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The Reservoir Hill sign for people in the air to know the way to Tulsa

The Reservoir Hill sign for people in the air to know the way to Tulsa


The Reservoir Hill sign for people in the air to know the way to Tulsa.

Denver Grill neon sign by Lost Tulsa, via Flickr

Tulsa memories (The guy on the radio would say "Ugh! You Need-

Tulsa Oklahoma Route 66

TULSA...seriously I would take a picture of anything that was rated G

Tulsa Oklahoma Route 66

Tulsa, OK City Guide

31st and Memorial, facing west, Tulsa, OK. The I-44 bridge

Sands Motel present appearance Tulsa OK Route 66

Saratoga Motor Hotel nowadays Tulsa OK Route 66

Saratoga Motor Hotel vintage Postcard Tulsa OK Route 66

The Meadow Gold sign has greeted Route 66 travelers in Tulsa for decades.

US 66 signage at Mingo RoadTulsa Oklahoma Route 66

Tulsa Skyline circa 1940

Cain's Ballroom came to be known as the "Carnegie Hall of Western Swing" in the early 20th century.

Oasis Motel old postcard Tulsa OK Route 66

Colorado wildfire destroys 3 homes as flames menace US West

Sheridan Hills Motel current appearance Tulsa OK Route 66

Best !!

Vandevers...downtown Tulsa prior to the malls, Where my future apt will

A sign hangs in front of The Tulsa Study Group of the Nation of Islam during the 46th Street North to 36th Street North portion of Peoria Walk.

An auto salvage yard features a bright sign just north of 76th Street North on North Peoria Avenue. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World

I grew up knowing our city was The Oil Capital of the World as did most

Meadow Gold Neon Sign Tulsa OK Route 66

Turkey Mountain and the Arkansas River in Tulsa. Two natural resources that people are starting

Oasis Motel nowadays Tulsa OK Route 66


Check out the Oil Capital of the World with a bus rental in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Throwback Tulsa: How much do you know about the Golden Driller?

Tulsa, Entertainment & Amusement Parks

Desert Hills in an old postcard Tulsa OK Route 66

Ma-Hu Mansion, Tulsa, Tulsa, Co, OK

Tulsa Banner.jpg

Ma-Hu Mansion, or what i called the Oertles Mansion cuz I was little & didn't know better. My family used to attend a haunted house there every Halloween.

Desert Hills nowadays Tulsa OK Route 66

Broken Bow

bird creek pollution

ODOT's Website Has Latest Road Conditions, Closures

Environment and Cultural Ecology | The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers recovered a woman's body from an SUV in high water in south Tulsa County Monday afternoon.

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GHOST TOWN: At top, a gorilla statue, the former mascot of the now

Utilities Report Power Outages Across Eastern Oklahoma


A Visitor From Above

The Tulsa of 1921 was a humming, bustling place that reveled in the title “Oil Capital of the World.” It had earned the name by making itself into the ...

Various endangered species are protected in Oklahoma (2012.201.B0091.0123, photo by P. Southerland, Oklahoma Publishing Company Photography Collection, ...

Razor wire guards the no fishing area at the Lynn Lane Reservoir 21st Street between 193rd East Ave. and Lynn Lane Jan. 25, 2015.

I like the views of the city…

The formation of the group is a good sign for Turkey Mountain. It means there are large numbers of people who are concerned about development encroachment ...

Photo Credit: Anna Stonehouse/The Aspen Times via AP

Photo by Dawn Thackray

Photo of Turkey Mountain Wilderness Area - Tulsa, OK, United States

Conoco and Phillips 66 announced on November 18, 2001 that their boards of directors had unanimously approved a definitive agreement for a "merger of ...

Street Level: 21st

The BOK Tower serves as the world headquarters for Williams Companies.

My bedroom view

Tom(left),18, and Tim Woodard walk their dog Bella on the walking trail at the Lynn Lane Reservoir on 21st Street between 193rd East Ave. and Lynn Lane Jan.

The McFarlin Library serves the University of Tulsa campus.

'My name is Rod and I like to party!'

historic Phillips 66 Station #473 Tulsa OK Route 66

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In the eastern side of Oklahoma, we have brown dirt, regular dirt. About halfway between Tulsa and OKC, you begin to see the red dirt, clay colored dirt.

Photo by Dawn Thackray

A sign at a shuttered restaurant. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World

Panoramic view of Tulsa Downtown and surrounding area from above the University of Tulsa in 2008

Pages from an AL-ANON 12 step program daily reader litter the road for a mile between 21st Street and 31st Street on Peoria Ave. June 19, 2014.

The red sign tells people that the pier is close today due to weather. Well, duh, you can barely walk and stand upright, but somehow, people managed and ...

Tulsa, Parks & Outdoor Activities

Girls Who Hike Central Valley Meet and Greet

Everyone we meet tells us how much fun we're going to have exploring this part of the country we've never been able to call home until now.

Coming from Ft. Worth, the second largest ship in the world at the time was on it's way "home" to it's mooring in Lakehurst, N.J.



A schoolbus in disrepair sits along Peoria Avenue between 96th Street North and 86th Street North. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World

But September was a good month for leaving and arriving on time

Day 2: Colorado/Wyoming border.

The City of Tulsa says its street crews began applying salt on hills and bridges early Monday morning.

Population 167. We had a great brunch at Mollie's Cafe, the last stop on our way out of the state and into Idaho.

DSC_3568 DSC_3595 DSC_3630

Kirkpatrick's primary obstacle had been getting to Sheriff McCullough, who was still barricaded in the top floor of the courthouse, threatening to shoot ...

Tulsa or bust!

Stone faced Gas Station Tulsa OK Route 66

A map of Tulsa in 1920

The rules of disc golf.

I've been to several(taco trucks), and I just like the way this one tastes better," he says July 6, 2015. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World