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The prints were found in a sandstone formation known to belong to

The prints were found in a sandstone formation known to belong to


Utah, Arches National Park. an Abstract Sandstone Formation

USA, Utah, Dixie National Forest. Sandstone Formation in Yant Flats

Elephant Rock Sandstone Formation, Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, USA

Fantasy Land, Colorful layers of sandstone in the desert of Nevada. Rainbow Vista in

Red Photograph - Red Sandstone Formation On The Kaibab Plateau by Louise Heusinkveld

Eroded Sandstone Formation, Colorado National Monument, Colorado, USA Photographic Print by Mark Newman

Sensationally twisted sandstone curves of Arizona's famous "wave" formation in the Coyote Buttes area, seen under partly cloudy skies.

LAMINATED POSTER Red Rock Rock Formation Erosion Hot Dry Sandstone Poster Print 24 x 36

Sandstone Formation, Coyote Buttes Wilderness, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona, Usa

AW-6607 USA - sandstone formation Slot Canyon, Arizona, USA Adrian Warren Please

LAMINATED POSTER Rock Moab Delicate Arch Formation Sandstone Arches Poster Print 24 x 36

Red Sandstone Wave - Dramatic Sandstone Rock Formation at Arizona-Utah Border

Concretions on Bowling Ball Beach (Mendocino County, California) weathered out of steeply tilted Cenozoic mudstone

Mushroom Rock - view from sandstone rock formation called 'the mushroom'

Some of the many dinosaur tracks uncovered at Walmadany area, Western Australia. Image credit: Steve Salisbury.


Navajo Sandstone cross-bedding

The Wave, a Navajo sandstone formation in Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, Arizona

The White Towers of Silence or the Wahweap hoodoos are spectacular sandstone formation in the southern

Photographic Print: The Wave, a Sandstone Formation Formed by Wind and Erosion in the North Coyote ...

Heart-shaped rock wedged in opening of sandstone formation, Utah

Dinosaur age meets the space age at NASA Goddard


The prints indicate enormous animals that were probably around 5.3 to 5.5 metres at the hip

A calcrete extends into the Woodhill Bay conglomerate and downwards for about 1 to 2 m below the contact. Important fish faunas have been collected from the ...

LAMINATED POSTER Utah Rock Formation Erosion Sandstone Bryce Canyon Poster Print 24 x 36

Starved Canvas Print featuring the photograph Sandstone Formation Number 2 At Starved Rock State by Steve

LAMINATED POSTER Arches Wilson's Arch Rock Moab Sandstone Formation Poster Print 24 x 36

1937 Print Riscos Cliffs Momostenango Guatemala Rock Formation Sandstone XGLC9

Ashley Framed Prints Bossy Sandstone Formation Closeup In One Of The Many Tombs In Petra Jordan

Sandstone King, White Pocket, Arizona, southwest, otherworldly, photo. "

'Motherlode' of Dinosaur Footprints Found at NASA Center | Time. '

Bourke's Luck Potholes Canvas Print featuring the photograph Eroded Sandstone Potholes by Sheila Terry

Global Gallery Elephant Rock, a Unique Sandstone Formation, Valley of Fire State Park,

This undated photo provided by State of Oregon, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department shows a natural rock formation that was found in pieces last week at ...

Colorful Sandstone Formation Art Print by Evgeniya Lystsova

Whitmore Audio: Click here to listen to audio on YouTube ...

Twisted Layers and Patterns of Red Sandstone Formation

Sandstone rock in the Lower Antelope Canyon, probably the most famous "slot canyon"

JLR-63 Sandstone formation - From the Twelve Apostles, Port Campbell National Par South

This underground cavern is more than 6000 metres longer than the world record holder.

Sandstone Towers, Photography, Photorealism, Landscape, Photography: Premium Print, By Mike

A rich bivalve fauna is known from the glauconitic sandstone, including Rhynchonella, Exogyra conica, and Pecten asper. Ostrea and Pecten have been found in ...

