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There are more than 8000 known species of marine worm

There are more than 8000 known species of marine worm


There are more than 8,000 known species of marine worm, including the unidentified specimen shown here at 20x magnification.

The worms themselves are classed as Polychaeta worms which are amonst the oceans most common marine animals. There are more than 8,000 species in this class ...

Christmas tree worms

Polychaete Worms For Your Reef Tank

bobbit worm interesting facts

Christmas tree worms


What other weird creatures are waiting to be discovered? Credit: Shutterstock

Spaghetti Worm which typically lies hidden in sediment or rocky crevices while its food-gathering tentacles wave overhead. Though the worm's body is only 6 ...

20,000 Species Under the Sea [Slide Show]

... White Crown Calcareous Tube Worm

Christmas tree worm

tube worm interesting facts photo

Bloodworms are typically found on the bottom of shallow marine waters

bobbit worm photo

Christmas tree worms

We've found just over 6,000 new marine crustaceans and almost 8,000 marine molluscs in

Credit: Shutterstock. "

There ...

Marine Worms

  • More than 8,000 species ...

tube worm

The Sea Mouse The BomberWormsDiopatra; 8.

White Crown Calcareous Tube Worm

Christmas tree worms illustration

A Photographic Tour Of Earth's Most Bizarre And Beautiful Creatures | Co.Design | business

Christmas tree worm

Tomoptorid worm


Artist's reconstruction of the worm-like animal Inquicus fellatus, infesting Cricocosmia jinningensis, a marine worm that lived in seafloor sediments more ...

The king rag worm, Alitta virens.

In fact, this looks more like a very thin species of sea cucumber (Holothuroid) to me than a worm. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

The 49th plate from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur, 1904, showing various sea anemones classified as Actiniae, in the Cnidaria phylum. "

Bristle worm - 8

Ocean acidification affects species like oysters, clams, sea urchins, corals, and plankton. Their shells, comprised largely of calcium, can become brittle ...

Purple Trumpet Calcareous Tube-Worm, Taken Coopers Green


Zebra-striped Gorgonian Wrapper (Nemanthus annamensis), a type of colonial anemone : photo by Nick Hobgood, 2005 Martinez Did you know there were Zebra ...


Deepest fish in the ocean comes out on top

Christmas tree worms

Plenty of other species would have been great candidates for this page as well (e.g., the parchment worm Chaetopterus). While you can investigate this on ...

Spaghetti Worm ID//// Eunicid. RMF 11/28/11. James - Thank you! I had run across spaghetti worms in my search, but the first few ...

... and they also account for more than 8,000 of the roughly 9,000 annelid worm species known to science. Christmas tree worm



Peanut Worms in the Reef Aquarium

The Marine Worms

Celebrating a Decade of the World Register of Marine Species

Tiny pandorae worms (Paralvinella pandorae) living on the white tubes of the larger tube

Researchers do not know how many species exist in the oceans. Pictures is an adult

Christmas tree worms

Marine invertebrates


Tube worm

Marine worms by Alexander Semenov l #polychaetes

But you already know that !! :):):) And the other creature??? You believe it is the same??

Myrianida pachycera and its tail of worms.

Main image

What are Volcanic Tubeworms? Tube worm

Closely related species of hydroids can be distinguished by their patterns of fluorescence (scale bar

˚Unid Worm


What Is A Marine Worm?

Flota worm: A relative of the Swima worms above, worms in the genus Flota

Polychaete Anatomy; 15. POLYCHAETE REPRODUCTION ▫ Most ...

"A variety of marine worms": plate from Das Meer by M.J. Schleiden (

And a flame "scallop", oh joy

New Species: How Many Undiscovered Sea Creatures Are Living in the Ocean?

Poeobius worm


[click on image for more information]


This animal, the Leafy Seadragon, is a Threatened species. They are threatened by collecting for use in Chinese medicine (and by habitat loss).

Nudibranch's are some of the most colourful creatures under the sea. They occur in seas worldwide, including both the tropics and Antarctica NUDI!


Image of the Day: Penis Worm Teeth

Colony of giant tube worms was taken by NOAA researchers in a rift valley off the coast of the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Christmas Tree Worm

Giant tube worms cluster around hydrothermal vents

Canalipalpata - Christmas tree worm (Spirobranchus giganteus) in East Timor.

... history of the entire phylum Molluscsa, which includes more than 100,000 living species, ranging from giant squid to microscopic marine worm-like ...

A Nudibranch to Know

Turtles, with the green ones referred to locally as honu in Hawaiian, are a species of wild animals that are comfortable in the presence of humans.

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