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The Amiga 500 also known as the A500 or its code name quotRock

The Amiga 500 also known as the A500 or its code name quotRock


A view of a Commodore Amiga 500 computer and a Commodore 1084S computer monitor.

All Commodore Amiga Games - Every Amiga Game In One Video

Commodore Amiga 500

Here is a picture of my setup for those interested:

Yeah, it's hard to know really. Working through the problem with E-Penguin, I think we determined the most likely cause is an issue with address line A19.

Commodore Amiga 500 (A500) REV 6A

Inside "Barrys" Commodore Amiga A500 Plus

The Amiga 600 was the successor to the popular Amiga 500 machine. The Amiga also known as the (codenamed "June Bug" after a song), was a home.

Amiga 500 The ...

Here's a pic of the motherboard for reference: http://www.bigbookofamigahardware.co...s_rev8a1_2.jpg

USB conversion kit for Amiga 500 keyboard 10

It still lives:

amiga upgrade 2

An Amiga 500 For The 21st Century

A quick look at the data sheet shows they are 16-bits wide, perfect for a A500.

An Amiga 1200 connected to a TV

Amiga 500

While in here I addressed the vampire's tendency to wobble off the 68000 socket without the kickstart rom present by putting some bumpers in the right ...

Amiga 500 + ACA500 + ACA1221 boot time and speed test

Amiga 500 Inside

Here is a picture of the finished upgrade.

Getting The Amiga 500 Online

Devpac showing source to Mario Clone for Amiga A500

Commodore Amiga

thumbnail. "New Amiga 500 - Now other home computers are just toys". The Amiga, code-named " ...

This is definately worth supporting. It appears now that a new A500 and case etc will soon be available

As mentioned I had to remove this in order to install the Vampire. Also note that unlike the Amiga 500, the Amiga 2000 does not have any riser installed on ...

http://amiga.resource.cx/photos/gallery/a500rev8a.jpg. duga is offline


Click image for larger version Name: X500 Plus Amiga.jpg Views: 5770 Size. Omolungo is offline

LoadModule installs so called "resident modules" in a reset-proof way, possibly replacing ROM modules by disk-based modules, similar to what SetPatch and ...

I also done a complete recap of all electrolytic caps on the motherboard, One thing i noticed was the slight blinking of the screen everytime the floppy was ...

if ...

On the pictures below You can see how the rev. 3 is fitting in an Amiga 500.

Amiga 500 Expansion port

Compiling anything, even older stuff that is a joke by today standard, is painful

Yup, its based on the A600 4mb expansion card and can have 4/8mb ram, Picture shows the Ports of Call workbench screen just so i could show the available ...

Commodore Amiga 500 Green screen of Death Repair


Just found this Amiga 500 Expansion by Datel. Does anybody know what it is? here is a pic of the board.

Amiga 500 plus Gotek Sound modification


Click image for larger version Name: Amiga 500 (Heavy Model) PSU - Singapore. dlfrsilver is offline

Bootstrapping an Amiga 2000 Graphics Card Because Vintage is Pricey

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Commodore Amiga CD32

Click image for larger version Name: 20130812_181747 (Medium).jpg Views: 657

A2000 Revision 6.4 Motherboard - 954K

My final setup includes a 3 Kickstart switching logic along with the resistors and looks like this:

An A500 with its box, tons of games, an original Mega Drive six button controller, and a 1084S monitor also boxed? And the whole thing was cheaper than what ...

Amiga 500 FlashFloppy Gotek Drive

Commodore Amiga A500

Commodore Magazine Amiga 500

I also saw this interesting Amiga 500 on display: It has a Commodore A590 expansion ...

Amiga 500


When our demo timeline starts, how impressive your demo is and how great you are depends greatly on how good your knowledge of the hardware is.

... same name by the B52's. The PCB is even printed B52 Rock Lobster. The B52 song naming convention carried on to the Amiga 600 'June Bug' and the Amiga ...

... Click image for larger version Name: 3.jpg Views: 859 Size: 261.5 ...

Full 6 page guide here

any hints / tips are appreciated!!

... with transformer supplies but I know that A500 and A600 did (I have a heavy PSU that came with one of my 600s). This is how my heavy A600 supply looks:

The shot below shows the Amiga 600 motherboard revision is 1.5, with the Amiga 600 codename "June Bug", continuing the tradition of naming system ...

Click image for larger version Name: 5060-fba6-4721-9b0b-88eda15660c4. demolition is offline

Click image for larger version Name: Memory Card.jpg Views: 1839 Size:

... to install onto the Amiga 4000T - as before I did an assign for the CD name to the drawer I created so I didn't need the physical CD to install it:

The RPI mini computer, size of a pack of sigarettes

I'll try testing it with a memtest program tonight with this: http://amiga .resource.cx/install/M1230XA-101.dms

After about 8 hours work on my regular job I come home and I was so bored and decided to start another project. So at 10:30PM VAMPIRE 500 project is started ...



Street Fighter II / Amiga 500 Intro

A500 Rock Lobster

The HDD read rate is really great: with an IDE HDD it produces 4.8-5 MB/s, while the CF card's transfer rate varies around 3.2 MB/s.

World Games (AMIGA 500)

When it comes to raw computing power on that sort of 'miggy, you won't beat AEon Technology's AmigaOne x1000. According to specs, it squanders much of its ...


I noticed that the output is ECS and at 1024x768 with the colour slide indicating 4... But it definitely looks like it can produce more colours on the ...

*TRANSLUCENT Keycaps: Keycaps are TRANSLUCENT as well. They appear darker due to keyboard backpanel being black.


UFE Rev A2 Installed on Amiga 500 (Cover On)

Click image for larger version Name: pic-001.jpg Views: 1231 Size. Zetr0 is offline

Check jumper position

Didn't the late UK A500s also have the new type KB? demolition is offline

Click image for larger version Name: IMG_0845.jpg Views: 273 Size: 544.7 ...

So question is why we will succeed where everyone else failed? Because we are united in one goal to present something new and innovative to Amiga community.

Click image for larger version Name: amiga.jpg Views: 1038 Size: 286.1

Chip Paula (MOS Technology 8364 R4) used in Amiga 1000

Take the third IC socket and CUT OUT pins 13 and 14. I used a small pair of side cutters.