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The first pulsar dubbed LGM1 for Little Green Men t

The first pulsar dubbed LGM1 for Little Green Men t


Thomas Gold and Franco Pacini suggested that pulsars were in fact pulsating neutron stars, confirmed with the discovery of a second pulsar in the Crab ...

Confirmation chart recording of the first pulsar.

No, it's not a map of all the Starbucks in the country, but a map of all the radio transmitters, which cause real problems for radio astronomers.

Two of the six known eclipsing binary pulsars are here: 1718-19 and 1744-24A.

Composite optical/X-ray image of the Crab Nebula, showing synchrotron emission in the surrounding pulsar wind nebula, powered by injection of magnetic ...

Artist's rendering of a pulsar

Kids Need Science - About that Alien Megastructure around KIC.

The first data from the new ultra-wide-band receiver installed at Parkes just days before Dr. Hobbs' visit. And we were the first group to see it!

The Little Green Men

... a new technique, and some silly lot of little green men had to choose my aerial and my frequency to communicate with us," she wrote in the article for ...


She ended up discovering the first 4 pulsars. Her discovery had her published in Nature before she graduated from grad school.

PSR B1509-58 - X-rays from Chandra are gold; Infrared from WISE in red, green and blue/max.

In 1974 Antony Hewish became the first astronomer to win a Nobel Prize in Physics, with a bit of controversy surrounding the award as Bell (who actually ...

PSR B1919+21

Soirée musique

(2) The Crab Nebula seen by Chandra X-ray Satellite (3) The radio pulse profile of the Crab pulsar.

Schematic view of a pulsar, the white lines are the lines of the magnetic field

Kids Need Science - About that Alien Megastructure around KIC.

After the type II supernova, only the collapsed core is left behind. If it's less than 2 or 3 solar masses, it is what's known as a neutron star, ...

The Vela Pulsar and its surrounding pulsar wind nebula.

Greek Alphabet



Greek Alphabet



Si Forster

Roche was the first astronomer to note that just as the moon attracts the Earth's water, the gravitational pulls of multiple objects in space could be large ...

Mini print for Hanadoki con in March! I live cute food painting life now.

Confocal microscopy of fibroblast cells : Stock Photo



What radiation levels are considered safe?

(Credit: iStock)

The cosmic gift of neutron stars: a live blog event. “

1st trip to see Norman Cornish at King's Place today. He's on until July.

google maps street view ufo romania

So, where does this leave us? There are a few different theories as to the origins of the Grey alien trope, including the idea that the creatures represent ...

Although other animals had been cloned before Dolly, Dolly is celebrated as the first 'clone' because her donor cell came from an adult cell.

The first stereo reconstruction of a small area in Noctis Labyrinthus on Mars, created by


This illustration shows the approximate size of the red supergiant UY Scuti compared to the Sun.

Shakespeare, Astronomy, the Mad King George, and William Herschel

The ripples before the stick aren't as pronounced, the ripples after the stick are bigger. Similarly, the emotional response to an event is more subtle ...

Thomas François-Xavier 5D Espagnol

The Bucket List Astronomy Class says farewell to the skies Down Under, but not before splitting our allegiance between SHSU and Australia.

Drunk & I'm Drunk

PSR B1919+21

Lenli Trying Hard Every Day

“Hey, what are you crying for? Isn't it a happy day?” “Sakura's like this, I…” “Hmm?” “I love you.” “Mm!” “I love you so much❤” “Mm, me too!”

Axel Verheyden

Reblog. 🕯🕯

A representation of a neutron star showing the pulsar beams emanating from both magnetic poles.

Le SETI se demande si l'astéroïde 'Oumuamua ne serait pas un appareil extra. '

Every part of this promotion is related. Almost painfully so- & since a lot of Army's tend to be on the younger side, I'm going to break down some of these ...



M45: The Pleiades Star Cluster

La Guirlande: album mensuel d'art et de littérature (The Garland: A Monthly Album of Art and Literature) ([Paris]: M. François Bernouard, 1919-[21]).

Astronomers have spotted a strange mess of objects whirling around a distant star, named KIC 846285. Scientists who search for extraterrestrial ...

Jocelyn Bell ca. 1970

I must say I'm glad you won't live in the cage. You're not a pet.

Robb Haze

A team of physicists from the Paul-Drude-Institut für Festkörperelektronik (PDI) in Berlin, Germany, NTT Basic Research Laboratories in Atsugi, Japan, ...

Mercury, Saturn and Moon in the night sky on November 21

Below is our attempt to answer some of the most common questions we receive regarding depleted

Summer reading

moto2 field. a babe

for @mythologicalnet event: sky & space deities

Don't Just Stand There

True, you can also climb on it.

Cropped and enlarged portion of the witness video. (Credit: MUFON)

Dr. Julia Mossbridge's journal, where she recorded an apparently precognitive dream about a bombing on July 26, 2015. Screenshot/Skype)

The Standard Model Theory Of Personal Finance

I must say I'm glad you won't live in the cage. You're not a pet.

When Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas in 1492 convinced he had found the fabled western route to India, he wasn't the only one who was fooled.

Though Grey aliens can be spotted throughout pop culture – including Close Encounters of the Third Kind and even Star Wars – business really picked up ...

The search for extraterrestrial life implies that our cosmic neighbors are organic. But what if we are dealing with artificial intelligence?

Bruce Vartan Boyajian


This range gives us significantly less time to prepare for the next cataclysmic eruption, but Rougier isn't bothered by it. “My view … is that we should not ...



Craig Lydiate



We will discuss more of this later, but lets get into the history of the pulsar first.

Alien Megastructures - Very collage rusty, battling to play

The Crab Nebula

Big crab vs. small crab. (#`O´) !

It makes for a great perch?