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The Celts also used oval shields in addition to round ones t

The Celts also used oval shields in addition to round ones t


Celts usually had oval shields in battle. (this is the back of a shield), but they also used rectangular, circular, or hexagonal shields


Celtic Shield and Swords Round Ornament

Celtic Bejeweled Shield Ornament (Round)

Oval shield from Dura Europos, 3rd century CE.

Bejeweled Celtic Shield Ornament (Round)

The illustrations below show different kinds of shields used by Germanic tribes in ancient times.

{ Celtis Galliae Project } - { Arverni & Celtic Tribs v2.0 Released }

Circular bronze shield boss with a pair of stylised birds. Dredged from the River Thames

Pagan Slavic Round Shield Patterns - Downloads - Total War Center Forums

Celtic Shield Knot with Irish Flag Oval Ornament

Punic Wars, Celtic Warriors, Story Ideas, Barbarian, Celtic Shield, Shield Design, Armour, Eclectic Witch, Pagan

Nice Shield Design... The size of viking shields, were individually matched to

Celtic Shield Knot 2 Ornament (Round)

Find this Pin and more on Shields. by Robert P. Shyan-Norwalt.

Celtic Shield Ornament (Round)

Roman Auxiliary Cavalry Shield

... is when did the Celts, monolithically conceived, start to use other types of shields as well, and how long did they continue to use round shields?

Celtic Shield Knot Ornament (Round)

A selection of shield designs from the Notitia Dignitatum, each shield representing a different unit. Dio also notes the use ...

Celtic shields

Celtic Symbols Meanings 1280x960

Green Celtic Shield Cross Ornament (Round)

Oval shield from Dura Europos. 3rd century CE.

Seeing how this is still going, heres another round shield coin I forgot about. From The Celtic World by Cunliffe:


A beautiful bronze shield from the Late Bronze Age. This large bronze shield was discovered

Replicas of Celtic warrior`s garments. In the museum Kelten-Keller, Rodheim-Bieber, Germany.

Scutum (shield)

Shield Roman Wooden + brass oval

Hand-Forged Medieval Iron Viking Shield Boss -- Heavy 12g Dark Steel Umbo Armor

Download Celtic Round Frame stock vector. Illustration of background - 51750671

Two late Roman shields found from Dura Europos in the Middle East. The right one

Download Celtic Oval Frame stock vector. Illustration of abstract - 51749978

Shield - Wheel Spanish


Diodorus Siculus has given us a comprehensive description of Celtic armour and weapons 'For arms they have man-sized shields decorated in a manner peculiar ...

Round VIKING DRAGON SHIELD --- sca/larp/wooden/medieval/norse

Celtic sword and scabbard circa 60 BC.


30" Functional Viking Norman Wooden Round Shield Steel Boss Reinforced Rim LARP

Image titled Make a Wooden Shield Step 6

Medieval round shield

Webstore: Celtic Warriors shield designs 1

Warfare, Flat, Arms, Medieval, Celtic Warriors, Greek Warrior, Warriors, Bass, Ballerinas

Reproduction of a Roman scutum.

Gladiator shield

Image titled Make a Wooden Shield Step 15

Celtic Shield. "

Image of Celtic Love Knot

History of the Shield, Sometimes you have to look back, before you can go forward... - Venture Ballistic Composites

The shield of the ancient Caledonians, according to Herodian, was oblong, resembling those assigned by Cluverius to the continental Celts;

Image titled Make a Wooden Shield Step 1

Iron Age British Shield Shapes & Designs part 5 A few more miniature bronze votive shields

Download Oval Celtic Ornament stock illustration. Illustration of bauble - 38135155

2018 Oval Natural Amazonite Stone Pendant Natural Color Faceted Shield Shape Beads Golden Color Pendants Green Druzy Beads Jewelry Findings 1864 From ...

Combat uses[edit]


Fantasy Shields

Viking plied shield pierced many times by spear

Viking shield bind


The famous Celtic shield found at Battersea likely used for ceremonial purposes.




Gallic Shields part 2 Following on from the last posts about British votive shields, I



Three Intersecting Circles

Another type of body-shield used during the late Helladic period is the circular or oval one with two cuts on both sides which allow a better utilization of ...

a bad shield bind

Image titled Make a Wooden Shield Step 5

Viking shield stance

A rare type British iron age shield, handmade by Bespoke Shields and available for sale

European Lentoid Shield Shape Commonly mistaken for crudely depicted oval shields, 'Lentoid' or

In the rich warrior grave in Pylos dated around 1500-1420 BC a beautiful Minoan or early Achaean agate shows one of the warrior with a well represented ...

Celtic Warrior Small Round Wire Bangle in Sterling Silver with an 18kt Gold Bead

The best shapes you have so far, in my opinion. The round shields are mostly here for texture. You need a bit of iron, but your tower shields look too ...


Science Tree of Life

Hoplite shield or hoplon

Celtic Warrior Sterling Silver & 18kt Yellow Gold Large Round Earrings

bormio-stele-lombardy-golasecca-4-c-bc.jpg. Celts of the Castro Culture in North Western Iberia also depicted warriors with round shields in some ...