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The only known authenticated photo of Billy the Kid American

The only known authenticated photo of Billy the Kid American


Billy the Kid

The only known authenticated photo of Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid

The only two authenticated tintypes of William H. Bonney, Billy the Kid.

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This is the actual and only authenticated photograph of Billy the Kid (William Bonney). It's unfortunate that the photographer reversed the negative when he ...

New picture may capture Billy the Kid

Is this Billy the Kid?On the left and right are mirror images of a

New photo believed to be clean-cut Billy the Kid is real deal, forensic expert says - NY Daily News

This lone authenticated photo of Billy the Kid sold for $2.3 million.

This is the only authenticated photo of Billy the Kid known to exist, in Lincoln, New Mexico.

A detail from a 4×5-inch photo depicting Billy the Kid, left

The ONLY authenticated photo history has of Billy the Kid. William Koch bought this original tintype at auction for million dollars back on June ...

Billy the Kid Wannabes True West Magazine

This un-authenticated picture is thought to be William Bonney (Billy the Kid) at 18, three years before his death.


BTK Charlie Billy

Billy the Kid Wannabes True West Magazine

18Thirty Entertainment

The only authenticated photograph, the famous Upham tintype, of Billy the Kid up for auction at Brian Lebel's 22nd Annual Old West Show & Auction in Denver

Billy the Kid Photo Bought for $2 Could Sell for $5 Million

This is the only authenticated photo of Billy the Kid known to exist, in Lincoln, New Mexico.

The Rarest Photo In The World: How A $2 Tintype of Billy The Kid Was Found To Be Real

About Billy the Kid: New Evidence Show - National Geographic Channel - International

Tintype of Billy the Kid, which sold for $2.3m at auction in Denver,

It's believed that the photo contains all the members of the famous Lincoln County Regulators gang, to which Billy belonged.

Frank Abrams, an attorney from Ardene, N.C., is attempting to prove that this

Roswell history buff helps California couple authenticate Billy the Kid photo | Roswell Daily Record | Roswell Area News


We get a "new" Billy the Kid photo sent to us almost every week. Here is a good example:

USA TODAY. Billy the Kid ...

The American Myth in 2015: The Story of Billy the Kid's Second Known Photo

A photograph of Pat Garrett before he killed Billy the Kid in 1881.

Dedrick ferrotype[edit]

Only Known Photo of "Billy the Kid" Up for Auction on Saturday

The only fully authenticated image of Billy the Kid was circulated in his life-time was taken from one of four nearly identical tintypes he had taken at Ft. ...


Billy the Kid, taken outside a New Mexico saloon near to where the famed outlaw

This is the first confirmed image of Henry Antrim, otherwise known as 'Billy the Kid' - bought at an auction for $2.3 million dollars by businessman William ...

Billy the kid's Writings

A portrait of Sallie Chisum used for facial recognition to authenticate Randy Guijarro's Billy the kid

John Henry Tunstall hired Billy the Kid. His murder in 1878 started the notorious Lincoln

Frank Abrams shows a laptop image of a tintype he believes depicts the outlaw Billy the

A new National Geographic documentary chronicles the journey taken to verify the latest image of the

Authenticated Photo Courtesy William Koch Collection –

Notorious: This image from the 1973 film 'Pat Garatt and Billy the Kid'

Frank Abrams bought photo showing Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid after he was arrested | Daily Mail Online

Legendary outlaw Billy the Kid had his “picture made” in Fort Sumner, N.M., about 130 years ago. A single, original tintype is the only authenticated photo ...

Dick Brewer, c. 1875


Henry Hooker, one-time employer of Billy the Kid, at his Sierra Bonita Ranch in southeast Arizona

BHT-FW0605 Billy the Kid: The Poseur The most famous and only fully authenticated image –to date- of the Kid is believed to have been taken at Fort Sumner ...

Tintype of Billy the Kid A tintype of Billy the Kid was the only known authenticated ...

Possible Billy the Kid Photo Could Be Priceless

Billy the Kid - The Wild West's Most Wanted Gunslinger | History Revealed

Billy the Kid

Compare the only authenticated image of Billy the Kid (at right) to one of the many purportedly "verified" images of him.

Only Authenticated Portrait Photo Of Billy The Kid Ft. Sumner New Mexico 1880-2013

William Koch paid over $2 million for the only authenticated picture of Billy the Kid.

Sallie Chisum stands beside Tom O'Folliard and Billy the Kid in Chavez county,

Linda and Randy Guijarro.

Billy the Kid Wannabes True West Magazine

... Billy the Kid (Henry McCarty (1859 – July 14, 1881), also

A recently discovered carte-de-viste made in 1881 shortly his death has been

Billy the Kid: New Evidence, The

Alleged Billy and Josie photograph

The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid: Pat F. Garrett: 9781510718609: Amazon.com: Books

Billy the Kid Pat Garrett, Barney Mason, Billy, Dirty Dave Rudabaugh, and

BILLY THE KID, is considered one of Santa Fe's forgoten sons. As a young teen in the early 1870s, the Kid lived in Santa Fe, as a young teen with his mother ...

Billy came to manhood among a group of young men who would become some of the most famous figures of the Wild West.

Catherine McCarty

Picture of Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett could be worth millions - Mirror Online

Henry McCarty (1859-1881) best known as Billy the Kid, American outlaw

Billy the Kid

Potential bidder Mike Jensen peers closely at the only authenticated photograph, the famous Upham tintype, of Billy the Kid (aka William Bonney and William ...

... of photos of (oddly enough) Billy the Kid, & Belle Starr. No information as to whether this photo has been scanned by facial image software or not.

Robert Taylor as Billy, nattily dressed all in black with his gun on his left. And a cleaned-up version of the only authenticated historical photograph of ...

Billy the Kid True West

Kevin Costner to Take On Billy the Kid Mystery for National Geographic (Exclusive)

Billy the Kid True West

A Fresno junk store sold a photo of Billy the Kid for less than $2 -- it's worth $5 million

American Experience: Billy the Kid

Lincoln County Sheriff William J. Brady, 1872

Sheriff Pat Garrett published a book about his exploits after killing Billy the Kid. Only

Billy moved with his mother to Silver City, New Mexico, a mining boomtown.

It was bought by collector Randy Guijarro for US$2 from a California junk shop in 2010 and will now be sold by Kagin's auctioneers for an estimated US$6.5 ...

Billy the Kid photo goes from $2 to $5M: How an outlaw became an