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Teodora Axente TEOdORA AXENTE t Paintings and Artist

Teodora Axente TEOdORA AXENTE t Paintings and Artist


Artist art · Teodora Axente, In Secrecy, 2013, oil on canvas, 29 x 25 in

Artist · paganlovefest: “ Teodora Axente ”

Teodora Axente - Painting

Teodora Axente

Teodora Axente. Contemporary PaintingsArt ...

Explore Oil On Canvas, Painters, and more! Ramona by Teodora Axente ...

Simulacru in trei timpi/ Simulacrum in three times by Teodora Axente, via Behance

Teodora Axente, Pearls, 2013, oil on canvas, 21 x 16.5 in (53 x 42 cm)

Teodora Axente

Teodora Axente, Silver clown, 2012, oil on canvas, 50 x 31.5 (

Ambra I, 2013, by Teodora Axente

Teodora Axente

Oil on canvas painting by Romanian artist Teodora Axente.

Teodora Axente, Queen Metal, 2012, oil on canvas, 15.7 x 8.3 in · Modern PaintingsArt ...

Teodora Axente artist painter

darkeranddown: Ambra II Teodora Axente

Lighting the Dark by Teodora Axente, via Behance

From Ana Cristea Gallery, Teodora Axente, Wings of Secrecy Oil on canvas, 26 × 20 in

Teodora Axente. "

teodora axente, Magda Vacariu Art Blog: TEODORA AXENTE

teodora axente · Contemporary PaintingsArtist ...

Teodora Axente, Oana, 2016 oil on canvas 47 x 51 in (120 x 130 cm)

teodora axente

Teodora Axente - Carnaval 2. PostmodernismArt ...

Teodora Axente

Lectia de taxidermie de Teodora Axente

Teodora Axente, Behind, 2017, oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cm

Teodora Axente, King Metal, 2012 oil on canvas x in x 21 cm)

Teodora Axente, Ambra (Golden Hat), 2016 óleo sobre tela 32 x 21

Teodora Axente

Ambra by Rumanian painter Teodora Axente

by Teodora Axente · Magda Vacariu Art Blog

Ramona, by Teodora Axente · Contemporary ArtSurrealismMasksPinturaContemporary ...

Teodora Axente - Google Search

Paintings · Artists · teodora axente

TEODORA AXENTE COLD LINING (Removing the Garb in Mystery)

Teodora Axente artist painter

Paintings by Teodora Axente

Lighting the Dark, by Teodora Axente · RomaniaPaintersFigurativeFigurative Art

Teodora Axente - eng

Teodora Axente, Ambra, 2017, oil on canvas, 185 x 128 cm

Teodora Axente

Teodora Axente. Art ...


Sin in the Flash, 2015, Teodora Axente, olio su tela, 50x30

Teodora Axente, Ambra 3, oil on canvas, 144 x 112 cm

Teodora Axente belongs to the younger generation of the Fabrica de Pensule in Cluj, Romania, an artist community in an old brush factory that became a ...

Teodora Axente Cold Lining Installation View

"Becoming 3" (2012) Oil on canvas 20 x ...

Teodora Axente

Teodora Axente, Yellow rhino, 2011, Oil on canvas, 13.8 x 9.8 in

Teodora Axente gloves in the shadow, 2016 oil on canvas 136cm x 86cm contact:

marginalized-artists: Teodora Axente Marius I

Oil Paintings That Confront Playful Vapidness In The Wake Of Communism. Find this Pin and more on Teodora Axente ...

Teodora Axente, Under the spell, 2017, oil on canvas, 40 x 25

Teodora Axente, Oana, 2016, 60x45cm, oil on canvas mounted on panel.

Teodora Axente. Art BlogArt History

Charlotte Denamur Albatros, 2017 paint on canvas, 240 x 170 cm

Teodora Axente

Teodora Axente, Vanity Game, 2013 (detail)


... "Our artist, Teodora Axente is part of the trilogy of exhibitions "New Horizons of European Painting", at the Frissiras Museum. https://t .co/jhXoGHGGMm"

Teodora Axente Cold Lining Installation View

Teodora Axente, The spell, 2017, oil on canvas, 176 x 141 cm 

Teodora Axente Cold Lining Installation View .

Teodora Axente, Charles with a cotton flower (detail), 2017

Teodora Axente installation views

Teodora Axente \"Enveloped\". Affordable Art Show.

Teodora Axente, Brightness, 2017, oil on panel, 44 x 34

Teodora Axente installation views

Teodora Axente

#5 Bariere - Teodora Axente

Teodora Axente

Inorog de Teodora Axente

Teodora Axente

Made of Matter




Teodora Axente with essays by Jane Neal and Sarah Gallasz Galleria Doris Ghetta english 44 pages 21 x 21 cm. June 2016. Euro 10,00



The Presence of Absence


by: Teodora Axente · Painting · 53 533 · Lighting the Dark

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Interview with Teodora Axente by Sabine Gamper - The Presence of Absence

Teodora Axente


Oct 12, 2016

Charles · Charles · by: Teodora Axente. Painting


Extra muros

Last week, one of my dreams came true and my article about.


Teodora Axente