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Teddy Persico Jr ColomboNew York City t Colombo

Teddy Persico Jr ColomboNew York City t Colombo


Private photo of murdered Colombo captain and former underboss for the orena faction Joe Scopo. He was close with the Bergin crew of the gambino family and ...

Colombo soldier Robert Tarantola , he was big into the distribution of marijuana and is close to teddy persico , he was also shot in the chest at a ...

Rare photo of Colombo mobster Michael sessa , he is the brother of former consigliere carmine sessa , he was jailed forlfe due to offences relating to the ...

Greg Scarpa

Colombo soldier Joseph Savarese , he was indicted as a soldier in 2011 ,he pleaded

Luca DiMatteo colombo capo

Carmine Persico, also known as "Junior" or "The Snake" has been

Current Colombo captain Joseph amato , he is the current captain of what was the montemerano crew. What a Great Guy. Learned A LOT from him. -BCJR

Tommy Shots

Colombo soldier Michael Bolino (1941-1997). He was sentenced to 5 years in prison on extortion charges in 1988, along with boss Carmine Persico.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor carmine the snake persico. Find this Pin and more on Colombo(New York ...

Philip Albanese aka The Horse, Philly and Phil Katz (1907-1979) one time soldier in the Genovese family. His crime sheet had robbery, tax evasion and ...

Alphonse Persico aka Allie Boy (1929-1989) acting boss of the Colombo's and

Alphonse T. Persico, known as Little Allie Boy or just Allie Boy, is a former acting boss of the Colombo crime family from the 1980s and 1990s.

Colombo crime family

The family after Third Colombo War[edit]

Cutolo crew member Frankie notch iannaci , he was one of the main shooters for the orena faction during the Colombo war , he was responsible for the murders ...



Hardly any photos of former Genovese captain Mario gigante

Gennaro Ciprio (1940-1972) was a soldier in the Colombo family. In

Carmine Persico poses for a portrait at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City September 1986 during the Commission trial.

Scott Fappiato reputed Colombo crime family associate who served more than 20 years in prison on a wrongful rape conviction now faces more jail time for a ...

Teddy Persico Jr. Colombo ...

Edward Fanelli Colombo Soldier

Find this Pin and more on Colombo(New York City) by racingnutme.

Dominick Scialo (born July 1927 - murdered known as "Mimi", was a feared and well respected capo of the Colombo crime family who ruled over Coney I.

Very recent prison photo of former Colombo consigliere and acting boss Joel…

Rare photo of Colombo soldier Craig Marino , Marino is due to be released from prison

Teddy Persico Jr. was sentenced Thursday for the 1993 mob murder.

Anthony Russo

Obit - Alphonse Allie Boy Persico - Organized Crime Figure. A Captain in the Colombo

The family under Persico[edit]

Reynold “Ren” or “Reynolds” Maragni (Born 1952) is a former capo for the Colombo Crime Family who turned informant.

Current Colombo soldier Andre d'apice , he is a cousin of the persico's ,

Carmine Sessa, alias Carmine Marletta (born 1951) is an Italian-American mobster, chef and hitman who became the consigliere of the Brooklyn-based Colombo ...

Rare picture of gambino soldier Samuel corsaro, he was a member of the jersey faction

Lorenzo Brescia aka Chappy (1905-1985) was an Italian born soldier in the Genovese family under capo Mike Miranda. Brescia was associated with high ranking ...

Colombo soldier Rosario Mezzasalma (1899-1971). Arrived in 1913, heading to

Colombo soldier Phillip chubby rossillo , the joe Colombo bodyguard who shot Jerome Johnson to death

Sammy black Santoro, this guy played a huge roll in what is today the number 1 crew in the country, he was a rabbi to the top guy ,and most people never ...

Carmine DiBiase (born October 27, 1922- date of death unknown) also known

Rare photo of former Colombo consigliere. Carmine Sessa, alias Carmine Marletta (born 1951) is an Italian-American mobster, chef and hitman who became the ...

