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This is one of new drawings Ive done for uncoming issue of

This is one of new drawings Ive done for uncoming issue of


for starters there's this one punch man drawing I did a while ago probably around the spring I drew this anyway this was fun to draw from what I remember

... definitely one of the most detailed characters I've done for a while #finalfantasy #ff14 #ffxiv #arealmreborn #finalfantasyxiv #patreon #request #raffle ...

... drawings a week with Saturday and Sunday as make up days if I miss one. As of this week, so far, I've gotten three done. They're not spectacular but as ...

Inktober Day Here is today's drawing. I've decided to do during Ink directly on paper again in this one, no pencil under drawing.

Fosni on Twitter: "One of my favorite little doodles I've done. #girl #thin #skinny #emaciated #spotlight #helmet #lady #sketch #drawing #creative… ...

This may not be the best I've done, but it is certainly the one sketch that I cant stop looking at! I never knew I could draw a girl as beautiful as her!

“Cleaning up after the party.” Totally inappropriate and probably obnoxious, but if

My Hatsune Miku drawing :) one of my favourite drawings I've done so

Working on a new short comic! I've decided to film the process for this one. cassandracalin

I've been asked a lot about how to depict different scales recently. The question is - how do you tell the viewer of one map that they're looking at a z.

This was a typical drawing of mine at age 8. For context I started getting serious about art at around this time and I aspired to be an artist when I was ...

04-08-2014 I've often been told one of the issues I have when drawing human figures is that I over shade or line the wrong areas. I found today that I could ...

One of my favorite drawings I've done of Marceline, before I tried to color it and ruined it.

Another #eyedoodle … been awhile since I've done one of these. My hands misses #drawing #eyes

(Repost, last one was too light ) Hello cuties!! I have a bunch of unfinished #sketched that I've done for my daily #drawing challenge and I thought I'd ...

Ah holidays are great, I've managed to get so many drawings done! This was drawn with lead and a black ballpoint pen. (I used my sisters eyes for this one).

I've done several variations of this drawing, this is my favorite one. Original rendering marker and pencil on bristol. Finished using Wacom Cintiq.

This is one of new drawings I´ve done for uncoming issue of Firebase Has been nice to get a moment to do the new drawings. The new issue´s battle report is ...

I have a bad habit of drawing on my Calculus notes during class. Here's one

(Above) The most recent anthro drawing I've done, one year after the first,

Beautiful butterfly ikemen Rei #inktober probably one of the best drawings I've done

Relatively New fan draws Madara Uchiha. I've done a couple other drawings for the sub and this one is probably my favorite. Hope u like it

Gefällt 168 Mal, 5 Kommentare - @artmagi auf Instagram: „One of my

aravis and hwin, from c s lewis's “the horse and his boy”. one of my favorite stories, and i've done a few versions of this pic before. but they were always ...

One piece of news I've been meaning to share with my blogging friends is ( this is probably a reason I don't post as much as I should) is that I now have ...

#tbt some of the redraws I've done in the past, I thought

Issues should have been six at the end, i guess i've lost one. Here some drawings i've done:

... together ref blatantly using previous art I've done of it :Tb did some comic based recolours too I'll post those in a sec-pic.twitter.com/J4N1tUqRp8

... from Futurequake, a quick disclaimer – I've also written the odd story for them and have one currently being drawn for an upcoming issue of Zarjaz. That ...

With my theme set to 古代装, I tried to do some sketches on some elements I want inside my drawing. I wanted an ancient chinese setting.

my advanced drawing, figure class. one of the favorite drawings i've done

Scenes from one of Vivziepop's upcoming films. It will feature Kesha's song "C'Mon" and new werewolf characters including Raven, Pidge, Nightingale, ...

Fan CreationThis may be one of the best drawings I've ever drawn (i.redd.it)

One of a few sea life drawings I've done for college using a fine liner pen

"Why do you draw so many black characters?" A CalArts student explains how she answers this question.

1:35 PM - 8 Jan 2016 from Cottonwood Heights, UT

So here you have some of my drawing: This is my most recent one.

DHD Sassy Mare Sorry I've been away! I've moved into a brand new flat in London, and I have no desk set up, nor do we have internet =( Did this one ...

I've been working on a few commissions and been toying around with a few new ideas that I wanted to feature in upcoming issues of my Zine.

This is a great example of baby heads. I've been studying this one for a bit, as I'm also currently working on a project involving baby heads.

... on the Studio 1482 one-drawing-a-day blogsite, I've put up one of the drawings I made at the New Orleans Jazz Fest in 2005. Our magazine, Go Do It, ...

It's been a little while since I've done one of these! #Pegasus

more Lucy drawings I've done

Probably one of the most fun projects I've done this year. A new

Day 359 'Prince' one line drawing. I've been meaning to do

This is one of my favorite drawings I've done for the comic!

