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Tetuan cityearly in the morningTetuanthe white dove describe like

Tetuan cityearly in the morningTetuanthe white dove describe like


Tetuan city,early in the morning.Tetuan,the white dove describe like the

https://flic.kr/p/7G9wso | the streets of tetouan | This medina is an UNESCO world heretige site and is heavily influenced by Andalucia. Tetouan, Morocco.

20 pictures of tetouan city - morocco

Tetuan, la medina


tetuan maroc

Tetuan Plaza Primo

Plaza Primo de Rivera tetuan http://paseandocon.blogspot.com.es

Puerta en Mezquita, Medina de Tetouan.

Culturally, Tetouan stands out for the beauty of its traditional arts including embroidery, cuisine, zullayj or mosaics and carved and painted wooden ...

Tetuán y su Medina


One of the first McDonalds and McCafe-s in the city operates in Régiposta street too. There's a nice ceramic plaquette by the famous artist Margit Kovács ...


[Image not available: Street in Valladolid]

Tetouan... is it the pic? Or something wrong with the scale?

The Medina of Tetouan is divided into three types of areas in accordance with their urban functions, namely residential areas, commercial areas and ...

Tetuan. Medina, monte Jbel Dersa by javier1949, via Flickr

A ruined street in St. Pierre, Martinique (1925)

Berber boys playing soccer in the Medina.

[Image not available: Street in Saragossa]

Dean city

Tetuan. Calle Yamaa el Raysuly


Teneria en tetuan

You can probably get the same or better quality elsewhere for cheaper but it's still worth a visit. The staff adds 15% cover charge as standard.

[Image not available: Tomb of Charles V, Escurial]

Historically, the Medina of Tetouan includes late fifteenth and early sixteenth century military monuments such as the Kasbah of the Andalusian commander ...

This square has just, recently (2012), refurbished - with new lighting, seating and decoration facilities:

Ah, Granada, the historic city nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. That's right, anywhere Spanish is spoken, a Sierra Nevada mountain range is ...

A Jebli Berber woman walking uphill towards the Medina.

How can we explain the fact that Tetouan's unique history and culture are generally ignored despite the city's exceptionally rich cultural legacy, ...

Tetouan's Archaeological Museum is also worth visiting since it reflects the past of the Phenician and Roman city of Tamouda, five kilometers from Tetouan ...

[Image not available: Barcelona]

Fez Eldjid (the upper city) From a photograph from the Service des Beaux-Arts au Maroc

The zeppelin Hindenburg floats past the Empire State Building over Manhattan on Aug. 8, 1936. The German airship was en route to Lakehurst, New Jersey, ...

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Four Nazi troops sing in front of the Berlin branch of the Woolworth Co. store during the movement to boycott Jewish presence in Germany, in March, 1933.

Moulay-Idriss (9,000 inhabitants) From a photograph from the Service des Beaux-Arts au Maroc


Thus, in 1831, Riego and Torrijos having been in open revolt against the Government, were lured into embarking for Malaga from Gibraltar, where they had ...

The Winter Palace is situated between the Palace Embankment and the Palace Square, adjacent to the site of Peter the Great's original Winter Palace - a ...

Women watching a procession from a roof. From a photograph from “France-Maroc”

Detail of Lace with thin edged hexagons ...

The square also serves as open-air venue for concerts by international performances - mainly, rock and sportive shows. The whole square and its monuments ...

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k. a. Moritz .

Parks, Points of Interest & Landmarks



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Fez—the bazaars. A view of the Souk el Attarine and the Quaisarya (silk market) From a photograph from the Service des Beaux-Arts au Maroc


March 6, 2015 November 26, 2017 by Red


Depicting the Battle of Tetuan in 1860, the relief features Spanish forces defeating the Moorish forces in the siege of Tetuan — which resulted Spanish ...

Jejkov - Image: Trebic jejkov jungmannova

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... Nordkapp - Givi Explorer ...

Thousands of young men flocked to hang upon the words of their leader, Reichsfuhrer Adolf Hitler, as he addressed the convention of the National Socialist ...

House of the Duque de la Roca, Avila

Rabat—general view from the Kasbah of the Oudayas From a photograph from the Service des Beaux-Arts au Maroc

Aerial bombing of Barcelona in 1938 by Franco's Nationalist Air Force. The Spanish Civil War saw some of the earliest extensive use of aerial bombardment of ...

The Façade of San Gregorio, Valladolid

Pursuing our course through a spacious street, we put up at the posada of San Fernando. As Antiquera, though a considerable city, is, as I observed, ...

... Salones grandes—camas de luxo—colchones de pluma (grand saloons—luxurious sleeping-rooms—beds of down). Ah, Señores, you will fare like King Chico in ...

Salé—market-place outside the town. From a photograph by Schmitt, Rabat


To the right the Rock of the Lovers stretched like a cragged promontory into 27 the plain, whence the daughter of the Moorish alcayde and her lover, ...

Jersey City Saucer


I have a traveller's dislike to officious ciceroni, and did not altogether like the garb of the applicant.

400 m. further east along the Admirality Embankment - we arrive to the Dvortsovyy most (Palace Bridge). Here, the Admirality Embankment changes into the ...

Timothy Ogene

Leaving Osuna at an early hour the next morning, we entered the sierra or range of mountains. The road wound through picturesque scenery, but lonely; ...

After another breakfast of goat cheese and tea, we got back on the buses and headed to the coastal town of Tetouan. Small side note, I kept noticing ...

Façade of the University Library, Salamanca

Newcastle upon Tyne - Newcastle city centre, 1917


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Abu Bakr ibn Muhammad ibn al-Mahdi Jermona

Three hundred fascist insurgents were killed in this explosion in Madrid, Spain, under the five-story Casa Blanca building, on March 19, 1938.

Sunday morning at about 10:15 Warren Erlewine, 437 Owendale, was startled to see a silvery disc sweep over jet planes moving in an arc toward then before ...

Lace pattern - swirly designs on parchment

The three children climb up into the trees, a height full forty feet above the water, and dive, dropping in a sitting position, crossing their legs as they ...

Albaicín - Sunset downhill the Albayzín.


street in Malasana