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The White Cavalier Pit bull Poet Laureate EBT t Pitbull

The White Cavalier Pit bull Poet Laureate EBT t Pitbull


The White Cavalier

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Gino, beautiful EBT

Bull terrier bitch and pups

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Bull terrier

Resting on the cat.

Bull Terrier - Awww, she looks like Stella the wonder doggie!

aww I love all white bull terriers! target dog :)

This pin shows love and support in a secure attachment between a young child and her

Shared by Meet LaRusso, a sturdy fellow

How Bull Terriers were made Love Bodacious

Woman Recalls Saving Pit Bull The Day Of His Scheduled Euthanization

big dog:how are things down there? little dog:good! big dog:things up here are good too. little dog:at least you can see out the window! big dog:well you ...

Cheeze's bro Burger the Mini Bull Terrier. Picture taken 10 years ago (We miss

American Bully - American Bully


dogs easy to draw pitbull puppy - Skylikes Yahoo Image Search Results

Discover ...

Winner 1918 - Ch Haymarket Faultless, Bull Terrier (White)

"Thoughtful Pit Bull Thinks Love" T-Shirt by Dean Russo Thanks for posting this one Peterson Peterson Dunaway!

Bull Terriers and Princess Anne ... another reason why she's my favourite royal

Hooray for the Red, White and Blue!

Lovely EBT, a pretty brown in color, I rarely see this

A pug wearing a dress

Posted Image

bull terrier miniature vs bull terrier - Cerca con Google

Apple Head Chihuahua

"Can't we all just get along?"

It is a very cold evening here in Colorado, so we brought Porter inside and built a fire. Jon is holding him by the fireplace.

Baby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies! (Breeder: Chadwick Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's)

Better to be called an asshole in faux anger than to be hugged asexually in faux desire.

... poet laureate blue wallpaper wallpapersafari blue gator mouth pitbull puppies wallpaper wallpapersafari pit bull black curs ...

People commonly get pitty confused with EBT. my Pitty & EBT actually love children and prefer frozen blueberries, lol.

might be a morkie (maltese and yorkshire terrier)

Shoveling snow off the deck to our golden retriever to catch and fetch.

Couldn't be truer. Hard heads

Chuck is a keeper!

Vintage photograph of a lady with two Bull Terriers.

all of these dogs suffered from a life threatening injury. all of these dogs except one received veterinary care and survived. guess which one.

Have never seen a "Morkie" but that is what the previous caption was.

The Washington Free Beacon staff has nominated Hillary's service dog as Man of the Year.

Men's unisex soft grey GImme Shelter Rolling Stones dog rescue t shirt Benefits Rescue efforts

Easy Branches - Young Dogs ~ Cute puppy and dog

Some recalled the dogs foaming at the mouth as Jones worked the dogs into a street-clearing frenzy.

15 month old male Whippet cross English Bull Terrier dog

Thanks to a Senate vote, miniature horses have now been approved for use as service animals in the state of ...

Unlikely friendships

Out and about with camera in hand

Upcoming Events at Rutherford County Library System

Scientists have grown a LIVING human ear on the back of a rat

I have been reading The Journey, which was written in 2006 by Billy Graham. As one might expect, it is powerful. Over and over again he urges the reader to ...

Rotti pup :) Rottweilers are so beautiful and can have the best temperaments, not to mention be extremely smart. Our Rotties Nahla Keala were amazing!

Beautiful #Bully

Bob's Blog: "What will he choose, to show vision and leadership, or not? Move back, or move forward? A great life, or more isolation?"

His dam, landshark, is where most people suspect the prevalent red color in the Vader dogs comes from. There are plenty of rumors going around about her ...

"You know the idiot who shot up that school in Florida last week? He broke the law. In fact, he broke a bunch of laws.

Once upon a time in the mountains there was a ranch. There were seven horses there and the people who owned the horses were Zoey, Clare, Sara, Mala, Haley, ...

9 styles Pocket Monster plush toy LAPRAS Dragonair DRAGONITE doll birthday christmas gifts for girl boy kidz free shipping - us71

The chickens all rush toward me, but they don't know that I am coming for their eggs, and have nothing to feed them. Someone else will do that later in the ...

Pedigree Dogs Exposed - The Blog

He wants us to start with Homer and Aristotle, then, Beauty and the Beast, then, 1001 Arabian Nights. Our notions of sexual equality come from Aristotle ...

Here is something very depressing from Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post.


This is more like the Colorado mornings I enjoyed for over 40 years. Blue sky, with just a hint that white clouds might be coming later in the day.

I love my Morkie T-Shirt

Clarifying the lines of enmity

I cannot resist reposting some of Zombie's funniest photos.

February - Kate Greenaway's Almanack for 1892

Kudos to the Denver Post! I never thought I would ever write those words! Yesterday they ran a front page across the top headline and story revealing Bill ...

Twenty-nine years ago tonight a huge invasion force entered into the city of Beijing under strict orders to clear Tiananmen Square by six a.m. on June 4.

If you've got a hole, run through it!


James Hinks son, James II, followed in his foot steps with the Hinks Bull Terrier. James II added a dash of Dalmatian blood to bring the dogs up on their ...

I promise I won't disturb you, if you promise not to peck me!

Beautiful CKC Morkies

... http://www.midog.fi/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/dog-421714_1920-1200x1800.jpg ...

The real deal: An X-Ray of Mr Cabrera's 48.2cm penis, which hangs down below his knees Source: Getty Images

Ace of Spades posts a picture of a gender ambiguous cat, and asks a multiple choice question: Does this cat identify as A: A male. B. A female

Kudos to the Denver Post! I never thought I would ever write those words! Yesterday they ran a front page across the top headline and story revealing Bill ...

h/t Mike Miles

Then and Now

According to his D.C. Circuit biography, the judge is a volunteer with the St. Maria's Meals program, which serves hot dinners to the capital's poor.

President Trump and Melania have arrived in the UK. It is the most dangerous trip he has taken so far with far more security required even than his trip to ...

Greg keeps a close eye on those free range turkeys, who think they were included in Obama's pardon, but what they don't know is that Christmas is coming!

A new baby on the farm

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If you need dog cute girl dog names here are some cute names!!!

Hardy microbes that make their home in volcanic pools may hold the key to a new anti-aging drug(Credit: fyletto/Depositphotos) A team of scientists, ...