Did this one

... big jump from the first picture I know but I don't really have any structure to how I draw it, I just do random bits all over until I've done everything ...

I've also attempted digital drawing, and I 'like' my current style of drawing.

I accomplished a lot of things I wanted to accomplish and made some great connections. Sometimes things don't go exactly as you planned - this is ...

The comic started with a sketch I sent my editor Rantz. My plotline for a space-age love story got pushed to a truly cosmic level from the feedback I got ...

This is easily one of the best life drawings I've ever done. I especially love the shoulder up where I feel I was able to express what I needed without ...

I drew the Loud sisters and their rock concert scene from the new episode "Yes man". This is one of toughest drawings I've done.

If I'd set out to draw all the best buildings or all the brick ones, I'd wind up having that tourist experience I was trying to avoid.

I've walked passed this spot over the years since becoming a PhD candidate and have seen the dock sink farther and farther into the water. The week of my ...

Alternate link for this one cause its blurry

One last try... It's my worst drawing i've ever done, but it's Emma Stone! Can you tell?

... recent one (fox)! I think I've improved a lot, but I really do like the eyes in this one. #drawing #animal #Fox #Wolf #artpic.twitter.com/MuYFlr1jpU

I'm so happy I finally got time to draw nami. Literally all last week I've been doing standardized testing at school and I've had no time whatsoever to do ...

This is one of the first human drawings I've done. I hope you like it.

Hi, I've done this pencil drawing of one of the clockwork men from 'The Girl in the Fireplace', which has always been one of my favourite episodes.

Ive drawn a chromosome as its often shown in biology textbooks-what I like to

I really like all three of these 1min drawings – quickly done however I have capture curves and gestures with the new techniques. I like the man sitting don ...

It's the big Zombie Pinup Diva week here on Zombie Daily! One whole week of the very newest, sexiest, hungriest, Zombie Babes I've done

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Inktober and drawlloween drawing number 24, skeleton! I think I've done better (technique-wise) but still, there's something about this one I really like

New drawing, old poem. One of my first poems I've shared on

I've Been Drawing One Illustration A Day For 2 Years

This is the best one I've done that way. The details, like my other drawings, were added later.

Here are two of my favorite drawings I've done Kid Flash being one of my proudest, hope you all enjoy!

I drew it with a pencil and an eraser, and at that point I've only done simple lines to make general shapes of stuff.

... now I have bought two new ones. An A4 one and an A5 one. I have done two drawings in the big one & one portrait drawing in the smaller one.

Here in the example with the young boys face, I've done a proportion grid in orange, and sketched a linear version loosely in red pen.

I've just published a new topic over on the Blog talking about one of

Drawing on the road again. Headed home to Orlando. This time I'm doin. A character study for my upcoming Sugar Boogarz book. From issue 4.

My daughter is always getting me to draw elsa for her :)

Sketching is one of my hobby and following are my all time favourite sketches that I've made,

Since I put 10-14 hours into each cel from start to finish, I have to be selective about what I choose to do. I've been told that in ...

And speaking of monkeys on the right, here's one of the longer assembly drawings I've done. I like this because of how I was able to work in a strong sense ...

I've been trying to learn to draw facial proportions but I don't have the patience. That's why you only get half a face. :P I'll get around to it one day ...

I've seen a lot of people not liking the pdp girls but honestly I think they all look very cool and pretty ? Setsuna and Ai are my current favorites~

“Listen, what I said before John, I meant it. I don't have friends; I've just got one.” “Sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side”

Steve Huston. Charcoal DrawingsDrawings OfLife ...

Ariel and Flounder from Little Mermaid <3 One of my favourite drawings I've

Here's a new one at the top. Basically my kid scribbles a scribble, then I try to make something out of it.

This was one of many attempts to start a comic strip. There's a lot going on here. I was trying on a new style, and tried to learn what I could from ...

I've been passing through serious health problems and a really dark time in my life, and I usually draw to, at least try, fight it off.

Here's a new one at the top. Basically my kid scribbles a scribble, then I try to make something out of it.

I personally think it's my best drawing I've done.

... live drawings I've done at the Nantucket Project. as well as at the blog, where I have posted NYC subway drawings. Please contact me to live-sketch your ...

... you my latest drawing which was the first one I've worked in color so you can see another example of graphing from a beginning artist's point of view.

One more upload before I go to bed~ i'll be putting up past

It's at least a year old. Back then, I felt as if I was buried alive. I'd often sketch things to try and calm my feelings enough so that I wouldn't feel ...

artemis-devotee: artist-confessions: Please tell me you have this problem too

This is probably one of the best drawings I've done so far and he's

I've also attempted digital drawing, and I 'like' my current style of drawing.

Drawing of a cat in pen This ...

1: First I look at the script and cut it up into boxes. This may sound fairly self-explanatory, but often enough I've received a script with too many panels ...