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The Twin Victim also known as Doublehead are an enemy from

The Twin Victim also known as Doublehead are an enemy from


The Twin Victim, also known as Doublehead, are an enemy from Silent Hill 4: The Room, first encountered in the Water Prison. In addition to their game ...

The Twin Victim, also known as Doublehead, is an enemy from Silent Hill 4: The Room, and is first encountered by Henry in the Water Prison.

Silent Hill Twins Victim

Silent Hill The Room Concept Art - Silent Hill Memories - Twin Victim

Twin Victim

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The Twin Victim also appears in the Silent Hill comic, Dead/Alive. A similar variant, know as "Bottoms" appear in South Ashfield Heights.

Silent Hill 3 Concept Art

Henry fighting a Twin Victim.

ExpoSilentHill-MasahiroIto-Room @ galerie chappe

Silent Hill - Twins

Silent Hill The Room Concept Art - Silent Hill Memories - Twin Victim, Wall Monster

"Screw ya guys. I'm going home".

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In Silent Hill 2, this monster is known as "The Flesh Lips." I've always been fascinated by this particular design of Masahiro Ito.


12:01 PM - 3 Jul 2018 from Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Changwat Chiang Mai

... The "Twin Victim" / "Doublehead" enemy in #SilentHill 4: The Room (2004) was almost certainly inspired by the shambling baby faced horrors in the dream ...

A well-done costume of the Twin Victims from "Silent Hill 4: The Room".

Into the Darkness Seduction.

james and maria - silent hill

I decided to stick the collection of silent hill 3 nasties together for this wallpaper.

Pretty rough sketch, I had this idea of that piston coming out of the bottom face to be constantly going in and out.

(6) Tumblr

Silent Hill 4: The Room Creatures: Twin Victim

Silent Hill 4, Walter & Henry

February x paints with glow in the dark elementscommission Love on Silent Hill

Creepiest enemy design? - Page 4 - NeoGAF

Silent Hill Collecting Database

Silent Hill inspired sculpture. Twin Victim

silent hill concept art - Google Search | monsters | Pinterest | Silent hill, Art google and Concept art

PH illustration by Kevin Keele Killer Rust Saw

10 cosplays que vão fazer você mijar nas calças de medo - EExpoNews

Art-Eater ➡ ⬇ ↘ 🐲 👊

Left: Terry Gilliam's lovely storyboards for his classic film Brazil Right: Concept art for "Twin Victim" monster from Silent Hill 4: The Room #SilentHill ...

Because in the Flooded Archives, you can't even see your enemy. All you can do is look out for the small ripples of water, as this invisible, lethal enemy ...

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RPk feat 2

Richard's Death Silent Hill 4

The Sniffer Dogs often appear in groups and are usually witnessed feeding on other deceased monster carcasses.

8) Twin Victim, Silent Hill 4: The Room

So what are some key elements of any good Silent Hill game? A thick, dark, and suffocating atmosphere of emotional horrors? A grinding and metallic sound ...

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A modern artistic rendition of Set (left), square-tipped ears and proboscis-like snout as compared to his modern-day reformulation as the Devil or fallen ...

Yes, that is a jail house booking photo. Her real name is Shawnee FYKE, along with many alias names she uses, she has also spelled the last name FIKE, ...

Arguably the most disturbing enemy in the entire game is a pair of twins that were murdered at the hands of Walter Sullivan several years back.


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Ken has fooled a lot of people, but two years ago, he found himself in a jam.

Robbie, pointing at the player.

Alt 1 (Robbie The Rabbit shirt): http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090718222906/silent/images/2/2b/Killer_rabbit_shirt.jpg

The male Sniffer Dogs are the general dog-type enemy in the series that we've grown to know and love, or despise, depending on if you're a "glass is half ...

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A visual gist of how the Egyptian polytheistic model of the battle of dark vs light, in the gods of Set and Horus, morphed into the Roman monotheistic model ...

The Lovers (aka The Twins)

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children and adults playing games


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories


Mira, the Shiba Inu dog in the Dog Ending.


Portrait of Claude of France, Daughter of Louis XII., Painted by Clouet (Sixteenth Century). In the Collection of M. Double, ...

The Great Knife in the comic.

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This is just a small sampling, there is so much more!

Motorhead - Hiro Double Head Eagle

Yearning to go a (twin) peaking...lol

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He became an ordained Methodist minister, a rarity for a Native, even one of mixed-race descent. He also published his autobiography, also rare for the time ...

Picture from Jennifer Bowerson's Facebook page.

Bear in Dead/Alive.

Part 2

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