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This is NGC 7814 also known as the quotLittle Sombreroquot Its larger

This is NGC 7814 also known as the quotLittle Sombreroquot Its larger


NGC 7814: The Little Sombrero in Pegasus

NGC 7814: The Little Sombrero in Pegasus - UNIVERSE

NGC 7814: The Little Sombrero in Pegasus. NGC 7814 is some 40 million light

NGC 7814: The Little Sombrero in Pegasus | Sombreros, NASA and Sombrero galaxy

NGC 7814, also known as the “Little Sombrero.” Its larger namesake,

The Majestic Sombrero Galaxy (M104) - NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI

NGC 7814 is also known as the “Little Sombrero.” It and its apparently- larger namesake, the Sombrero, are stunning edge-on galaxies.

SDSS image of spiral galaxies NGC 7837 and 7838, also known as Arp 246

NGC a chaotic galay that lurks 15 million light-years from Earth in the Reticulum constellation.

Hubble Views the Whirling Disk of NGC 4526

Messier 103 (also known as NGC 581) is a young, about 25 million

NGC 799 ve NGC 800

What do you see in this image from the NASA/ESA

DSS image of region near spiral galaxy NGC 7807

The Sombrero Galaxy's Split Personality The infrared vision of NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has revealed that the Sombrero galaxy – named after its ...

The Majestic Sombrero Galaxy (M104) - NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) | galáxia | Pinterest | Sombrero galaxy, Hubble space telescope and ...

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NGC 2282 is about 5500 light years from Earth, in the constellation Monoceros. It's a site for star formation activity. The Best Yet: Adam Block/Mount ...

DSS image of region near emission nebula NGC 7822, enhanced with NASA PhotoShop FITS Liberator

spiral galaxy NGC 4206

#Galaxy NGC 4565 in Coma Berenices (LRGB) ©2015 Gerald Rhemann/Sky

"Small magellanic cloud This Small Magellic Cloud is considered as a dwarf irregular galaxy. Light YearQuotesPhotos ...

Dramatic Transformation of Massive Galaxies over 10 Billion Years .

What is the nearest major galaxy to our own Milky Way Galaxy? Andromeda. In fact, our Galaxy is thought to look much like Andromeda.

Galaxia M81, constelación Ursa Major, 11 millones de años luz de la Tierra

NGC A Starburst Spiral Galaxy The party is still going on in spiral galaxy NGC Roughly 100 million years ago, NGC 3310 likely collided with a smaller galaxy ...

Half of the Milky Way comes from other galaxies Simulations suggest that galactic winds blew the

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image presents the Arches Cluster, the densest known star cluster in the Milky Way. It is located about light-years ...

NGC 4013 is an edge-on spiral galaxy located 55 million light-years from

The spiral galaxy NGC 4217, 60 million light-years from Earth, is seen almost edge-on, revealing extraplanar dust structures above and below the disk.

Sombrero Galaxy The Sombrero Galaxy is an unbarred spiral galaxy in the constellation Virgo located 28 million light-years from Earth. It has a bright ...

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The Medialuna Nebula, cataloged as NGC 6888, also called Crescent Nebula or Caldwell 27

NGC 7814: The Little Sombrero in Pegasus. NGC 7814 is some 40 million light-years away and an estimated 60,000 light-years across.

The Lagoon Nebula (also known as Messier 8/M8 or NGC 6523) is

SDSS image of region near spiral galaxy NGC 7835, also showing NGC 7834, NGC

SDSS image of region near lenticular galaxy NGC 7805 and spiral galaxy NGC 7806, also

NGC 896 is an emission nebula in constellation Cassiopea at a distance of about 7,500 light

Hubble Sees Turquoise-Tinted Plumes in Large Magellanic Cloud

Little gem This colourful bubble is a planetary nebula called NGC also known as the Little Gem Nebula. It is located in the constellation of Sagittarius ...

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This little-known galaxy, officially named J04542829-6625280, but most often referred

It is the largest known galaxy at about 6 million light

Bright Spiral Galaxy One of the brightest galaxies in planet Earth's sky is similar in size to our Milky Way Galaxy: big, beautiful Image Credit: Subaru ...

Find this Pin and more on Universe by ayuayutaya.

NGC 6872: the largest known spiral galaxy spotted by accident

The Andromeda Galaxy is one of the nearest galaxies in our local neighbourhood, and is visible to the naked eye from a dark site. Being so near, it also has ...

The Whirlpool Galaxy is a classic spiral galaxy. At only 30 million light years distant and fully 60 thousand light years across, also known as NGC ...

