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The execution of a Vietnam Cong suspect by a soldier in the South

The execution of a Vietnam Cong suspect by a soldier in the South


South Vietnamese Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan, chief of the national police, shoots Vietcong officer Nguyen Van Lem, also known as Bay Lop, on a Saigon street on ...

Nguyen Van Lem; Bay Lop South Vietnamese forces escort suspected Viet Cong officer Nguyen Van

A South Vietnamese soldier, punches the face of a suspected Viet Cong guerrilla during an operation in Quang Nam province, 10 miles southwest of Da Nang, ...

Post image for Ken Burns Vietnam Review 2

Vietcong officer Nguyen Van Lem minutes prior his execution.


1, 1968: A grisly moment from the Vietnam War | News | stltoday.com

Adams' picture of the imposing, militarily-clad General Loan shooting a young, smallish Vietnamese suspect in the head is undoubtedly one of the most ...


Viet Cong suspect undergoes interrogation by South Vietnamese soldiers in the Mekong Delta.

“A captured Viet Cong kneels in terror as Vietnamese guard threatens

SUSPECT UNDER THE GUN - A South Vietnamese soldier holds a pistol as he questions a woman suspected of being a Viet Cong in the U Minh forest area, ...

An 'interrogation' in progress as a South Vietnamese interrogator kicks a Viet Cong suspect, as others idly watch.

Two South Vietnamese soldiers question a suspected Viet Cong women at gunpoint in 1967 [750x500]INCORRECTLY TITLED (i.redd.it)

Eddie Adams—AP

1, 1968, file photo, South Vietnamese Gen

Eddie Adams—AP

Viet Cong Soldier | henry chang stars and stripes plain of reeds vietnam may 1963 a

Vietnam War Saigon Execution. Vietnam War Saigon Execution. South Vietnamese forces escort suspected Viet Cong ...

Eddie Adams- Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan

Photograph from Bettmann / Getty


Peasants suspected of being Viet Cong under detention of U.S. Army, 1966

In this Feb. 6, 1968 photo, First Lt. Gary D. Jackson

Soldier of the 1st Air Cavalry leads a group of blindfolded Montagnard men, suspected of working with the Viet Cong, 1966

Captured U.S.-backed South Vietnamese Army soldiers are escorted by Vietnamese communist soldiers in Saigon

Vietnam War: Escalation and Withdrawal, 1968-1975

Vietnam War Saigon Execution. Vietnam War Saigon Execution. South Vietnamese forces escort suspected Viet Cong ...

The Vietnam Execution slideshow

For instance, in Stanley Karnow's Vietnam: A History, North Vietnamese deputy commander in South Vietnam Gen. Tran Do is quoted as saying Phoenix was “ ...

U.S. Army Sgt. Bobby Joe Martinez from N.M., who is honored on Panel 58E

A group of suspected Viet Cong soldiers, detained during the Vietnam war

During ceremonies at Saigon, South Vietnam, the Vietnamese Air Force pledged its support for

Stills leading up to the killing

The Burning Monk · The Terror of War · The Death ...

Saigon Execution | 100 Photographs | The Most Influential Images of All Time

A string of ten blindfolded Viet Cong suspects is led to his base camp by a

Under sniper fire, a Vietnamese woman carries a child to safety as U.S. Marines storm

It shows the sadness of war and pain of killing others.

... Saigon Execution | by cliff1066™


Suspected NLF collaborator captured by ARVN troops, 1962

A suspected Vietcong is kicked by a Vietnamese soldier holding a rifle as another soldier attempts

A Vietnamese battalion commander, Captain Thach Quyen, left, interrogates a captured Viet Cong suspect on Tan Dinh Island, Mekong Delta, in 1965.

Vietnamese soldiers guard VC prisoners, 11/62

vietnam war pictures

Brig. Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan in March 1968

Wounded South Vietnamese forces after fierce fighting with Viet Cong at Cheo Reo, Vietnam on

Horst Faas Soldados De Guerra Vietnã Do Sul & suspeitos Raro Vintage Clássico 1965 Foto | eBay

Nguyễn Ngọc Loan

A Vietnamese father runs down a Saigon street with his child on February 2, 1968

In 1975, the former General, Nguyen Loan, opened a pizza parlor, which he ran until 1991, when his identity was discovered and he was forced to retire after ...

A South Vietnamese soldier holds a cocked pistol as he questions two suspected Viet Cong guerrillas captured in a weed-filled marsh in the southern delta ...

An unidentified U.S. Army soldier sports the slogan "War Is Hell" on his helmet in Vietnam on June 18, 1965.

... 1965, Plaines des Joncs, South Vietnam --- A group of South Vietnamese army soldiers and an American soldier with two captured Vietcong suspects ...

... 53. A South Vietnamese soldier ...

A South Vietnamese Marine, severely wounded in a Viet Cong ambush, is comforted by

Ken Burns Never Knew How Wrong He Was About the Vietnam War – Mother Jones

The Green Beret founder of Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) training used a math problem to trick the Viet Cong.

South Vietnamese soldier crouched next to badly bleeding woman while awaiting medical aid during an attack

This US soldier 'found alive' in Vietnam 44 years after being left behind

22, 1968, Lance Cpl. James Avella or North Bergen, N.J., left, fastens the stars and stripes to a telephone pole near the south wall of Hue's ...

These extremely disturbing photos were published by Life magazine and caused quite a stir at the time.

An unidentified gunner of the U.S. Army in Vietnam at an unknown date. (AP

21. Marines emerge from their foxholes south of the ...

South Korean soldiers seen with a group of captured Vietcong prisoners.

Deserters, Traitors and Resisters: A Long Tradition of Those Who Walk Away From War | HuffPost

vietnam war pictures


It is on that day the Viet Cong launched a surprise attack on South Vietnamese Army

A Viet Cong soldier killed during the Tet Offensive,

In this 1965 Henri Huet photograph, Chaplain John McNamara administers last rites to photographer Dickey

DONG TIEN. DONG TIEN. cess of the 1st South Vietnamese Army ...


A US soldier explores a Viet Cong tunnel during the Vietnam War

Eddie Adams—AP

Staff Sgt. Harrison Pell, a wounded American soldier, drinks from a comrade&#. Photos: The Vietnam War

The Second Offensive in Saigon, Vietnam, from May 5-6, 1968.

A soldier, upper left, climbs from balcony to balcony while another, helmeted in

Vietnamese soldiers capture a communist Viet Cong guerrilla hiding in high swamp grass during an operation

Sylvia Shin Huey Chong

An officer from the South Vietnamese army is executed after having embezzled funds on the black

South Korean soldiers under fire in South Vietnam in 1967. More than 5,000 ROK members

Marines carrying their wounded during firefight near the DMZ. 1966.

Newly freed U.S. prisoner of war Air Force Lt. Col. Robert L. Stirm

An unidentified U.S. Army soldier wears a hand lettered "War Is Hell" slogan on his helmet, June 18, 1965, during the Vietnam War.

American infantrymen crowd into a mud-filled bomb crater and look up at tall jungle trees seeking out Viet Cong snipers firing at them during a battle in ...


Ken Burns Vietnam Doc 2

11 Vietnamese Civilians Killed by American Forces In a small village known as My Lai in South Vietnam, the US Military reports that several South Vietnamese ...

A close-up of a young soldier in camouflage gear, North Vietnam.