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The great Oofty Goofty also known in less fun terms as Leonard

The great Oofty Goofty also known in less fun terms as Leonard


The great Oofty Goofty (also known in less fun terms as Leonard Borchardt), sideshow performer extraordinaire. Billed as "The Wild Man of Borneo" h…

Oofty ...

Miss Uno the Snake Charmer by jack_mord, via Flickr

Highlights from the Victorian circus freak show (posters) - Flashbak

Josephene Myrtle Corbin, the Four-Legged Woman, was born in Lincoln County, Tennessee in Rather than having a parasitic twin, Myrtle's extra legs resulted ...

... of Houston, his most documented Texas endurance performance was presented in the Oriental Hotel in Dallas. Oofty Goofty Houston Post

[carte de visite portrait of circus performers; a giant woman and a man], I. Taber Company via Yale Collection of Western Americana, Beinecke Rare Book and ...



J. Coffey, The Skeleton Dandy


Probably the best-known sports star who lived in the Sunset District as a child was Alice Marble. She was a great tennis player whose life story had ...

The "Aztecs" in wedding dress. "Husband and wife" wore costumes in

Weird Vintage Ads, Funny Vintage, Vintage Advertisements, Opium Den, Print Ads, Vintage Christmas, Illusion, Bad Girls, Pearl

Gary and John told us to stay put on the grassy hills of this culvert while they hiked overland beyond the gate to see if there was access to the drain ...

“In hindsight,” he wrote in a 2013 artist's ...

Portuguese-born Isadore Gomez was a Barbary Coaster with a different tack than most. Izzy always followed his heart rather than a quick buck.

oofty goofty the wildman of borneo. “

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But it should not be forgotten that the outlandish costumes and often surreal scenes were not able to mask a great voice too. Janet Lynn Roseman, in her ...

Leonard Borchardt's “Oofty Goofty” Leonard Borchardt's first glimpse of America was brief. The fourteen year old stowaway from Berlin was discovered en ...

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For better or worse, ...

I am impressed by this, yet also a little creeped out! Dutch artist Rosa


History Dweebs - A look at True Crime, Murders, Serial Killers and the Darkside of History by Tim Scott, Charles Walters and Brandy Herrmann on Apple ...

Hydrocephalic child whose head has opened like a flower (photo by Rosamond Purcell)

Anton LaVey with a friend

Strange Human Brain Found In U Of Texas Storage Leaves Scientists Scratching Their Heads. Scientists

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Bush & Sugar Ray Leonard

Television Academy's 66th Emmy Awards Dynamic and Diverse Nominee Reception held at the

Karl Urban - Eomer and Bones, both faves!

Rex Rathbun: Fish Head and Man Of Great Worth

Rhiannon youngblood | Personal Information

Five Hundred Years of Public Dissections

Autumn Phillips, Isla Phillips, Peter Phillips and Savannah Phillips. Peter and Autumn Phillips

Chinese New Year, which falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice, is observed with a sense of celebrating the earth coming ...

Well for one thing, that it's a good idea to mix things up a bit (I seem to remember Don Juan telling Carlos_Castaneda_1949

decayedintelligence: This is a beautifully carved ritual skull. The artwork is Tibetan and this is definitely one of the better carved skulls.

Links to the Past Three City Guides have recently encountered living links to historic figures they have researched or whom they speak about on their tours.

Fine Victorian Tropical Enema Brass Pewter c.1850's.

Edith Evans Asbury

Television Academy's 66th Emmy Awards Dynamic and Diverse Nominee Reception held at the

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences presents an 'Evening with Cougar Town

Mindful that the huge hats she wore might have diverted the audience's attention from the skill in her performance, she derived immense satisfaction as she ...

... but with mixed success.

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences presents an 'Evening with Cougar Town

MacColl's daughter Kirsty MacColl co-wrote Fairy Tale Of Old New York, with Shane MacGowan, which in addition to containing the greatest string of ...

Three Little Maids From ...

1894 ad

This strange-looking, fruit-eating bat is known as the Wrinkle-faced

The pugs face makes it even better.

Oh this one I should buy for my child's dad, seeing as he is a Dick!

The building of the Panama Canal in the beginning of the twentieth century meant expanded trade and less costly passage east for local goods shipped ...

The Oldest Known Surviving Statue of Saint Vincent de Paul

I love my iPod, but it is kind of a piece of junk with lots of programming bugs. At my last visit to the Genius Bar to get the thing ...

As historians, we like to correct others' misconceptions of history. Here are some myths about Levi Strauss and his company: • Levi Strauss invented jeans ...

Before heading east recently for a week in New York City, I conducted an Internet search for NYC walks and came across Big Onion Walking Tours.

Photo of puppy in the womb!


The Mission neighborhood is renowned for its many colorful, intense murals. One could easily overlook four relatively modest panels displayed on the walls ...

The Ferocious One

a rat pit like the one used by kit burns. “

of refuse was Aneurysm: BAD. People laugh at it even today, though it is a

2012-11-04 11.33.04

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Francis Asbury

Norton I, Famous for Being Well-Known Celebrity is a capricious state in that, while many seek the public eye, few catch and hold it.


... or their McMansion-y ultra-bland exurban one, would say that it's crazy to think an artist should move to a place like Vidor, or to Murphy.



When she made her first public appearance at the London Aquarium on Westminster Road in 1882

Barbary Coast, San Francisco - The shipping docks of Buena Vista Cove at the east

Josh Hines

Ninety men showed up and the Goliah put out to sea “amid great merriment of drinking, eating, and song”. As it left dock, Kelly proposed a toast: “to all my ...

State Cafe (left), Pincus Building (right), 1979

Ettore & Giuditta Serbaroli's Painting Of Jesus Christ, A Modern Version Of Christo Pantocrator

No chance!

Total Control (John Norum album)

The largest online newspaper archive

Kurt Herbert Adler was the autocratic general director of the San Francisco Opera. His uncompromising personality and his central role during a half century ...

But Kearny's first military encounter with the Californios was poorly managed, and ended in a stand-off. He himself sustained multiple ...

Merchant Levi Strauss could sell, and tailor Jacob Davis could sew. Working together they received the first U.S. Patent for blue jeans in 1873.

Larry Sloman

City Guides know that San Francisco holds a plethora of delightful surprises beyond the cable cars and Fisherman's Wharf. But could there be some FREE ...

The Swiss Alps: Not Surprisingly, They Go Better With Cheese

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The United States found itself mired in recession in the first years of the 1890s. San Francisco and the state of California suffered with the rest.

Madness Mantra

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