Pine Tree - growing on top of an eroded sandstone formation in the shape of a beehive

Colorful Sandstone Swirls in the Wave Formation, Paria Canyon, Utah, Usa

Sandstone slab, dinosaur prints, Goddard Space Flight Center

Graffiti on sandstone cliffs at Clayton Beach. Photo by Ron Kleinknecht.

Ballagan Formation sandstone exposed in the north bank of the River Tweed near Lennel. P667218.

The prints were discovered when the overburden from a sandstone formation was removed in logging operations about 1930.

Sandstone erosion. Tafoni in sandstone at Clayton Beach. Photo by Ron Kleinknecht.


Variation in colour of Broome Sandstone and its sauropod dinosaur tracks. A

Download Kissing Camels At Garden Of The Gods Colorado Springs Sandstone Stock Photo - Image of

Red Sandstone hills around Sedona, Arizona, are a unique geological formation known as the

Close-Up Of Rocks At Beach

Navajo Sandstone

Red Rock Mountain Landscape Photo Print Wall Art Photograph / Blue Sky Red Rock Sandstone Formation Mojave Desert Cactus Winding Road

Trilobite fossil

The concretions were probably formed at depths of several hundred metres and at temperatures of 31º to 34ºC, when meteoric pore waters dissolved carbonate ...

... particularly in the Lough Neagh Basin where sandstones are recorded (Annaghmore No. 1 and Ballymacilroy wells). In the Larne area, a thick Late Permian ...

Tumblagoodichnus hockingi, a trace fossil unique to the Tumblagooda Sandstone, is named after GSWA

Hand prints worn into a wall of soft sandstone in Utah.

canyon landscape Western Colorado Desert Sandstone

Blossoming Rape Field, Sandstone Formation of the Teufelsmauer

Sedimentary Rock Formations of the Grand Canyon – In the Playground of Giants

The Allt na Cuile Sandstone is best exposed (P915499) between Lothbeg Point and the railway bridge across the Loth River, and in the gorges of the Allt na ...

Roxbury puddingstone

Glowing Sandstone, Clear Creek

Latitude Run 'Sandstone Formation' Framed Photographic Print on Wood | Wayfair.ca

People thought this iconic Oregon rock formation fell on its own. Then a video emerged. - The Washington Post

The Unique Structure of the Columnar Sandstones

Fossil of a palm frond from Racehorse Creek landslide. Photo by Ron Kleinknecht.

This vista may be familiar to visitors of the

Global Gallery Detail of the Wave, a Navajo Sandstone Formation in Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, Arizona by Tim Fitzharris Framed Photographic ...

Creation geologists did field research and found evidence that the Coconino sand was wet and forcefully injected into the mud below.


Stevens Arch, near the mouth of Coyote Gulch in the Canyons of the Escalante, is formed from a layer of Navajo Sandstone. The opening is 220 feet (67 m) ...

Ayers Rock Canvas Print - Landscape With Sandstone Formation by Panoramic Images

A Close View The Layered Sandstone Photograph - A Close View The Layered Sandstone Fine Art Print

Tell-tale toes point to oldest-known fossilized bird tracks from Australia. The bird tracks were found ...

Newly described formations and clastic members in the Tyrone Group help resolve the cause, effect and timing of marine transgression and regression and ...

... north–south from the vicinity of Dunbar in the north, to the area between Longformacus and Duns in the south (P912344). Some spectacular exposure is ...

Creation geologists measured over 200 angles in the Coconino and found an average of only about 20˚, an angle more consistent with measurements made on ...

A Closer Look at Sedimentary, Igneous and Ring Dikes

Red sandstone interior of Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona, worn smooth by erosion from flash flooding over thousands of years.

Coconino Sandstone—The Most Powerful Argument Against the Flood?

prepare to be emazed

FG-5867 USA - Plateau cross-bedded navajo sandstone. Utah, Colorado.

Excavating the tumulus burial mound of the pregnant woman found at Timna. Hathor's temple and the sandstone formation known as “Solomon's Pillars" are on ...