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The Trail of Hide Hunters 1872 The Old West t History

The Trail of Hide Hunters 1872 The Old West t History


The Trail of Hide Hunters 1872

Charles Rath, famous buffalo hunter, seated on rick of hides in Robert Wright's Dodge City, Kansas, 1878

Shooting buffalo from the train

Slaughtered Buffalo, 1874

The Grand Duke Alexis-Caricature

1921 Game Warden

Cattle Round Up. Close view of a steer downed for branding

[Men working around large squares of hides stretched out on the ground.]

The killing and skinning of buffalo by the thousands for the use of their hides in the eastern factories was a front page story in Harper's Weekly, ...

Wild Bill Hickock

A black or white photograph of a cowboy posing on a horse with a lasso and

"A Montana ranch, comfortable if not elegant, and the home of many well-to-do persons engaged in mining or stock-raising." By Jackson, 1872

... the San Francisco Bulletin correspondent taking notes on the battlefield near Gen. Gillem's camp.

Renowned Texas artist Harold Dow Bugbee's 1956 mural Hide Hunters can be seen on a tour

Buffalo Bill Cody, Ned Buntline, Texas Jack Omohundro in The Scouts of the Prairie, 1872.

By Daryl L. Hunter

William Tilghman and James B. Elder, 1872

Facts, information and articles about Wild West Outlaws And Lawmen, a prominent figure from the Wild West

American West

Main article: Cowboy. Charles Marion Russell – Smoke of a .45

Victorian & Historical Old West Cowboy Period Clothing From the

"American Progress"

"The Good Old Days-canteen at Ft. Keogh, Mont., ...

Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill, 1885

Between 1847 and 1870, the population of San Francisco exploded from 500 to 150,000.

Buffalo Jump 8816885

Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World - Poster showing cowboys rounding up cattle and portrait of Col.

Great Western Hotel, South Dodge City, KS ca.

cowboys branding cattle

Odin continued to hunt in Swedish folklore. Illustration by August Malmström.

travel legends top 10 towns True West The ...

Dodge City by William B. Shillingberg

... most of which still embrace their Wild West past (gun-slinging cowboys, dastardly outlaws, swinging saloon doors, one-room jailhouses, liquor-fuelled ...

On the Trail of the Buffalo Hunters The Mooar Brothers hunted the great bison herds of Kansas and Texas to near extinction.

[Outside the grocer's on a busy day.]

The wild hunt: Asgårdsreien (1872) by Peter Nicolai Arbo

Texas History Metal arrow point long ago bison hunt stuck centuries old vertebrae found in the

travel legends top 10 towns True West

"Execution of a soldier of the 8th Infantry ...

The Tri Weekly Old North State NC Circus ad Oct 17 1868

Hunters Stampeding Buffalo Herd LOC Jan 2 1917 by J.E. Haynes

... The Wyandott Herald Kansas City KS Feb15 1872 meat for sale ad

travel legends top 10 towns True West

... would be required by laborers of the railroad. In 18 months he killed, 4,280buffalos. "Buffalo Bill" Cody was just one of a thousand buffalo hunters.

Buffalo Hide Hunters

The cowboy stag dance was quite a popular pastime during the Wild West era

He was an American Ol West gunman who played the

The tracks of bison in soft soil have been preserved in a concrete cast and are displayed at the Heart of West Texas Museum in Colorado City, Texas, ...

Geronimo, Apache Chief: Hopeless Cause; 30. Helen Hunt Jackson A ...

Midnight cowboys: bounty hunters of the Old West

The Pittsburgh Post Jan 13 1872

... The U.S. Geological and Geophysical Survey of the Territories, ...

The Vinton Record McArthur Ohio Buffalo Land May 23 1872


First Woman To Run For President 1872

The inside skinny on the Old West towns you need to experience.

Texas Hill Country Trail: Cavalry, Cowboys and Germans Heritage, history, barbecue and wine welcome visitors on trip back into time.

early map courtesy of the Ute Pass Historical Society.

[Busy dirt street filled with people, animals, and wagons.]

The Newton Massacre & Reciprocal Justice,1871

travel legends top 10 towns True West

Jackalopes - The Mysterious Jaspers

good bad guys true west The ...

“The Episode of the Buffalo Hunt” (1895)

Cowboy Hats True West Magazine

Obsessed with reaching a final solution for the buffalo, the Army routinely outfitted civilian hunting expeditions to destroy as many as possible. In 1872 ...


Rath owned Rath & Co., a general outfitting store. He also shipped hides east. This yard held up to 70,000 hides at the ...

Environment and Society.

The “Fort Worth Five” photograph became a part of history when a lawman recognized the wanted men in a photograph hanging at picture taker John Swartz's ...

The railroads in the Wild West were used for transportation but weren't the most

The Wild West was full of wide, open and barren landscapes that were claimed by



Buffalo in Kansas

Western Artist, Edward Borein (American, 1872-1945), "Trail Boss

Baxter Springs on the Chisholm Trail

The amusements of the cowboy were like the features of his daily surroundings and occupation—they were intense, large, Homeric. Yet, judged at his work, ...

Buffalo hunter taking robes and tongues Smokey Butte MT

Dodge City Kansas 1874

Extermination of the Buffalo on the Great Plains

Vi si t

Cattlemen Sheep Herders Ranchers Farmers; 7.

This photo shows Wild Bill Hickok who is one of the most famous names in the

Portion of an 1872 map of the Chickasaw Nation in Indian Territory LOC

[Wagons struggling up a narrow mountain road.]

Panorama of Denver circa 1898.

The Wyandott Herald Kansas City Feb 15 1872


Illustration of loading cow hides onto a carreta. Hides were gathered by ships along the