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The Gurnarlaug hot pool in West Iceland is a wellknown hot

The Gurnarlaug hot pool in West Iceland is a wellknown hot


Guðrúnarlaug, or "Guðrún's pool," is a pool with naturally hot water in West Iceland.

The Gudrunarlaug Natural Hot Pool

Hotel Edda Laugar in Saelingsdalur - natural hot springs; walking distance from Gudrunarlaug - a warm natural pool Iceland

Gudrunarlaug is a quaint hot pool to visit in northwest Iceland.

Two years after her husband Bolli got killed Guðrún Ósvífursdóttir moved to Helgafell on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. She switched properties with the noted ...



The pool is open for everyone to dip in and relax like Vikings. Located right next to the cozy country Hotel Edda Laugar in Sælingsdalur.

6005_3___Medium.jpg. Gudrunarlaug-Natural pool

6005_2___Medium.jpg. 6005_3___Medium.jpg. Gudrunarlaug-Natural pool

hot spring route – iceland

Sælingsdalur is located in West-Iceland, some 167 km north of Reykjavík, which is 2.5 hours of driving. Here you can see the location of Guðrúnarlaug on the ...

The Krosslaug Geothermal Pools in the Westfjords, Iceland. - Travelade.com

The Northern Lights from Gudrunarlaug, a legendary hot pool in west Iceland. //

Hellulaug | Geothermal Hot Pool | Westfjords | Hot Springs | Iceland.

An old hut and a hot pool.

A visit to Iceland isn't complete without a dip in one of the thermal

A landslide fell on the original hot-tub so Guðrúnarlaug had been closed for 140 years until it was reconstructed and opened in October 2009.

The Guardian has recently published an article about free hot springs (or natural geothermal pools) around the world, right here.

Image - Geothermal Pools in the Westfjords

Are you thinking about going to the highlands of Iceland? Check out this informative article about Kjölur, Strýtur and Hveravellir which are all ...

Guðrúnarlaug, natural hot pool - free for everyone to visit and dip in. Quite cozy I must say :) #IcelandStopover #WestIceland #Iceland

Iceland's abundance of hot geothermal pools was Kate Rew's inspiration to visit the country. In


Image - Reykjadalur Hot Springs // A Must See In Iceland

Photos: Travelade/Nina

Image - Hoffel Hot Pots in Southeast Iceland

10 Iceland Hot Springs that Aren't the Blue Lagoon

Directions to Seljavallalaug hidden swimming pool. #FreeTravelGuides

Hot Spring Hopping in the Iceland Wild

Gudrunarlaug (Guðrúnarlaug) Natural Hot Pool | Laugar | West Iceland. Dying to go there? Read more on www.travelade.com. | Pinterest | Iceland and Hot ...


Image - Six Hot Springs in South Iceland

A hot tub made by nature! Landbrotalaug geothermal pool, Iceland #ExtremeIceland #Extreme

Photo By: Getty Images, LuismiX

Surrounded by mossy green mountains, Selvallalaug is the oldest hot pool in Iceland.

Image - The Blue Lagoon. Travelade Original. The Best Year-Round Hot Pools in Iceland

South Iceland:

Top 5 Geothermal Hot Spring Pools in Iceland

Gudrunarlaug is one of many "hidden" geothermal pools in Iceland, located in the western part of the country. I visited the pool for the first time on a ...

Guðrúnarlaug, Sælingsdal

Seljavallalaug is the oldest man made swimming pool in Iceland. Built in the year 1923

Seljavallalaug Hot Mountainside Pool. Hidden pool in Iceland

Hrunalaug Natural Hot Spring

There are many, many wild hot springs and pools, steam holes and warm streams in Iceland. About a half hour hike into the mountain valley of Reykjadalur, ...

Top 5 'No Bathing' Hot Springs & Pools in Iceland

Although it has almost entirely stopped spouting water into the air, the geyser Geysir still contains extremely hot water which is way too hot to enter.

Image - All You Need to Know about Iceland's Swimming Pools

Laugarvatn Fontana Hot Springs

The Best Pools in West Iceland

As you can see, I really did have the place entirely to myself!

Sælingsdalur Swimming Pool


The Castle Guesthouse

Gudrunarlaug, natural hot pool, westfjords of Iceland. | Travelade Stories | Iceland Travel | Pinterest | Iceland

... Man's Pools" or "The People's Pools", is a hiking paradise with all its contrast: vegetated – barren, steep – smooth, hot – cold. The area is famous for ...

If you're traveling around the Ring Road, this place is easily accessible when driving towards east Iceland. Hoffell Hot Tubs are basically natural hot tubs ...

Hellulaug is amazing little pool just by the sea. It's located in the Westfjords of

The Secret Lagoon near the Golden Circle is a low-key, natural hot pool

Iceland's natural hot pools remain unspoiled so long as we don't spoil them

#Guðrúnarlaug, is a reconstructed geothermal pool situated in Laugar of Sælingsdalur valley in the Western part of Iceland. According to the Icelandic Saga ...

The Couple's Guide To Visiting The Blue Lagoon In Iceland

Gamla laugin the secret pool in Flúðir Iceland, wonderful swim in a big hot tub

Gamla Laugin, otherwise known as the Secret Lagoon in Fludir is a natural hot spring in Iceland that is fit to handle many people.

The Hveravellir thermal pool in winter

The Kaldbakur Pond: Swimming with Goldfish in a Geothermal Pool - Travelade

HOT POOLS IN SOUTH ICELAND. Enjoying a 3 hour soak at the Blue Lagoon.

HOT POOLS IN NORTHERN ICELAND. In the tiny town of Hofsós in Northern Iceland, consider yourself lucky to enjoy an

The Blue Lagoon may be the ultimate tourist hit in Iceland but that doesn't. Blue LagoonTravel TripHot ...

Image - A Small Medieval Hot Spring

A geothermal pool by the seaside.

Natural hot pool in Landmannalaugar in Summer

Krosslaug, circular geothermal hot pool by the ocean.

Grettislaug North - Hot PoolsGuide via Iceland

Q & A:

Image - Holuhraun's Geothermal Pool: Swimming in the Youngest Lava Field of Iceland

It's easy to miss this tiny hot pool while road tripping around the West Iceland but use these GPS ...

Landbrotalaug pool in West Iceland

Mývatn Nature Baths are the North Iceland's answer to the Blue Lagoon but they are much cheaper, and in my opinion, more beautiful and charming.

Iceland is brimming with hidden natural pools! #Brimketill Photo by @harrywander

Lýsuhólslaug/Lýsulaugar - geothermal bath

A small outdoor swimming pool by the ocean.

Image - Þingvellir National Park, Iceland - Unique Nature

Hotel Edda Laugar in Saelingsdalur: Natural Hot Pool on Hillside Above the Hotel

One out of two natural hot spring pools by Laugarfell mountain hut in East Iceland.

The Blue Lagoon is Iceland's most famous spa. Iceland boasts some natural hot ...

Krosslaug in Lundarreykjadalur, West Iceland. Can easily fit 5 people :). Thermal PoolHot ...

The Best Natural Hot Pools in Iceland: Hrunalaug Doesn't Make the Cut - Travelade

Photo By: Kassondra Cloos