Colombo turncoat Joseph Cantalupo with his mistress Jay Giuffreda.

Current Colombo soldier Frank (Frankie the Bug) Sciortino, he was a member of Vic orena's crew

Scott Fappiano (Born is a long-time associate of the Gambino Crime Family.

Colombo soldier Ralph Esposito aka Ronnie. He was an ally of Sonny Franzese and arrested

Colombo 1980s capo Michael Franzese.

Benjamin "The Claw" Castellazzo (born 1939) is a high ranking member of

Vic Orena former street boss of the colombo family

Gambino soldier John Setaro aka Johnny Beano. Lontime friend of reputed capo Dom Pizzonia, planned the Uva hits with him. Plead guilty to collection of ...

carmine the snake persico - Google Search

Salvatore "Big Sal" Miciotta - soldier who participated in four murders in 1996 he

Salvatore Gaetano Maiorana (1898-1998) aka Toddo Marino was a captain in the

He was arrested in 1971 as part of a nationwide crackdown on narcotics called Flanker and charged with conspiracy to sell ...

William 'Wild Bill / Billy Fingers' Cutolo, The Colombo Crime Family //

Carmine Agnello's mug shot in 2000 after his arrest on racketeering charges. Carmine Agnello (born 1960 in Ozone Park, Queens) is a New York mobster from ...

Larry Mazza, The Colombo Crime Family // Hitter.

Legendary Colombo family mobster John Sonny Franzese getting early release

Anthony "Little Anthony" Seccafico was a soldier within the Bonanno family and was associated

Tony Mirra and Nicky Glasses

Richard Fusco

Lucchese Capo Domenico Cutaia

Gennaro "Jerry Lang" Langella

Lucchese thugs believed that one of their own, Bruno Facciolo, was talking to authorities

Colombo capo John Matera grew up in Little Italy, Manhattan but moved to Brooklyn and later Queens. By the mid-to-late 1960s he was committing armed ...

Rare photo of Phillip chubby rossillo , it's widely believed that he was the guy who

Sonny Franzese and middleweight champion ,Rocky Graziano.

Carmine Persico on a walk and talk in Brooklyn with his bodyguard Hugh McIntosh, early

Greg Scarpa

Alarico Valle (1884-1967)is a mafia mystery man. This Rome born

Theodore DeMartino aka Teddy The Bum, born 1912-death unknown. Teddy was a soldier in Trigger Mike Coppola's crew along with his brothers Benny and Tony, ...

Anthony Vadala (1899-1985) Lucchese soldier from Messina. Very well connected and

Little Vic orena former colombo acting boss

Dom cefalu.

Andrew Andy Mush Russo Long time Colombo Crime family Capo and sometime acting boss

Gambino soldier and Gotti ally/hitter John Carneglia. Currently incarcerated, will be released

She was born in West Africa around before she was kidnapped and sold into the Maafa (slavery) at the tender age of seven.

Had a wife and one child, brother Benjamin was also a soldier in the same family. Owned Schab fashion with brother Benjamin.

Wild Bill

Nicholas “Nicky” Rizzo (Born 1927) is a soldier in the Colombo Crime

Colombo soldier Frank Lofaro (1893). A longtime associate of the Family, as

Giuseppe Traina (1883-1979) aka The Peasant was underboss of the Gambino family

Colombo family mobster: Lukey DiMatteo

Greg Scarpa Junior wedding pic.

Michael Debatt

William Cutolo (June 6, 1949 – May 26, 1999), also known as "Billy Fingers" and "Wild Bill", was a Brooklyn mobster in the Colombo crime family who ...

Crime sheet mentions 3 felonious assault arrests, including one against a police officer, also burglary and unlawful entry. A member of James Angelina's ...

Ralph Scopo

Leonard DiMaria

Wild Bill

Joseph Gallo (April 7, 1929 – April 7, 1972), also known as "Crazy Joe" and "Joe the Blond", was a celebrated New York City gangster for the Profaci ...