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The Truth About Jet Lag and How to Overcome It Body clock

The Truth About Jet Lag and How to Overcome It Body clock


According to Dr. Smith L. Johnston, chief of the fatigue management team at NASA, it takes about a day for our bodies to shift just one time zone, ...

Jet lag. The traveler's great enemy. No matter what technique I try, I'm always sleep deprived for the first few days until my body adjusts.

jet lagMap showing travel from New York City to cities around the world. Each number corresponds to one time zone and roughly one day of jet lag.

Lowest body temperature shifts from 4am Australian time to 7pm UK time (orange arrow pointed to the left). She must now delay her body clock by nine hours ...

Circadian Rhythm. People with jet lag ...

How Long Does Jet Lag Last?

Jet Lag. Influence of Sunlight – One of the key influences on the body's internal clock is sunlight because it regulates the release of melatonin hormone, ...

Drinking a double espresso can turn back circadian rhythms by around an hour and could help fight jet lag, but it does depend on the direction of the flight

With long distance travel comes the insomnia, dizziness, and just out-of-it feeling we all know as jet lag. Luckily, just because you've been on a plane for ...

9 Tips for Overcoming Jet Lag

The truth about jet lag and how to overcome it

Top Tips for Beating Jet Lag


By Lolly DaskalPresident and CEO, Lead From Within @LollyDaskal

1. Start adjusting to the new time ...

Don't let jet lag ruin your #vacation. Overcome this pesky issue with

Don't let jet lag ruin the first few days of your trip (or

internal clock jet lag

plane flying across the ocean with the questions how to overcome jet lag

Jet Lag Tips

Beating Jet Lag: How the Latest Research Might Help

Jet lag can suck some of the fun out of traveling, as your body takes a day or two to adjust to a new time zone.

how can you help your internal body clock adapt to shift in timezone and overcome jet

How To Overcome Jet Lag ...

The science of jet lag and 11 tips to overcome it

jet lag, the temporal sickness that occurs when people travel rapidly across time zones or

Overcoming jet lag may be as simple as changing the time you eat, new research

You know the feeling. You're tired, nauseous, and having difficulty concentrating. Yup, that's jet lag – and it's not just in your imagination.

Inside Australia's new jet lag beating plane2:16

photo of an airplane flying at sunset

Flying east is worse than flying west.

Overcome Jet Lag Naturally

Explainer. what is jet lag?

How To Beat Jet Lag

The effect of jet lag on sports performance and simple interventions to overcome it

Stop Jet Lag with EFT Tapping and Enjoy Your Travels

Long flights across many time zones often leave us feeling fatigued, sleepy, irritable and generally out of sorts. And it's not just because of poor sleep ...

Waianapanapa (black sand beach) on the Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii

If you've ever crossed a time line, you know the effects of jet lag. You can board a five-hour flight at 9 a.m. on the west coast and arrive on the East ...

The Getaway


How to overcome your jetlag?

Here's how to beat jet lag, according to science. Picture: ThinkstockSource:Supplied

Long haul flights to many different locations, as well as the noticeable difference in time zones mean that jet lag ...

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How to deal with jet lag

Jet lag – How to get over it


Curse of Jet Lag and How to Overcome It | Early Air Way

woman sleeping on a wall above the streets with the question what jet lag really is

How to Cope with Jet Lag in Kids

Don't let jet lag ruin your next trip.


20 Do's And Don'ts To Help You Get Over Jet Lag Quickly

Effects of flying and jet lag on fertility pt 1.

Tips on how to beat jetlag. Fyrol Mohd / AFP

Overcoming Jet Lag

Seven Ways to Cure Jet Lag (That Actually Work!)

Overcoming jet lag could be as simple as changing the time you eat

Hydrate yourself and eat light a couple of days before your flight PHOTO: WIKIHOW

Brain chemical helps beat jet lag

jet lag. The researchers pointed out that the internal body clocks ...

It can take a few days to overcome the feelings of being lethargic and exhausted, which are particularly frustrating when you're wanting to make the most of ...

Jet lag can be difficult to overcome no matter how used to travelling you are, but blogger and illustrator Yumi Sakugawa has put together a simple start to ...

Military prevent jet lag diet

No matter how much of an intrepid traveler you are, there's always a nagging concern about traveling across different time zones – battling a jet lag is no ...

How Daylight Saving Time Is Like Jet Lag

Your internal body clock is disrupted when you fly through different time zones, resulting in

Image: Re-timer glasses have been invented by researchers out of Flinders University to assist with sleep disorders, including jet lag.

This is the best way to conquer jetlag! 787 by night

The findings could reduce the symptoms of jet lag after travelling through different time zones

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Surviving jet lag: The best advice you'll ever get

Curing Your Jet Lag: Leave It On The Plane With 8 Easy Remedies!

Shona Vertue, Jet Lag Yoga, womenshealthmag.co.uk

Changing your meal times could help you beat jet lag and shift work

jet lag

As a frequent international traveler, it's important to overcome jetlag quickly at my destinations to maximize productivity during these visits.

3 Essential Oils to Help Jet Leg

Not to be deterred from the challenge, I started laying the groundwork for adjusting to Amsterdam time while still in San Francisco, and it worked ...

Air travel can cause jet lag, especially long-haul flights going from west to east.