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The Macy Jug Iran 12151216 body glazed and t

The Macy Jug Iran 12151216 body glazed and t


***The Macy Jug*** Iran-- body glazed and painted jug

***The Macy Jug*** Iran-- 1215-1216-- body glazed and painted jug | ISLAMIC art | Pinterest | Islamic art, Iran and Islamic

The Burrell Collection in Pollock House (Glasgow) is home to the world famous Wagner Garden Carpet, one of the earliest three surviving Persian Garden ...

akg-images -

Mamluk Quiver http://www.warfare.altervista.org/14/Baptistere_de_Saint_Louis-5-large.htm

Wooden Mosque - Neyshabour, Khorasan Razavi

Resultado de imagen para timurid art

Tile Mosaic Mihrab, from the Madrasa Imami, Isfahan, Iran. MIHRAB: niche in QUIBLA WALL, always empty to signify importance of nothing greater on earth and ...

Iwan, Great Mosque of Isfahan, Iran (photo: reibai, CC BY 2.0)

I Interior of the Dome Of the Rock, outside of the centre circle

File:Ancient Roman columns in the Great Mosque of Kairouan.

Mihrab, Great Mosque of Xi'an, China, 1392 (photo: Syed

Animal flask Object Name: Flask Date: late 7th–8th century Geography: probably

Bahram Gur Fights the Karg, folio from Great Il-Khanid Shanama, Islamic (

Where it all started - the oldest discovered hand-knotted rug, the Pazyryk Carpet

Grand entrance of the Sher-Dor Madrasah in Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Auction In Europe - Tapis russe - DAGHESTANT - au décor stylisé sur fo

The Caliph Harun Al-Rashid Visits the Turkish Bath. From a copy of the century Khamsa (Five Poems) of Nizami. From Herat, Afghanistan, c.

Fig 8-1 The Maqamat of Al- Hariri, 1237. It shows a

Granada Spain, Palace, Travel, Pomegranates, Gardens, Voyage, Viajes, Destinations, Trips

View of three (of four) Iwans, Great Mosque of Isfahan, Iran,

The Dome of the Rock (Qubbatus Saqqara) houses the sacred rock from which the Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) ascended to heaven

***The Macy Jug*** Iran-- 1215-1216-- body glazed and painted jug | ISLAMIC art | Pinterest | Islamic art, Iran and Islamic

Tapis kilim persan en laine (fait main) KILIMU Flatweave Collection - Contemporary Edelgrund GMBH

"Tahmuras Defeats the Divs", Folio 23v from the Shahnama (Book of Kings) of Shah Tahmasp

Persian Miniature Painting

***Bowl with Kufic Border*** Khurasan-- to century-- earthenware with slip, pigment and lead glaze

Evinde T¸rk Kadin•

Inside the Hall of the Two Sisters at the Alhambra, Granada - Google Search



Hanuman, Infinite, Goddesses, Temple, Lord, Hindus, Infinity, Infinity Symbol, Temples

Goharshad Mosque, Imam Reza Shrine

Khaneh Abbasi Bassin-Kashan (Iran)

Brand management - In pre-literate societies, the distinctive shape of amphora served some

court of gayumars

Angkor pls

Padova, Italy...I miss my city!

Folio from a Qur'an, Arab (North Africa or Near East),

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral at Peterhof, Russia.

amazing details at the Islamic art exhibit at the Met

The Quran is the word of god

Il segno dei pesci - Seyyid Mohammed ibn Emir Hasan, Metaliʿü'l-saadet

24 Stunningly Beautiful Places In The Southwest You Need To Visit Before You Die

I'm fascinated by the way that spectacular aesthetic effects often seem to involve bamboozling our everyday strategies for making visual sense of the world.

Find this Pin and more on Bucket Places by blyth1006.

The most beautiful pictures of Mont Saint Michel, France (20 photos) ~ Travel

Djema-el-Fnaa or Jamaa el Fna (Arabic: ساحة جامع الفناء jâmiʻ

Le cascate paradiso di "Up" sono ispirate al Salto delle Angel Falls in Venezuela

Medieval Times, Armour, Castles, Poses, Fencing, Middle Ages, Body Armor, Chateaus, Forts

miniature persane

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem on Sacred Destinations.

The Kiss, Gustav Klimt

Modern Islamic Art Door

131 Detail of Riace Warrior A, ca.

كمال الدين بهزاد/فن المنمنمات - جسد الثقافة

Find this Pin and more on APAH "Symbolism" by kellieconforth.

Modèles d'écriture ornés de Portraits et Costumes, de Prophètes et autres personnages Indiens

Door Patterns 01 - Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan - مسجد ومدرسة السلطان حسن,

Dreaming in Ottoman: Istanbul at a Crossroads

Art & Culture: Book of the Dead104: Last Judgment of Hu-Nefer

Third Crusade - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I GRANDI DELLA VIDEOARTE/Nam June Paik: è con lui che il televisore da

Antiques : Rare Medieval Sword Captured from Mamluk Aresnal at Alexandra during the last Crusade in the second half of the Century

Marrakesh مراكش is a city that sums up all of Morocco's exotic North African charm. The city's name provided the root for the name of t.

Frankish looped fibula, 6th - 7th century

It reminds me of Wisby armor, but without the horizontally articulated skirt

GIOVANNI BELLINI & TITIAN--'Feast of the Gods'- 1529-Oil

Jean Clouet- "Francis I"- 1525-1530- Tempera and oil on

Almoravid warriors. Almoravids and Almohads were Berber reformers, they made incursions into sub-

Hat Industrie - HTI 28021 El Cid Almoravid Heavy Cavalry 12 Mtd Figures in ...

The Kasbah of the Udayas, a fortified quarter (kasbah) in Rabat, Morocco

The Equestrian Statue of Gattamelata by Italian early Renaissance artist Donatello, in the Piazza del Santo in Padua, Italy


Almoravid ceiling, Marrakech, Morocco. Copyright 2013 Michael McLaughlin.

Magical, Mystical Morocco - A Travelogue

Illustration by Angus McBride showing a Spanish Christian Cavalryman from Aragon being ambushed by an African

Almoravid Koubba in Marrakech. www.asilahventures.com

Décoration florale du dôme de la Koubba Almoravide (Ba'adiyin), Marrakech -

Flag of Morocco (Almovarid dynasty English: Re-creation of the flag of Almoravid dynasty in Morocco -- the Islamic Shahada declaration (in a modern " ...

"The Rhinoceros," Albretch Durer, 1515 woodcut


Almoravid Moroccan Vase

Tintoretto - Last Supper- San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy-1594-Oil

San Giorgio Maggiore by Andrea Palladio architect, at Venice, Italy, 1560 to architecture in the Great Buildings Online.

Map of Spain in the and Persia in century

Guide to Marrakech tourist attractions: The famous Djemaa el Fna, the Koutoubia, Saadian Tombs, Souks, Gardens and many more landmarks.

alice + olivia | Paula High Waist Pant

Air Force Amazons: Trees in the Topkapı Palace

Juan de Herrera & Juan Bautista de Toldeo- "Escorial"- 1584-near

Giacomo della Porta--facade of Il Gesù, Rome, 1575-1584 (

PIERRE LESCOT & Jean Goujon--- west facade of the square court of the

MedioEvo Weblog: “Le Crociate: dalla Storia al Mito" a Pisa, "