NGC 3718's spiral arms look twisted and extended, mottled with young blue star clusters.

NGC 896 is part of a large, diffuse nebula.

A special case is when we are lucky enough to observe a spiral galaxy directly from

This planetary nebula is called PK 329-02.2 and is located in the constellation of

spiral galaxies | Tumblr

M83: The Thousand-Ruby Galaxy Image Credit: Subaru Telescope (NAOJ), Hubble Space Telescope, --- Oct. 8 --- European Southern Observatory - Processing ...

The sprawling Caloris basin on Mercury is one of the solar system's largest impact basins,

The Sombrero Galaxy in Infrared This floating ring is part of the photogenic Sombrero Galaxy,

NGC 7814: The Little Sombrero in Pegasus | Sombreros, NASA and Sombrero galaxy

Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar 2008 - The Big Picture

NGC 7293 - The Helix Nebula Credit: Vadim Kozatchenko / Chilescope J2000 RA center: AR: 337,407° DEC center: -20,831° The Helix Nebula, NGC 7293, is a large ...

NGC 7814: The Little Sombrero in Pegasus. NGC 7814 is some 40 million light-years away and an estimated 60,000 light-years across.

A colourful star-forming region is featured in this stunning new NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image of NGC Looking like a roiling cauldron of some exotic ...

Hidden Galaxy IC 342 : Similar in size to large, bright spiral galaxies in our neighborhood, IC 342 is a mere 10 million light-years distant in the ...

The Orion Nebula , also known as Messier 42, or NGC 1976 . is a

Lagoon Nebula Ivan Eder (Hungary) New stars are formed in the undulating clouds of also commonly referred to as the Lagoon Nebula, situated around light ...

SDSS image of lenticular galaxy NGC 7805 and spiral galaxy NGC 7806, also known as

This image of the Beehive star cluster points out the location of its first known planets

An image of Messier 7 (also known as NGC in Scorpius shows the stars sparkling like diamonds. The picture was captured by the Wide Field Imager of the ...

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Champ profond de hubble Abell 2744

thedemon-hauntedworld: NGC 5866, The Spindle Galaxy Credit:.

Hoag's Object Supplemental Material

Messier 97 (M97), also known as the Owl Nebula, is a famous

NGC 869 and NGC 884 (Infrared) | by gjdonatiello

Alnitak, Alnilam, Mintaka, otherwise known as the Belt of Orion. Image Credit

NGC 7293 - Helix Nebula or often referred to as "The Eye of God."

Fast expanding gas clouds mark the end for a central star in the Calabash Nebula.

Galaxy 1068 is shown in visible light and X-rays in this composite image.

Spiral galaxy NGC 3370 lies about 100 million light-years away toward the…

This is the south-eastern knot of the Veil Nebula, the twisted remains of a star that exploded as a supernova around 5000 to years ago.

Intense X-rays sculpt Thor's neon-hued helmet This brightly coloured scene shows a giant cloud of glowing gas and dust known as NGC This is also dubbed the ...

APOD: 2018 March 25 - Announcing Nova Carinae 2018

Outer space

beautiful sight

Wide-field view of the sky around NGC 7635 (Bubble & NGC 7538

Galactic Supernova 3C 397

NGC 6217 is a barred spiral galaxy, located in the constellation Ursa Minor. It was discovered on December 1797 by William Herschel.

Dark matter filament studied in 3-D for the first time

NGC 206 is a gigantic association of stars near top center of this image. The

WIRED Space Photo of the Day: Leaving a trail of life | Fascinating | Pinterest | Photos, Photos of and As

This dramatic image shows the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope's view of dwarf galaxy known as NGC which lies 60 million light-years away in the ...

The Rosette Nebula, also known as NGC 2237 or Caldwell taken from Waukesha, Wisc. on Jan. Photo by Dennis Roscoe, Ph.

Spiral Galaxy NGC 289 - Swirl in the Southern Sky

A planetary nebula named NGC also known as, Butterfly Nebula and Bug Nebula, in the Scorpius constellation is pictured July (Photo by NASA, ESA, ...

Hubble Catches Stellar Explosions in NGC 6984

The Majestic Sombrero Galaxy

Barred spiral galaxy M109 is found just below the Big Dipper's bowl in the northern constellation

The spectacular swirling arms and central bar of the Sculptor galaxy are revealed in this new view from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. Also known as NGC ...

Into the storm This shot from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows a maelstrom of glowing gas and dark dust within one of the Milky Way's satellite ...

Messier 77 Credit: ESO 7/5/17: The active galactic nucleus at

27, 2015: Large spiral galaxy Messier 100 appears face-