mountains seminomadic vintage cicim DIAMONDS


Taurus Mountains semi-nomadic vintage cicim

Double Diamonds - classic vintage Kayseri / Turkish kilim

Gorgeous Soft Colors Diamonds Vintage Eastern Turkish KILIM

vintage Taurus Mountains cicim rug

Vintage Western Anatolian Sofra Cicim / 4' x 5' / 122x153cm — Clare Louise Frost

beautiful nomadic çuval / vintage handwoven storage sack / opened, these make excellent kilims

E327d_4860.JPG E327a_4860.

Vintage Aegean Balikesir Cicim / 5'8"x7'10"/172x240cm

Hypnotic Diamonds / Midcentury Zeki Müren Vintage Turkish Carpet Runner / 23x44.5"/59x113cm

JPG E327b_4860.JPG ...

Gorgeous Natural Beauty Vintage Karapinar Natural Tulu Carpet Runner / 30"x76"/ 77x194cm

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Konya Cicim Kilim

Vintage Semi-Nomadic Mut kilim / 4'6" x 6'3"/ 130x192cm

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Vintage Semi-Nomadic Mut kilim / 5'1"x10'/ 155x307cm

Malatya Cicim Kilim

OLD ANATOLIAN KILIMS - SMALL SIZE by Kilims ADA: importer of antique kilims, specialist

K.Maras - Kahramanmaras Kilim

JPG E327b_4860.JPG E327c_4860.JPG

Bergama Cicim Kilim

Sweet Blue + Purple Diamonds/ Midcentury / 26x38.5"/67x98cm

Vintage Western Anatolian Sofra Cicim / 4' x 5' / 122x153cm — Clare Louise Frost

Turkish Vintage Rug

Big & Beautiful Vintage Sahnazar-Caucasian Kilim -- 5'9" x 9'10"

Vintage Taurus Mountains Nomadic Kilim/ 7'6" x 9'10"/ 229x300cm

Barjesteh ...

Ram's ...

Malatya Cicim Kilim

Wolf ...

Vintage Taurus Mountains Nomadic Kilim/ 6'7" x 6'8"/ 202x204cm

Mut Cicim Kilim

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Vintage Taurus Mountains Nomadic Kilim/ 5'3" x 6'9"/ 161x206cm

Vintage Mut kilim rug around 40 years old.

... Unique!

Mut Kilim

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Diamond lattice, minimalist kilim. New, handwoven kilim with 100% naturally-dyed

Small Vintage Karapinar Tulu / 28"x41" / 71 x 105cm

Extraordinary Muted Color Vintage Eastern Anatolian Kar Kilim

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Burdock ...

Mut Kilim

Sivas Kilim

Konya Cicim Kilim

Anatolian rug

Kayseri Kilim

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Mut Cicim Kilim

Scorpion: Protection.

Mut Kilim


Sivas Kilim

Saghari ...

Kahramanmaras - Kurdish Kilim

Kayseri Kilim

Malatya Cicim Kilim

Mut Cicim Kilim

Persian " ...

Natural dye - Oaxaca artisan Fidel Cruz Lazo dying yarn for rug making

Bird: No other motif has so many varied meanings as the bird motif to the Anatolian weavers. Bad luck, good luck, the symbol of happiness, joy and love.

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Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Mut Kilim

Mut Kilim


Turkish Antique Anatolian HandWoven Slit Kilim Rug From Taurus M · National Geographic Oct 1924 KOREA/GOLDFISH/LATVIA ...

Tree of Life: The tree is the common theme for all religions believing in one God. In all 3 religious scriptures (Torah, Bible and Quran) the fruit which is ...



Making a kilim is a highly regarded folk art; kilims that are handmade with natural dye and wool are the cultural norm. There is also a great deal of ...


Natural dye - Naturally dyed skeins made with madder root, Colonial Williamsburg, VA



Culture of Turkey - Namık Kemal was a prominent Turkish poet, novelist, playwright and

Natural dye - A dye-works with baskets of dyestuffs, skeins of dyed yarn


Pazyryk burials - A gilded wooden figurine of a deer from the Pazyryk burials, fifth

Oriental rug

Culture of Turkey - Image: Mehmet Faik Bey Kaltakkıran

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Shirvan Prayer rug with a rectangular niche, depicting inwoven hands and an ornament representing the mosque lamp

Antique Huge! Anatolian Turkish Kilim - Adana - Collectible Usable / 5'9"x14'10"/ 176x453cm

Unknown, India - Fragment of a Saf Carpet

Left image: Book binding from Collected Works (Kulliyat), 10th century AH/AD 16th, Walters Art Museum Right image: Basic elements of Oriental carpet design


Various applications of this motif are presented in the illustrations below:

絵画に見るアナトリア絨毯<Anatolian Rugs in Paintings>

Sometimes, different rug weaving areas use slightly different versions of the same tools. Some common tools used in rug weaving are vertical looms, ...

Variations of the wolf's track motif as used in different artifacts are show in illustrations below:

蛇. Snake

Left image: “Güyük interrogating Djamâl al-Dîn Mahmûd Hudjandî”, depicting a carpet in geometric design. Timurid period, AD 1438.

Ottoman court prayer rug, Bursa, late 16th century (James Ballard collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art)